Beautiful Planet! No Man’s Sky QuickSilver Weekend Event & UAS Valentine Theme Build System #VoidEgg


Hidey-Ho folks, I’m in the via Nexus on my normal, safe and we’re doing something that I haven’t done a while, actually because I’ve been welding, the stasis device Gaiden and such things in whatnot, I’m actually gon na do the weekend event on my normal save I’ve been Doing it Toni Onley survival serving the sunday streams recently that has built up in the last couple of days. It’S well bloody now, so I’m gon na have to get those done as well, because I want this friggin egg. I think it’s like fifty-nine percent or something now BC, maybe six deer.

What is it come on chop chop, minion, wait. What there we go. Churn up is done right, so we’re at 60 %, yes sweet, so 60 % unlocked for the void, Edgar Rooney, which is excellent, ro Shedaisy. Remember folks. I want any spoilers about anything to do with that video I put out because obviously there’s a spoiler warning on that. I don’t do spoilers for it, but I’ll just mention that it is 3,200 quicksilver, so yeah make sure you got that Quicksilver, ready and waiting, and if you’re like me, you’ve got well haven’t. Is this 750 1200?

So basically your core? What there’s an under picture just waiting for me to to take it’s there for the taking, so I’m very curious what this weekend rays can be warp core, yeah I’ll tell them. I was going to do it anyway, but you know I am currently in a special system which is the basically to union of a large systems anniversary system. Now I’m working on a build, it’s gon na be awesome. Yes, it is called serenity Valley. What what someone else build is gon na be awesome, but I want to get it at least largely finished, for I announce the location and stuff, so people can come here and build. The theme will be on this here: serenity Valley, planet. Yes, yes, yet another reference to Firefly.

You should definitely watch if you haven’t already when the best sci-fi have made the dearly departed fire black, it’s also ridiculously beautiful planet misses but yeah. Basically, the theme of this planet will be like monuments, I’ll be building a very big monument for the UAS. For the anniversary say yes, and because I think I think a year, because it was a year anniversary and yes, I’m now bald behind on the dates. It was the 10th so like four days ago, you is, it had been a year since UAS was announced on stream, where I, which was the first public announcement. I started the stream with the trailer. It was really cool. I do it worth anyway and yeah. That was the start of the UAS as a proper thing and it’s crazy. It’S been a year, but it deserves its own planet and system so yeah. That’S all we’re also working on a Valentine’s Day system, which is a very sort of fun-loving jokey systems.

Lots of sort like every planet is named after a country song, that’s been slightly changed, basically I’ll, be showing you that at the end of the video one thing always a lot about this white point is that it’s centered directly to the portal. So you just follow it exactly and then just have to find Rand Paul way quicker. One thing I will try, because I always give this a go, but it’s nice and speedy just to use a monument a monolith chart. I’Ve still got all those buddy from when I was doing the Quicksilver question of the day still got all the spoof.

Oh, I don’t have any ones that could do a monolith. I look some nice tones, I’m gon na take second, especially doing the shuffle, which, if you find folk, are interested. I made a video about so I’ll. Stick that in the top right as a card or something and if a if anyone’s interested as it’s the same old thing, I think I’ll skip, there’s one I think I’ll skip from here. Until then, let’s find something super interesting until we got we’re back at the portal to go, and here we are switcheroo, so I’ve collected all the thing and they do glyph Arunas and it’s my first time using this bottle. I’M glad I don’t have to charge it, for this makes things a lot easier Swede, Israel, pain and a safe, amazing editing was used, it was instant, travel ha ha no way is called Guildford, that’s cool, let’s have a look disturbance detected just over there. Look at this planet, man, Guildford, UK fabric crunch – I cook all nice and crunchy a good name better than half the other stuff. How one of them’s called hello games that horde did the ones called Sean Murray, nice, one crunchy man, that’s awesome! Right! Let’S go over and check out that Disturb sign, see all we got ta get out grapes, it’s from Crais himself Isaiah.

This is a beautiful planet. What seed where this humid um! I think that’s like a rare non extreme storm planet, I’m not sure. Unfortunately, I’m not as well knowledgeable about weather and such as John, oh he’s, the he’s. The UAS is master of lushes and are the secret staff. They will hopefully be coming get see how far she is this okay to fair distance. We went along and by shuttling you get a better feel of the planet, doing it this way, instead of using a air. I hope this isn’t going to be extreme sentinels on permanent survival again, because that’s usually the case when it’s nice on normal, there are special planets where it’s. You know where it’s actually nice on both, which is like, like the two UAS capitals and a few other us plans. We we personally search for these rushes with nice, sentinels and all and stuffing they’re rare they’re really hard to find, but oh cool crash, Freya hell’s. Yet, okay, this is core is well-placed as well. Let’S get a feel for this area, I’m a basket independent yeah.

It’S a caddy concerning a sense of loss, surrounds his site, a mysterious energy buzzes around the broken vessel, there’s no sign of either life or death. Any crew are long vanished, just want to return to a stage and understudy of my own, so dark at our stand. A I want crimson line. Okay, there’s some kind of affair. Tapassin the voice of the static whispers is demand. This planet is hurt, it hungers. It must copy material from this planet. It must copy itself impulse beings, okay, ice, not too bad were one they’re quite is quite generally quite a common thing to find, although I’ve never actually looked for it for scanning of any other look for impulse beans, Davo. Never just found them so this will be interesting they’re only around me. Oh a nice!

That’S a good start. I suppose right. Let’S go ramp off this when it is that under the freaking ship now can’t fan the gush down in both beans, wow they’re, sweet yeah. Okay, emboss bean seems to take basically with these types of things. There’S there’s a priority, so if there’s two next to each other, which is normal, there’s often two next to each other, only one of them will be on the scanner unless you’re really close. So if you’re really close, you can see both be far away. You’Ll only see one of them and Impulse beans is one of those ones that overrides most so sweet brute will be bitch to find on this planet but impulse beans and so burn. So my topic of the sweet roots as well, because it’s a lovely fruit, even though I’m getting slight flashbacks of Pope, it’s nice there’s another one. Okay do yeah! This is gon na, be a decent one.

This is beautiful, there’s a beautiful job fit on its planet. You’Ve really nice read that they pick this one see I can even see another one from here. That’S great grab it get to the next one, nope, no more insight at the moment. Let’S skim across the lake see if we can now have a nice thing as well, because I still don’t know all words on any of my faves: it’s not good yeah man, the Cape yeah. This is just that. It’S like the top of the food chain impulse beans – it seems. Oh, it’s a big-ass cluster of these as well. I sit even over. I tap Lloyd. Wait! That’S good!

Well, it’s good for this specific foot! It’S bad for every other day. Also, you may have noticed, got my antimatter jetpack loved it got. I’Ve got the I’ve got nyan cat Rainbow farts on the survival, but for normal, I’m digging the antimatter it’s good ooh. This is more of a gap than I expected nice, nice and there we go sweet done. I have my 16s. Let’S see how fast on the impact I can kinda see it. Obviously, that’s the lane three not far away. I really have to go far. This is like compared to pulpy roots. This is a dream, the holy crap fact. This is one the quickest of them. I think. Oh, then again, I haven’t got a I’m not constantly reading gay live chat either, so it speeds things up. I’M suddenly assaulted by a vision of myself, my head spins, with deja vu of data of it mirrors within mirrors like over repaired. This planet’s pain, infinite times before the materials dissolve away. The vision passes. The stuff is quiet, only silence remains: that’s bloody, dark Christ, sweet right, complete mission. Thank you kindly appreciate the Quicksilver sure dingo. So for anyone who’s curious about the void egg, I’m very curious. Actually, if it’s gone up the presented since they’re doing this. Obviously, one quiz doesn’t do that, but you, st

Just come out, it’s a lots of people will be doing it. Yeah he’s kinda he’s got a one-cent, obviously was most likely almost a bed to go 61. I’M gon na check the pastor, you know sweet. Just then, I’m send more left to go. Folks looks like we’ll get it Saturday night Sunday morning or well Saturday to Sunday night. So that’s fantastic, excellent row right should Daisy my people. If you want to learn anything about before, I show you the Valentine’s Planet system, because yeah I’m good to do that now. If you want to know any stuff about the boiled egg, we learnt there’s loads of, we know loads of stuff about it, obviously spoilery stuff. So just be warned about that.

I do people want to get a start, the video, but so, if you’re interested in you’re interested in learning about the void egg check the card in the top right, shit, Inga’s and it’ll tell you we need to know it’s also. You know just like linked below. Probably linked to the end of the video as well, this system system get loved of the UAS is pre fantastic system. It’S got pink nebula, oh yes, God love it. It has four planets, three of which are hazardous monstrosity, z’ with the fourth being gay, delightful, small, but delightful moon, which is just a little heaven in the sort of horror of life, and this little treasure is a genuinely beautiful planet. The first one here this one is a boiling planet high central activity.

I will always get you next up the first in the system. You would look so getting love following with the hits of times gone by by get to pieces, a radioactive, aggressive, central, extreme, ass planet and then the beauty among them, and they call it geeky love this. A beautiful tropical moon has salvageable scraps star bulbs, just general delightful grass does have some heightened central activity, but nothing’s perfect check that lush paradise grass – that is just beautiful, now again nothing’s perfect. This is the sort of small piece of heaven within a system of hell. It has it issues its. You know you might have bump into the occasional spot of crabs, so I’m sure sword will love destroying with will with it with just a rage that cannot be measured by any technology. We have there’s some delightful autumn trees.

Actually I did. I took toys that I haven’t seen too many rushes myself. Obviously you know every everybody’s experience is subjective, but I haven’t seen too many rushes that are green and bright, but with the autumn colors and then like the sort of pinky hue sky. Let’S go say: there’s lots of birds and stuff some nice fauna hair. If these cut somewhat similar from a distance to mana geese, which I’m a big fan of, I don’t think anyone else got some alligator, that’s just it’s just because they have a gluey tail. It makes me think of mine, [ Music ] yeah. Basically, if you, if you want to do an on-set themed Valentine’s Day, build then yeah. This is the system for you. I would suggest this planet for beautiful love, nests and search and general nice pleasantness, and then we got some other toxic well, not technically toxic, but we got some radioactive and hotter than how planets for some strip clubs. You could do strip clubs here as well, because yeah, why not? We look at us fella?

That is a predator eating his prey. He he’s a mean look at these. He looks really cool, though just look at this guy. That’S such a really cool. I had no idea he was here when I get shot his face there. We good look at that. That is badass. That is one of the most badass fauna. I’Ve seen in this game, he looks so cool he’s got you got some good detail he’s well. Proportioned looks like a proper sort of prehistoric, reptile cat because glowing eyes. That is just the badass. I feel like this is the thumbnail I’m actually going to use, because that just looks awesome. I like it so yeah check the beautiful planet edge. We’Ve got another build planet coming to you with more of a monument theme going on and yeah more just build planets and events and stuff coming to us very soon. Now the schnell was that well, revenge he’s I’m doing this slowly, you’ve pulse people.

You brought this upon. You is your own fault. I have you know this. I hope you knew in your final moments. Lots more beautiful, absolutely beautiful, planets lots more things to explore and events in general coming for the UAS, so keep an eye out for that, because yeah get some really I’m not I’m, not even joking. We actually got some really cool stuff. There’S been worked on for like the past several months that, hopefully, will be nothing soon, so yeah goodbye thanks watching folks. If you are interested, we have a discord like over there’s and or some people. We talk about no man’s sky, no such games and life in general. I generally have that discord just open on my second screen, like it permanently, got an awesome website which mr

Golden gak built for me, it is fantastic, highly recommend it’s full of excellent content, including the latest Stacey’s mega guide, which yeah you can find on screen now pretty much it provide. We still in the last 20 seconds, got merged or patreon and the join button below. If you want to help slow Channel thanks for watching folks and have an amazing day,