Counter Strike Global Offensive The only awp guide you will ever need!


Are you tired of actually trying in game? Having troubles remembering complex spray patterns? Are you tired of having good team economy? Then fear not,the 5000$ decoy is for you.

First off,remember that every round is eco is for you. Is your team on the buy round? Nope,doesnt matter. Dont even look at their money. You want to focus on YOUR money. Dont worry about them they are just a bunch of broke asses who pick up your awp every round when you die because you wanted to go for that one kill that will look really good for the ace. So,how do you eco you ask? Easy! Just buy op pistols,which just happen to be fucking five seven and rekt 9. They are broken af Valve pls fix. But what makes these pistols better than the rest? You can run and gun with them while being very accurate because the game is broken. But youre still kinda broke because well,you bought pistols for 3 or 4 rounds. But that doesnt matter because you can get your awp. Who needs body armor? Just dont get hit in the first place dummy! It doesnt really matter since they will be dead the second they see you. Now that you got your awp on the round 4 when your team is ecoing because you lost the previous round because you were ecoing when they were buying. Now go and ace those stupid kids. Youll definitely do it i believe in you. Just make sure that,when you die to report the other guy because no one is better than you in awping. And there you have it you just spent 5000$ on a decoy that shoots once a round!

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