We are continuing the series of video guides for de_Inferno map. Last time I talked about using a boost during grenade throws, it’s really an effective one. Now let’s talk about holding B passively. All in all there are not many positions – 4, or maybe 5: between, behind B2, behind B3, behind B4, and coffins. So one of the classic defensive setups is one person checking from behind coffins with M4 or AWP, and another one is boosted. By the way, you can easily climb up here by yourself, using these barrels. This position is good, it’s unexpected, especially if your teammate makes noise here.

Why? Because he is distracting, and you, even playing with a pistol and low HP can always make a frag, then you can drop down, throw a Molotov and use it to your advantage. Next, one of the most advantageous positions is here, behind the waterfall. Water is flowing here, and it’s hard to see defense player texture behind it, especially considering that the pushing player checks CT first, then coffins, then B4, and at that moment you can already see him, and you can already shoot. Regarding this position, it’s also rather good, Molotov drops above this box, B3 is rather hard to Molotov, so it’s almost impossible to Molotov this position, the way it was done previously. It can only be burned from the site, but obviously it’s better not to throw any grenades from the site for terrorists. So a 2 man setup behind new box is still very effective. One of them is peeking out trying to get frags, then he comes out and engages the enemies, while another player keeps hiding.

No one will ever expect 2 CTs in this spot and I’m pretty sure you’ll win the round with this setup. Especially if the first guy manages to get at least one frag before dying, then, like I said, as no one’s expecting two CTs here, the second one will be able to pick up two, while your teammates rotate over to help.

There is still an old setup when one CT is holding a defensive angle in dark spot and another one is peeking out behind new box, watching left. Watch different angles and it will surely allow you to get some frags. As for pop-flashes, you can play off this one. Nothing hard, position yourself right here and throw a flashbang. This one is really good, it pops as soon as it goes over the building and blinds everyone out here. You don’t need to come up with some unusual nades, just make sure the flash goes off right here. If it pops at this level, even a player in this position will get blinded. This flash is very effective, use it to pick up some frags. If you’re playing from CT spawn, except for this boost up here, that I showed you in the previous video, you can right click a pop flash into the smoke and rush in.

This is a classic play on de_inferno, the one Yegor Markelov once did, if you remember. That’s it, friends, I hope you found it useful. In the next video, we’ll be going over A site setups. See you soon, bye-bye..

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