Hello, my dear viewers, this is Ceh9 and I’d like to show you MissionRed alternative. Many of you probably know about this map, but there are newcomers, there are still some secrets for them. All of you probably know about MissionRed, 400kg.ru, NaVi.gg CS:GO section, where you can shoot targets in browser, improving your aim. They say it improves reaction, but I think this game improves accuracy.

After a few months of regular practice you start to kill enemies faster and more precisely, you really improve aim. So the main argument against MissionRed and 400kg.ru was different sensitivity, sensitivity in Windows varies from the one in CS:GO, as the result it’s not that useful. Now people created this map in CS:GO, it’s called “training_aim_csgo2”. You can find it in steam community workshop, you can find the name below this video, I’m sure you will find it easily. So that’s what it looks like, it’s pretty convenient, compact, there are different devices, for example you choose AK with E button, and pick it up.

There are several levels, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, I think you can always use 1st or 2nd, because moving further doesn’t do anything good, so stay closer. Next we can set up the game, there are different options, the old MissionRed website is ported here completely. You choose target size, color, moving pattern, you can choose timing of target disappearance. I think 1 second or is fine. You can lower the delay, but the dots will disappear too fast, so I think it’s pointless. Here you can choose the mode, I alredy said that. Now let’s check these settings, here you can change target’s location and duration. But the main settings are here.

Here you can set the number of targets you wanna hit. Let’s set it to 100. Now let’s shoot the start button and the game is on. The targets appear and you try to hit them as fast as possible. I just recently discovered this map myself, so I’m not really good at it yet. I remember in CS:GO, Starix, the currect coach of Na`Vi, was the real champion in this thing, he was really good at it. Well, actually it’s too slow now, let’s make it faster and set the delay to 0.75, for example. Then shoot the start button and now they should appear faster. Yes. Was just making sure they really do. You can also choose another mode. For example, switch to the reflex training mode. Then shoot the start button again. Here, when the color of the circle changes you need to shoot at it immediately. Failed. You literally have a split second to make it. Made it. Failed. What else do we have here? Angles and sliding. Start. Well, there are different options. You gotta shoot the middle dot and then as fast as you can the dot that randomly pops up.

By the way, I’d recommend you to increase the round time, change mp_roundtime_defuse in console, or just start the warmup by typing mp_warmup_start. Then set the warmup time to however long you want, so the game won’t restart all the time. That’s it. I hope you liked this map. I think if you play it 15-20 minutes a day for a couple of months, you will significantly improve your skills. But this of course has to be combined with playing against bots and Deathmatch against people. See you next time, bye-bye..

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