-GB CSGO’s new experience system gains you ranks the more you play. Unlike your matchmaking rank, this one simply shows others how much CSGO you’ve played on your account. You get awarded experience at the end of a match depending on your performance so you can’t gain levels by idling. With any sort of game-mode, if you stay with the game until the end you get XP based on how well you do. This depends on the game-mode, you can see the calculations here. It takes 5,000 to level up and there are 40 ranks altogther. Once you reach the top you have the option to reset your rank and to gain the 2015 service badge, which in true CSGO fashion, isn’t properly aligned. You can also get 5,000 extra XP a week in the form of a WEEKLY bonus. In my two tests it was awarded at a rate of 3X my normal bonus mentioned previously.

Once I had about 3,500 of my weekly bonus it dropped to 1X for the remaining amount. I even tried playing rubbishly for a bit to see if it changed these figures but it didn’t. With Operation Bloodhound, each easier green mission awards you 200 experience. Yellow missions give you 300 and harder red ones reward you with 400. There are also bonuses available for certain actions, like headshots or shooting chickens.

Scrawny little things. But enough of the numbers- why has it been implemented? Perhaps the most important reason is that you now have to be level 3 to be able to participate in matchmaking. This should make it much harder work for hackers and smurfs to get into the game since they have to go through the horrible ordeal of actually PLAYING Counter Strike on casual for hours on end first. If they get Operation Bloodhound they’ll get extra experience and it should take less time, but remember that requires spending extra money, which probably something that cheaters don’t want to do. How long will it take for normal people to get to level 3? I tried on deathmatch mode, which I find is one of the most consistent methods of gaining XP since it isn’t based on anything other than your own ability. Including your weekly bonus it should take about 6 solid hours of deathmatching to gain the third level, provided you’re consistently getting a score of about 750. Is level 3 enough to eliminate the problem? I personally suspect that Valve will raise this requirement with time as players rise through the ranks, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Overwatch is now finally a rewarding experience! You don’t directly get any XP for doing them, since that would encourage idling, but if a player gets overwatch banned thanks to your reporting, you’ll see this notification on your main page and will get some additional XP at the end of your next game you play. This should encourage players to do overwatch, after years of it being one of the most unrewarding things on Earth. Another reason that XP has been added is that it rewards dedicated players, regardless of ability. Instead of touting your matchmaking rank, you have another way of showing your loyalty to the game for all those hours you’ve spent grinding endlessly on casual servers. You can’t just idle on servers, either, since the amount of XP you’re given is based on your performance. In conclusion, XP is a non-monetary way for Valve to encourage positive behaviour in the game. It will hopefully serve as a positive step towards a less toxic community. I think that this is an excellent addition to the game that will have long-term implications and benefits.

Valve has got their act together and this XP system, no matter how pointless, should gradually transform CSGO into a community-driven, enjoyable and rewarding experience. They have cracked the cheaters and have given gamers more reasons to play. This XP system will be a powerful tool to encourage the right sort of community. We’ll likely see many updates to this as months, and even years, go by. I look forward to it!

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