Hey guys this is inotorious, and today I’m going to be showing you how to make Black bars or Stretched, depending on your preference. Some people like the stretched feeling that gives, making targets appear larger than what they are for easy spotting, while some like black bars to cut out some of the screen to make it less distracting, so they can focus more on what’s directly in front of them. Now, this video will be for Nvidia since, as of this video, they do have substantially more uses on steam than AMD, according to Valve’s own hardware survey. Now onto how to do this: First, you’re going to need to go to your desktop, right click, and click Nvidia Control Panel.

Now under “Display” click “Adjust desktop size and position” and you will be greeted with this window. Now under the “scaling” tab, you will see 3 options: Aspect Ratio, Full Screen, and No scaling. For Black bars, click on the first option, being aspect ratio. Now when you launch up the game, you’ll now notice that it has black bars on the edge of the screen. For Stretch, click the 2nd option, being “Full-Screen” This fills the entire screen with the image it’s given, giving you that stretched out affect that so many seem to love. If you’re having issues with it, try enabling “Override the scaling mode set by games and programs” and see if that fixes your issue. I hope this tutorial has helped you, and for those that didn’t know it was possible, maybe now you can switch between them, and see which you like best, or none at at.

As found on Youtube