Hey guys, Maxim here. With the new Operation you can finally play Guardian Missions again. Basically it’s you and a friend against bots. Green missions are the easiest ones, yellow missions are a bit harder and the red ones are the hardest. From my experience I didn’t think any of the missions were that hard, except for this one, and this one was kind of annoying as well. Anyway, here’s 5 useful tips for Guardian Missions. First tip, use your knife on the first wave, you get $1500 per knife kill which will give you enough to buy whatever gun you need to complete the mission. Second tip, if you’re the only one with enough money to buy the weapon you need for the mission, then buy that weapon and give it to your friend so they can kill the bots. After a couple kills, your friend will have enough money to buy the same weapon again which means now you both have what you need to complete the mission while your friend has already started completing it.

Third tip, the smokes will make it easier for you to kill the bots because they stop shooting for a while after they run through them. You can also exploit the missions by placing smokes where half your body is hidden cause the bots will not see you. Fourth tip, kinda obvious but it’s good to be separated to get information on where the bots will arrive. When one of you hears footsteps you can call the location and get ready for the push. Also, in some cases you can go really far on a map without taking damage from the restricted zone. Fifth tip, remember that you can always play safe by ignoring the mission. If you’re in a tough spot, don’t be afraid to get rid of the enemy fast so you can continue the mission on the next wave instead. For example, if you’re up against a heavy phoenix, which is one of these, remember: that still only counts as one. So let’s say you’re only allowed to get kills with the default pistol, you could always make an exception here. Many people are greedy and want to complete the mission fast, but it’s that greediness that makes them lose, both die and they have to restart the mission.

That sucks. So hopefully these 5 tips were helpful, I’ll see you guys in the next video, go bananas!.

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