Hey guys. So I’ve updated a script that I introduced in 2015, and I wanted to make a video on it because it’s pretty useful and I don’t think everyone knows what I’m talking about. Not only that, some of you had problems with the previous version, so I decided to remake it and create this video, enjoy. So this is what I like to call, an advanced bind script. Maximu, what does it do? It allows you to have 2 actions on one button, so for example, you can make the F key spectate your weapon which is by default, and you can also make it so it selects the smoke. But how do you select which action you want to use? It’s simple, all you do is hold down your script enabling key which then triggers your second value. Let’s go througt the script, I’ve neatly organized it into several parts so it’s easy to follow.

Let’s start with Part 1. Here you need add the buttons that you want to use and specify the default commands. So in this example, I’ve added q, e, f, g, v, and numbers 1 2 3. These buttons are good to use if you have a keyboard layout like I do because they are close to W,A,S,D. If you’re french, ba il faut changer les lettres, pasque vous avez the clavies bizarre. When that’s done, add the default commands to these keys.

Here’s a small tip, you can type bind q for example, and the console will show you what it’s bound to. When you are done, go to Part 2. All you need to do here, is place the same buttons you used in Part 1 in the same order, don’t change the ending or the script will not work properly. When you are done move to Part 3. Here’s where the fun starts, this is the part where you can choose your second action for each button. What’s really cool is that you can put anything you want here, you can even execute super advanced scripts if you wanted to. So the first key which is called keyAA is Q in my example, BB is E, CC, is F etc etc. You can see this in the order that it follows. I’m gonna bind Q to pick up my flashbang, E for nade, F for smoke, G for molotov, I’m also adding this for the CT side, V for togglevoice, which is a script I use to toggle voices in-game, and for 1, 2 and 3 I’m gonna leave this empty for now. When you are done jump to Part 4, or no wait, actually go to Part 5.

Why Maximu? This is where you could potentially add new values if you wanted to. Just leave part 4 as it is, unless you know for sure what you’re doing. Now, last part is to choose the button which enables the script. I can highly recommend a mouse button, for example mouse4 which is here right near your thumb. I like it because it’s easy to reach.

Congratulations you are done! Now copy all this code, and put it in your config, I recommend placing it down at the bottom. Make sure your config is executed when you’re in-game. Now, if I hold down mouse4 while pressing my keys you will see that it works If I release mouse4 my keys are normal again. To be able to switch to the correct grenade fast, is really important, so this script helps me a lot. Here’s another awesome example of how you can use this script. In this example, I made a buy script where each number is multiplied by a 1000, so if you hold down mouse4 and press 3 for example, you will automatically buy stuff for a price of $3000. I made it so that it even works for both teams. Maybe a friend of yours who doesn’t know what to buy could find this very useful as you only need to press the correct number depeding on how much money you have.

So if I have 4450, I can hold down mouse4 and press 4 and ta-daa. Anyway, I’m gonna add all the different versions of the script in the video description. Hope you find this useful and no, scripts like these will not get you VAC banned. This was Maxim, stay awesome and go bananas!.

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