Gloves are extremely overpriced. But still, I’ve made a couple showcases in the past for new skins in the game, so I wanna make a video to show you guys how the new gloves look and what I think about them. Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar, Maxim here! Let’s go through them one by one in the same order Valve listed them, starting with Vice, which is one of my favorites because it has some nice color combinations. Omega, the first pair of gloves that are legit yellow, these might be the ones I’ll use in the future cause they match my yellow setup.

Bronze Morph, these for some reason remind me of the watermelon guy. Amphibious, they’re pretty cool, I like the water effect. Racing Green, but in terms of green, they’re just boring green to me. Overtake, I kinda like these, but there’s too much brown in the front for my taste. Imperial Plaid, these look like something the joker would wear. They would be cooler without the lines though. King Snake, I like these very much cause they’re simple yet elegant somehow. Polygon, they’re cool but I don’t like the darker blue color they have. Transport, they look your average gloves for outdoor activities.

Turtle, these are actually really cool and the ones I believe fit the moto style best. Pow, these could go very well with the AWP Boom, but that’s pretty much it. Mogul or mogul I don’t know how to pronounce it, they’re just very random and there’s just too much colors for my taste. Fade, these are original and they’re cool, definitely one of my favorites. Buckshot, the only thing interesting about these is the name itself, apart from that nothing special. Crimson Web, I like these but I really think the red should have been a little bit stronger. Case Hardened, basically the collector gloves, will be interesting to see future prices for 100% blue or gold. Rattler, the gloves you make when you run out of ideas. Mangrove, the cleaner version of Rattler basically. Emerald, clean and simple, the best looking Hydra gloves anyway. Arboreal, just your regular camouflage gloves, quite boring if you ask me.

Duct tape, really, Valve? I can already envision the memes. Overprint, these were the first gloves I got. They have some neat patterns, and I like the light blue color. Lastly, Cobalt Skulls, the bluest gloves you can get basically. So that’s the video, hope you enjoyed it, let me know which gloves are your favorite down below, I’ll see you guys in the next one, and go bananas!.

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