This video is sponsored by, they have a new feature now which lets you filter items and prices so you can easily find what you’re looking for. It’s 100% safe to use so make sure you check it out. Hey guys, Maxim here. The doppler skin is a marbleized skin which comes in many different colors. To me it’s one of the most interesting skins cause there’s so many different finishes for it. The doppler “family” is so big, it consists out of grades. The three grades are Mythical, Legendary & Ancient. There’s a high chance you’ll recieve a mythical skin, a medium chance for legendary, and a very low for ancient. If we start with the first grade, the Mythical grade skins, this is where we find the original doppler series and the gamma doppler series. There are 4 differents skin phases for both these series.

A phase is a mixture of different colors. First i’m going to show you all the phases for the original doppler series. Here’s how the different phases look on my knife with close enough values. You can get one of these by opening a case which has the original doppler skins, for example, the Spectrum case. Now if we look at the gamma doppler series, here’s how the different phases look with again, approximate values. And you can get these by opening a case which has the gamma doppler skins.

I can’t tell you how much they are worth cause it obviously depends on the market. So that’s the Mythical grade, now let’s move on to the Legendary grade. The legendary grade has 3 doppler skins, aka Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald. Ruby & Sapphire are from the original doppler series. To get one of these you would need to open a case which has the original doppler skins and to get an Emerald you would need to open a case that has the GAMMA doppler skins. As I said before, these knives are worth a lot more than mythical skins cause they’re harder to get.

So, what’s next? Now let’s talk about the final grade. The ancient grade has one doppler skin called Black Pearl. It’s the only knife skin classified as Ancient. Which means, it’s the most rare knife skin of the whole game. To get one of these you would need to open a case which has the original doppler skins, that is if you’re very lucky to get one. There’s also a newer version of the Black Pearl for the newer knives. Here’s a factory new bowie knife Black Pearl. So that’s my Doppler Skin guide. Hope you learned something new, I’ll see you guys soon but in the meantime go bananas..

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