Hello, and welcome. This is a new series called: From Noob to Pro and it’s to help the players become better players. Decoys can be used in several ways, but as you get better and better, your enemies will start to know when its not an actual player shooting. The art of using a decoy is to effectively fool your enemies. What people forget, is that a decoy can also be used to eliminate the noise it makes when rushing, so let’s say you’re playing Nuke. You want to rush Ramp. Buy a Decoy, throw it at ramp, and rush. This will confuse the enemies alot. The sound made by the decoys covers up your footsteps as STUUPPID as this sounds, it’s quite effective, actually. Especially the pistol round as a Terrorist. Because you can buy both kevlar and decoy. Another way to fake effectively with a decoy, is to first throw a decoy, and after that another grenade for example, a flash, but in the complete opposite direction of where you’re heading. They hear the sound coming from Long, and suddenly, you SURPRICE MUTHAFU**A them at short.

And you OOOUWN theri asses. Remember, that this works, but only sometimes. Another good use of the decoy, is to drop your primary weapon, throw the decoy, and pick your weapon back up. Now, the decoy thinks that the pistol is the most powerful weapon you have equipped. The noise of the decoy is just the pistol, and its great to fake an eco. Get ready for the most bananas strategy ever.. Wah, my english is so good! This one has a higher chance of working against high skilled players. Putting your decoy down on your actual position might make enemies think that there’s no one there. This is mind games. and it could give a slight advantage. The last use of a good decoy, is to fake a flash- BANG. This can be really useful on 1on1 situations, but you have to move fast, and shoot your enemy right after you throw, so the player doesn’t have time to look back.

Thanks for watching, have a nice day guys..

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