Greetings, I, TheWarOwl greets you. Professor “Emeritus” of Counter-Strike I’ve watched a lot of your Matchmaking Academy demos, I’ve played with you guys inside of the subscriber games on the twitch stream. And I have seen a consistent pattern over the years, a consistent problem, with regular ol’ Counter-Strike players. And that’s a lack of understanding, of the economy, of the game. Counter-Strike Global Offensive, as a competitive game, is strongly based around an in-game economic system. Ya’ gotta learn how to do simple math, to play Counter-Strike. This is a big thing that separates it from other competitive shooters, and makes it such a great game.

Now, we’re talking about the in-game economy, not the Steam market or anything like that. Fun Fact! The Valve employee originally responsible for the Steam market eventually went on to become the finance minister of Greece His first act, was to institute a policy where by patrons of the local bank, would have to pay 2 1/2 euros, in order to play a slot machine, that then decided how much money they were allowed to withdraw for that day. (In majestic voice) IT SAAAAAAVED THE EURO! The first principle of CS:GO economy: “Your money is not your money, it is your team’s money.” “But WarOwl! That’s Communism!” ….Well… not really, even in great modern developed capitalist nations, money is shared between members of the family unit. For the duration of the game, your team is your family! You know that guy who asks you to buy him an AWP every round at the expense of your armour and gets “pissy” if you refuse? That’s your wife. One of the most blatant mistakes I often see, is the refusal to drop teammates weapons.

Let’s look at a specific professional example, so we can see what to do and why to do it. Now we all know that PRO CS players can.. do no wrong. (Obscure reference only a few understand) So our professional example today, comes from the NIP vs Astralis For a little bit of context, on this match, Astralis has just lost 3 rounds in a row. They’re hurting economically, this is a very important round for them to win, they put it into a 2v2 And thank goodness they’re actually…. (Waits for Kjaerbye to obliterate F0rest’s career) able to win it. Notice they’re going to grab those AK-47s And well the AK-47 is cheaper than the M4, yeah but most players are going to prefer that AK because of the “OneTap” potential. So they’re going to grab it. So this is a…

So two players survive, they have weapons, they have armour with no helmet. One has a flash and one has a kit. Now I wha… The… What I wanna try to teach you guys here in this situation, is when you save weapons and some of your teammates die it actually usually, like most of the time, makes sense, for you to drop your weapon for your teammate. Even if they have enough money to buy for themselves. So, let’s look at the economy on this round. The two players who survived with those AKs Thirty seven fifty. Important number Thirty seven fifty is the minimum amount you need as a Counter Terrorist, to buy armour, and a M4, with no helmet.

Everybody meets that except device So you’d think in a normal game device would say, “Hey, I need a drop,” and then, Xyp9x would probably drop him the AK-47, or buy an M4, Drop him the M4 and grab the AK-47. It’s a much better idea, for both Xyp9x and Kjaerbye to drop their weapons for their teammates. If three of them survived, two of them should dropped for the other player. And the reason is, if you survive a round, you still get the reward money. And you also get your armour, that you had on that previous round. So, they don’t have to rebuy that armour. I guess, unless they want to get a helmet, Which they don’t really need a helmet for the next round. It makes sense economically, in order to allow those players with a little bit less money, to buy up utility on this round, to get a kit maybe, or more importantly, To get some nades and to get that armour, So lets see what happens We will watch it in slow motion here.

Just to prove to you that, what I’m saying is how the professionals players do it. It’s how you should be doing it, And it’s a mistake I see quite a bit. So first it’s going to be, Xyp9x, He throws that AK-47 out there, Here’s Kjaerbye with his AK-47 Lookin’ at gla1ve, Looks like gla1ve bought his own M4 And he drops the M4 out there. So those are drops for dupreeh and Device Both on the ground as they buy up their own M4s and if we speed it up a little bit, We now look where we are and these players all have weapons, they all have armor, it looks like device and Kjaerbye were both able, it actually looks like Kjaerbye actually bought up a helmet So we have two players with helmets, two players with kits there And a lot of smokes, flashes, and molotovs, and yummy goodness like that.

The second principle of CS:GO economy is always do the math In order to understand what to buy at any given time, you need to understand how the money system works Here’s my economy cheat sheet You can print this out or open it up on a second monitor as you play Until you develop a good sense of the numbers Many players wrongly assume that rounds are simple “buys” or “saves” By doing some simple math, and remembering a few numbers, we can make better economic decisions Here are a few numbers to remember: 3700 dollars; That’s the price of armor, helmet, and an AK-47 This is the minimum amount you will need to buy on the T-side Every extra dollar goes towards your nades 4100 dollars: that’s the price of M4, helmet, and armor.

This is the minimum you need on the CT Side on an Anti-Eco, you definitely want a helmet for Anti-Eco But if money is tight and you’re going up against AKs and AWPs, you really only need $3750 So remember that number as well The price of M4, and armor without helmet, again, everything extra is for nades With 400 dollars for at least 1 player to purchase a defusal kit. QUICK TIP! You don’t need every player to buy a kit!The optimal strategy is to have every bomb site anchor purchase one So you have a kit on each side of the map When a player dies with a kit, they should remember to call the kit’s position So their living teammates know where it is if they need to get it.

QUICK TIP OVER Let’s take an example from one of your games, one of the Matchmaking academy-submitted demos To see how we could better use these numbers to make better buying decisions. This is amazing! So I grab the first matchmaking academy demo off the top of the pile, the most recently one submitted to me, because I knew I’d find economic mistakes inside of it, Specific ones I wanted to show, but as I was going through, this is the first thing that I saw, That, just shocked me! So the demo was actually sent in by the SMii7Y guy right? Check this out, he’s got 9200 hundred right now, one of his teammates has 1400 It’s very, very obvious that this player should drop for him, but watch what happens! Instead of dropping for this player, he buys up AWP, full utility, still has 2400 left, So it’s more important for him to get his kit, to get his smoke, to get his flash, his flash, To get an AWP on this round, to have a helmet against…

What? Ok they’re buying weird stuff on the other team as well, so I don’t even know anymore When you get down to Master Guardian games, but, Look at that! He doesn’t buy for this poor guy and forces him to play with a P250 on a buy round! That is absolutely unacceptable, as was missing that shot. Master Guardian level matchmaking, “that’s here”, let’s talk about how, making a few calculations, remembering those numbers we talked about, can help you make the right economic decisions inside of the game. So, where are we in context? The Counter Terrorists, who we’re looking at here, our Hero, smii7y, have just lost the last round. So thats gonna be 1,400$ reward money for this round We can see what their money is right now There’s a little bit of a back and forth going So we have a Counter Terrorist win, Terrorist win, Counter Terrorist win, Terrorist win. So, and look at this, only one terrorist was able to survive the last round That means they know that the economy is going to be pretty similar That the Terrorists are going to be able to buy fully, but maybe not completely fully, they’re not going to have a lot of stuff It’s a good opportunity to break the economy of the Terrorists So, a professional level team, in my opinion, would buy.

I think a professional level team, for the most part, in most situations, right now, would buy Most teams are going to buy However, you may decide to save And this team does decide to save However, I think if they buy …we have a player with 7000 a player with 5000 3 of their players are going to have guns 2 are going to have armour with a pistol and they’re going to have utility So they should buy! But they don’t they decide to save… So if you do decide to save and that is a decision you can do You say, “What can I buy?” “How much money can I spend on this round, so that, I can still buy on the next round?” That’s where our little mathematical come in! Our minimum was 3750, so 3750 is armor, with no helmet, and an m4 They’re going to be getting 1900 reward money in the next round.

You do the really quickly, how can I do that really quickly? 1400, that’s the one number you have to remember, 1400 for a loss, plus 500 for a loss in a row So that’s 1900 reward money on the next round. You have 3750 minus 1900, you don’t even have to get close! It’s 1850, so We look at their money, they’re going to be able to buy next round. Vegetable has that minimum threshold, and of course, one of the players would be able to drop him as well on the next round, if they actually, really needed to. So the players can pretty much, and I would say, I would spend up to the point where I’m at the 2200 level that those players are at. So, what I think would be the best decision is the player with 7000 Could drop pistols for those three players.

Then , even he could buy armor. Fat Panda could also buy armor. They could buy a little bit of utility, some smokes, maybe, to try to trick the T’s into thinking they bought. Some flashes which will help them get some frags, And kind of even it up So that’s how I would spend, let’s see how they actually do it here at MG 1 level. Where communication is nigh. So we see SMii7Y already buys the deagle. So he’s at 1500, he’s going to need to call for a drop on the next round if they lose it, so thta’s unfortunate. Vegetable also buys a P250, putting him down to 1500 That’s pretty rough. So they are not going to have a good time on the next round, they are not going to be able to do a full buy. if they lose it, because of what they did, and let’s look at their results of that. They have some pistols on this round, which is good, but they could have had those pistols doing it a much better way, I think that was an unfortunate economic decision, I think it’s going to hurt them on this round.

And, yeah, after all the buying is done, wait, why do you have an AUG? This dude still has, did he even drop? Oh yeah, oh they spent all of their money on this round, this guy’s got an AUG, We have one player with an SMG, where, if they did it my way they’d all have rifles. And vegetable doesn’t have armor. Goodness. So its not like, super bad, but it still is not optimal. And I think just making the right decisions, you know optimally, you know economically. You can give yourself a good, competitive advantage. I know some people have the strange aversion to doing simple math, but let’s get real, it’s not, that, difficult! You’re just doing simple addition, subtraction, and remembering some basic values. And for the most part, your math can be fuzzy. You don’t have to get it 100%, just develop an idea of when you should be buying And what you should be buying The more of you out there that understand the metagame of the economy The better all of our games are going to be. All of this being said, we have but one final principal of CS:GO economy To take us back to the beginning and go full circle.

Buy as a team If you get some idiots on your team who are making bad decisions, And you fail to convince them of what needs to be done, It’s more important to be consistent with your team than to be right. Now let’s say your team calls a save, but you know it should be a buy. You’re trying convince them, you’re using Knowledge, You’re using numbers, you’re saying “Guys, we’re supposed to buy” But, you know, they’re just being arrogant morons and they think they know what’s best. “Hey dude I have 3000 hours in Counter-strike, so I think I know a little better than you” Where am I going with this? Anyway, it’s better to just go along with their buying habits. It’s better for the team to not be out of sync. If you’re going to make the wrong decision, make the wrong decision together. As I said, your team is your family! And sometimes, you have to indulge your family member in order to prevent it from becoming dysfunctional Be the bigger man Thanks for watching, I am the WarOwl, and I still have no closer! Didn’t we have a schedule? What the heck happened to that?

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