Here’s something you can try if you’re experiencing FPS drops or micro stutterings. This is what I did to fix my own FPS issues. I cannot guarantee that it will work for you guys but I recommend trying it. What we are basically going to do is reset the pre-loading config, and settings of your account on Steam. One thing to note, before we begin, is that all your video settings and in-game settings will be reset.

So before you begin, make sure to save your config in a config file, and if you want, you can take a picture of your in-game video settings, so you remember them. Step 1 – Go to your Steam folder. Step 2 – Find the folder “User Data” and open it. Step 3 – Locate your Steam account folder. You can do this by going to Steam, click on your name and say inventory, trade offers, who can send me trade offers. Go down to your trade URL, and you will see your account’s ID. This will match the name of your folder and user data, so now you know which folder is yours Step 4 – Close the game if you have it open, and after that, delete the folder “730” This will flush out all the preloaded settings of your Steam account. Step 5 – Start the game. You will notice how it takes longer for your game to start but this is normal and it will only happen the first time. Step 6 – Before entering any server or game, make sure that you set your video settings back to how they were, enable the console, and execute your config so that you get your settings back.

Now join a game and see if it helped. This is what I did to fix my FPS issues, and I’ve seen a great improvement. I hope it worked for you as well as it did for me. Good luck, and have an awesome day guys..

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