Hello, dear viewers. It’s me again, Arseniy “ceh9′ Trynozhenko, and today I’ll be showing a long-awaited video guide regarding economic system. The map of choice is Dust 2. It’s not that easy to do so with bots, but I managed to pull it off. So what do I need to do get it done? I need to write ‘restart’ command, fly into T spawn and die. What can’t you write ‘kill’ command? Because you get 0 money for suicide. Now, pay attention to the left side of the screen. I recieve $1400 for losing the round. Then, look. I’m flying towards T spawn again, they will kill me and I’ll get $1900 for losing. After the first round it was $1400, now it’s $1900. So we are getting +$500 more. Again we are flying towards T spawn so bots will kill us.

Bot, kill me. Huh, he hit me with a nade for 5 damage. $2400, again a $500 increase. After each loss I’m getting more money. I started with $1400 and now I got $2400. Moving on, another round for Ts and now I got $2900, +$500 more. The score is 4-0. And one more time we are doing the same thing. Come on, pull out your rifles, and… it’s $3400. We started with $1400 and ended with $3400. The score is 5-0. 5-0 is a limit. 6th round, if you lost 5 rounds in a row, will give you the biggest income. The bonus caps off after losing 5 rounds in a row, $3400 is the limit. Now we are activating god mode, so bot’s won’t kill us and again going back to T spawn.

This time we’ll kill them. Killing one and killing another one. $3250. So, the entire team will get less money for the first winning round than for losing 5 rounds in a row. And why do I say that winning this roind is not always beneficial? Because there are often situations like this, especially in competitive games. Look. Bot kills me and it resets the loss-reward to $1400. So, if you win one round, preferably to win a series of rounds afterwards. Because if you don’t do it, the economy resets and you’ll get $1400 again. That’s why, friends, don’t forget about it. Now we are killing off bots, or rather we are kicking them. Trying to find a bomb. We won’t be able to pick it up though, as we are on the CT side.

Now I’ll switch to T and gonna plant the bomb. Activating bot_stop Then bot_add_ct And let’s go plant the bomb. CT bot, where are you? Good, he’s here. Is he? Yep. I got the bomb, bot should be standing at the spawn. And now take a look at my money. I’m a terrorist and I’m going to plant the bomb.

I’m approaching the site and planting the bomb. You know, there might be a situation when the round is over, your teammates killed the entire enemy team and still got the bomb, so it’s profitable to plant it. Do you see on the left? +$300. +$300 for planting the bomb. You’ll get $300 just for planting the bomb. So, right now I have $1400… for the bomb explosion I should get a bit more. Let’s do it this way, I’ll kill a bot… I got $3250 for winning the round. Restarting the game. So I won this round because the bomb… I mean, it’s not about the bomb, I won a round by eliminating enemy team. We’ll set c4 timer for 10 seconds. It’ll explode soon. I got $300 for planting the bomb, it is going to explode. And for winning this round I’ll get $3500, with an additional $250 by detonating the bomb. So detonating the bomb is profitable, it gives the maximum income of $3500 for T.

The same goes for CT, they’ll also recieve $3500, but CT side has another feature. Again we are kicking bots, adding T bots. bot_kick Again set mp_c4timer for 40 sec Adding a bot, and I need him to plant the bomb. I hope he’ll do it. We are buying defusal kits and activating god mode. Now we need bots to plant the bomb. They’ll plant the bomb and I’ll get $3500. But the biggest reward for T is planting the bomb and losing the round. For planting the bomb but losing the round all Ts receive $800 bonus in addition. Remember I said about +$1400, $1900, $2400? It also works for T. T also recieve $1400 after losing the first round, $1900 – after losing second and $2400 after losing third in a row. If they lose round, but they planted the bomb, then, firstly, T player who planted the bomb will gets $300, and secondly, the entire team recieves $800.

Seems like I didn’t cancel bot_stop command. I didn’t cancel it and bots weren’t moving. Now they’ll plant the bomb, I hope they’ll manage to do so, the main thing they shouldn’t spot me. Well, actually I don’t know what else to show you, I just want to defuse the bomb and show you that I’ll get $3500 for that. Plus perhaps I should get some extra money for defusing the bomb. Did they already go? Apparently, yes. Yep, here they are. Hmm, why it’s only 10 seconds? Bot_stop Bot_dont_shoot Ah, damn it, I did set the c4 timer, for some reason it didn’t work. Or maybe I set the wrong timer? Bot_stop_0 Are they going? Yes. Go plant the bomb. Stupid bots. The bomb carrying bot is stuck. I said, go plant the bomb. Don’t shoot me, go plant the bomb. Good, nice one. Go plant the bomb! So, in general all these economic aspects really matter later on.

Here’s the bomb, I’m going to defuse it. I’m defusing it and I’m getting $300 for defusing the bomb and $3500 for winning the round. You see? It’s profitable to defuse the bomb. $3800, plus $300 for killing with regular weapons. Each weapon has its different kill award. You can check it out here. In the buy menu. Yes, kill award is 300%. 100% kill award is $300, therefore 300% it’s $900 for killing with a shotgun. And with AWP you get less award, as far as I can remember.

I think it’s mp_buytime… You’ll get 33% for killing with AWP, it’s 100$, right? Yes, you get $100 for killing with AWP, kill award is 33%. AUG has a default kill award, which means $300, 33% is $100. You also get default award for killing with SCAR, which is completely unfair, actually. Could be less, do you agree? Famas has default award, M4 also default. Well, maybe I don’t know something myself, for example SMGs reward. P90 default, with the rest you’ll get $600. We already saw rifles. From pistols I know that you get less award with CZ, I don’t have it, but I know for sure. There is no information about nades. You don’t get any for killing with nades or what? It could be so, I never thought about it. M249 and Negev default award, MAG-7 – 300%. We already checked everything else. This is how CS economy works. If you liked the guide, press the like button. If it’s useless for you, just skip the video.

Thank you very much, my name is Arseniy “ceh9” Trynozhenko..

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