Hello friends. Weíre at new map de_train. No special tactics or strategies have been developed for this map yet. Soon everybody will begin training this map, as it will most likely replace de_nuke. That is why, Iíd like to share my ideas about this map. I do not want to talk about throwing nades in the first hand. There will be various kinds of throwing. The standard nades will be thrown over the buildings similar to the previous de_train. Throwing smokes below, taking over important positions and installing a bomb, moving out to middle, etc. This is quite obvious. The throwing will be standard at B too. There is an upper pass here. Nades will be thrown through it all the time: Nades will be in the first hand.

These are the details of each of you should practice. Iíd like to talk about the strategies at de_train first, since the notion of movement. However, I think that many teams have forgotten it, since they are practiced for a long time. Once Na`Vi team managed to train good performance at this map. We even managed to win the game against NiP, although it was deemed one of their best maps. So we were sorry that the map was removed. Now it was decided to return it. It is good for us, as we perform well at de-train.

Ok. Letís talk about strategies! First, there is a number of options for moving out to A. First, you can push A through Middle and Alley. And the last player goes to control B. And the second option is for 2 players to go through the ladder and the middle. And to make fake of the match. These are standard tactics for beginners, which are necessary to learn for the beginning teams. Ok. What should be done at the Alley? First you shouldnít be shot by sniper, damaged by HE or wallbang, which is often made by CTs. The CTs would often throw smoke from here and then spray, throw HE. They would sometimes hide beside this box and shoot while strafing. So the main task of the Ts is not to be damaged. Terrorist should throw a smoke like this from time to time. The smoke is closer to the CTs and thus it bothers them. You can also throw HE and spray into the smoke. You can also take the position closer to the smoke, stand on the box to watch, and go through Alley.

Afterwards, throw the flashbangs, which should be trained beforehand, like this. You can throw. Then you should move out and kill the players on your left, you can throw smoke here and to the line, depending on the role youíve trained. And move out to kill rivals on your right. This is a kind of pushing, as you move to the right. Players at Middle should throw the flashbangs like this. It should be thrown a bit further. It must burst here. The player in this position should be blinded, as this position will be used. Afterwards run here to check these corners. The game at Middle should be careful.

The player with AWP should play in the Middle (though it can also play in the Alley). This position is the most comfortable for AWP to check the lines and move out to A. Afterwards, the Ts can throw the smokes: the first smoke should be thrown like this to cover this line. First of all this smoke is the thrown to mislead the rivals (it is not in the thrown in order to move to the 5th line as before). It is so deep that the CTs would focus on the Middle, while Ts move out to the Alley. Additionally, the following smoke from the Middle This player goes through down the ladder in order to hold the arcade. He can throw a couple of nades, to pretend that his team has taken this position. In this event, the CTs will not clearly understand where the Ts would finally move: A or B. Afterwards the player goes from down ladder to throw. Move out carefully. Begin breaking through to the plant. Take the positions under the windows.

I think that one moment CTs will understand that they need to play at close positions They shouldnít let the Ts to come closer and to press. Because when playing from the Alley and the Middle, they could easily move out to AÖ and fight back these middle positions. This is my opinion. That is why CTs would have to take advantageous positions, move out of the middle and throw the smoke.

CTs would have to take over the lower positions, the down ladder and to work here. They should also collect info under B. CT could recall his previous trainings, eg a smoke like this. The smokestack. The smoke of the rival. While the player works here alone, his 4 teammates can work at A, supported by nades, smoke, cocktail. The Ts might invent some fast moving out, but not at once. Theyíll have to work on the spotting in the first hand. This is a simple strategy for a round of the attack. 2-2-1 division of players. The second option is when the player moves to the Alley. He controls this position in the case.

CTs would undertake rush and check this position beforehand. He should go to the Alley in the proper moment. He can go there with nades and without them. If he goes there without them, he should do it on proper timing. If he goes with nades, he can also distract attention of the rivals, In this case, the main strike will be from the middle and down ladder, while this player is suddenly moving out as Zoro and shoots down all the rivals.

This is the task. What can be added here? Nothing special is added in the Middle. The players at Middle should design a particular strategy (eg boosts, flashbangs, etc.) The main task is not to be killed by rivalís AWP and SCAR-20, which will surely play here, andÖ simultaneously to move out and kill the enemies, which are located on the closest positions here. Afterwards he should throw nades. As concerns the down ladder, the task is more interesting and complicated.

The three (this particular position is called “three”) 2 terrorists hold the position at three in this round. They can make much more trouble than 1 terrorist. They can also make fake B: throw 2 smokes / flashbangs lower way and upper way, and then run away from here. Minimum 2 CTs will be controlling it, because upper and lower smokes will be thrown. So there will be a minimum of 2 under B, and a small concentration of forces will begin anyway. So the moving out will be carried out at A, and it might be so, that nobody will move to B. Because, thereís a small chance that single player.

Therefore, thereís a big chance heíll die under B, and there will be 4 vs 5 players, which is unacceptable. The second option is to control the three undercover of the flashbangs. The flashbang should be very much alike the previous ones. Throw flashbang which explodes instantly. You see, it exploded in the wrong spot. It should explode here … in order to blind the rival, here in such a way that it is unheard.

There are such flashbangs, I actually havenít find them yet. You can also throw a flashbang underneath yourself and move out. 2 players move out to down ladder. There is no tower here, which is used to bother Ts. There is another ìtowerî here, but it is too open. This position will always be checked, Molotov will be thrown here. So thereís no point to take this position for CT player except one case: You can break glass, control certain positions with AWP and make exchange.

That is why, it is not clear which defense strategy will go. But I know that these rounds, if they are perfected, and throwing smokes Once again I am talking about smokes, thrown along correct lines from these unpleasant CTsí positions. Ts can break through and install a bomb and defend it. I think that the changes are introduced at de_train make this map more advantageous to Ts. It hasnít become the Tsí map, but this is the map, where Ts can lead. Even now while playing matchmaking, we can see that CTs go on pressing Ts, and this is the CTsí map. However, Ts will find many opportunities at this map in time. Because there are more open spaces and less positions to hide behind. Do you recall the previous train? There were positions behind the plant, etc.

There were many unpleasant positions, and behind the transistor. The transistor was more closed, as there was the fourth wagon here. You could play on it and behind it. Now thereís more open space here. You can move out of here. Eg throw smoke here And here. And here. These are standard smokes. Therefore, Ts gain more opportunities for maneuvre, when they move out to A plant, if they throw such smokes. Whereas CTs will have to work hard, they will either try to spot the Ts, or break through the smokes and make exchange. This is what concerns Ts and A base. Now, letís talk about B base. As I’ve already mentioned, the nades will be thrown here, The smokes can be thrown along these lines. One here and one there. Here we can throw a smoke like this (just like before). You can also throw a smoke here Or here. The idea is that all these lines will be covered with smoke. As concerns the changes, I donít think that this position is worth for the CTs.

They will meet the Ts as before. The pass is very narrow. Throw HE underneath. Additionally there is a new position for them, behind these coils. Ts will have to check it. Ts will have to work. I think that B base is balanced on the whole. What about this position? It is useful? Can I stand on it? .. Yes I can. It might be useful in a case. You will still see the passes (similarly to standing on the wagon).

No, you wonít see anything. Perhaps, the smoke should be thrown further from you to be able to see. Come onÖ unwindÖ or not? These damn new smokes. Due to these new smokes we couldnít make half the round yesterday. The gaps are new, there are many new features and nuances. There are 2 options to move out to B base, which we used. Players wove out via upper way + lower way. 1 player stands in the upper way and throws nades, but doesnít move out. What is it all about? When 3 people move out through upper way, throwing nades, they can break through further and jump down. There was a chance to fall down on the fake. There was a special thing down here. Now you can fall on this thing and get a little damage and go on pushing along the lines.

As concerns the lower way, the players should throw many nades and then move out carefully and kill. The upper players push, the lower players. The second round at B is default. The lower players throw many nades, move out and throw nades from here. Throw smokes along the lines. Install bomb, control it and rather hold the rivals than push them. These are 2 main default rounds. This is what I wanted to tell you about de_train. I hope my advices are useful to you, and you will train these features and tactics. As concerns the details of the nades: what should be thrown and where, I wonít show you. Because I did not know myself yet. Iím just beginning to play on this map. This was Daniil Zeus. Have a nice mood! Bye-bye! See you! Click the button on your left to subscribe. Click the button below to see more cool videos!.

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