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CSGO How to Improve Your Aim Effectively (Very Simple Aim Practice Routine 2020)


Since the beginning of counter-strike franchise players have been trying to understand the  importance of aim and game sense and deciding which one they should prioritize to improve  their game. In this video however I will try to figure out how important aim is in cs go and how  can you improve it. Also as a long time player in cs I will be making other guides about how you  can prove as a player on my channel so if you are not subscribed yet please consider subscribing so  that you can stay updated on the new videos. One of the most noticeable and impressive skill of a  handful of professional counter-strike players throughout the years has been their consistent  and sometimes good tier aim. From markeloff back in 2010 in cs 1.6 to simple and Niko now in global  offensive.

Best players have always been the ones with the best aim but why? Simply put, if  you have an amazing aim you’ll most likely win all of your aim duels and every 1v1 your faced with,  then you begin to win more difficult clutches and if you can win those your K/D goes up and your  team picks up more rounds. Eventually you’ve got a situation like NiP in 2013. They were once the  undisputed best team in the world. Seriously they were literally unbeatable winning 87 maps in a row  on LAN without dropping a single one due to their players having an outstanding personal performance  for that time. And that is why aim is so crucial in cs go, it means that you can win the clutches  and you can become a better player. But now you might be asking the question how can you improve  your aim? And is it really the most important skill in cs go? Professional csgo players will  have practiced their aim for years and years and will have no difficulty in picking up frags  that normal players would struggle to hit and will likely never be able to hit consistently,  but you can improve with time and you may even find yourself consistently hitting shots that you  never thought you could.

So where to begin? The first method I will cover here is a steam workshop  map called aimbotz, I know that you’ve probably heard of it and it’s really nothing new to you,  however I’m not going to showcase the map itself, but rather a way you can use it in order to  improve your aim more effectively. I’m going to show you a practice routine that I personally use,  however please note that this is a practice, so you should do it either when you’re already warmed  up or in the end of your gaming session. This way you will be able to focus on actually improving  your aim instead of just trying to get a sense of the game if you have not played it on that day. So let’s start with setting up the map for practice first,  close off three directions like so, turn off bullet holes, enable main lock and finally remove top and bottom parts of the wall like so.

Now when our  map is ready we can start our practice routine, first take out your AK and run in the middle of  the arena, then start flicking onto the heads of the bots and shooting in bursts of three to four  bullets at a time. Also do not forget to strafe to the side and stop with a counter-strafe in  between switching targets. Keep shooting the bots this way until you’ve killed 500 of them.  By doing this simple but effective exercise you are improving your flick shots,  counter-strafes and your general accuracy all at the same time.

Next we are going to improve our spray, fall back to the main area and start practicing  this way. Bots that are further away will be your main targets for practicing spray downs,  flick on the bot’s upper body as fast as you can and try spraying them down with the least  amount of bullets, bots that are close to you will be your main targets for headshot flicks,  however as soon as you land a headshot continue spraying and transfer your crosshair onto the  closest bot in your sight.

Keep mixing up these exercises until you’ve killed 200 bots.  Also note that I’m still doing those strafes to the sides in between changing targets.  The reason I’m constantly strafing and counter-strafing is because this is one of the  most difficult mechanics in cs go to master and it is also very easy to forget. So focusing on your  counter-strafing is very important. The next two exercises are going to be pretty straightforward,  disable main lock, take an M4 and repeat first two exercises but this time do only 100 kills in  each. The reason why you shouldn’t focus on the M4 as much as on the AK-47 is because M4 is a bit  easier rifle to handle since it is more accurate than the AK and has a higher fire rate. Basically  everything you can do with AK you can also do with M4, except killing an enemy with one bullet to the  head if they have a helmet, but other than that you shouldn’t worry about practicing both rifles  separately. The last exercise will require your full concentration as we are going to be training  with the pistol, for that we will need to disable the main lock and set bots’ armor to kevlar only.  After that run in the middle of the arena once again and start flicking onto bots heads as fast  as you can, however you’ve got only one shot to kill a bot, so as soon as you miss simply switch  to the next start and as always do not forget to strafe from side to side.

Keep doing this exercise  until you feel like it’s enough. I usually kill as much as 150 bots before wrapping things up. As a side note I just want to mention that there are also challenge mods such as the  “”100 Kill Challenge” where you have to try and kill 100 bots in the shortest time possible.  You can use this feature to track your targets after each training session. Finally I wanna say a few words about deathmatch. A lot of new players have been asking me whether  they should practice on custom maps or deathmatches and the truth is if you’re  a kind of player who needs an advice on this topic then you should probably play both custom maps and  deathmatches as as much as possible. I’m not going to waste any of your time telling you exactly how  to play on deathmatch, just a few advices.

While playing a dm try to focus on your crosshair  placement and counter strafing even more than your aim, also do not run around the server in search  of frags, matter of fact do not look at your score at all. Instead once you spawn try simulating a  situation that you may encounter in a competitive game like pushing B apps on mirage or holding  down A site from CT spawn and just like with the aimbotz if you want to include this much in your  practice routine do not forget that you have to be warmed up prior to joining a deathmatch server. Before I end this video I just want to say that if you are new to this game or have been  stuck at low ranks for some time do not get upset if you find yourself struggling going  through the whole practice routine or not doing it as fast as I showed in this video  remember that if you keep practicing with a goal in mind you will inevitably improve at this game,  so it’s up to you whether you want to spend all of your time playing in the lower ranks  or rise up through them and become a good player.

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