Hey guys, this is Maxime de beast and this is going to be an improvised video on how to change your skin on your knife. In order to follow this tutorial, you’re gonna need a knife it has to be a skin, and for best results The exterior has to be factory-new. So what you need to do is you go on steam, You right-click on CS:GO, you say properties, and there you go local files, and then you browse local files. Next up you have to go to the “CS:GO” folder -> scripts -> .. -> items and then this file (items_game.txt), we’re going to change some stuff in this file. so basically what you want to do is just make a backup.. …we’re going to call it.. ..backup What you need to do now is you need to search for your knife Since I have a flip knife, I’m just going to bring up the ‘Find’ function here, It’s ctrl+f for people that don’t know, and you’re going to type.. knife_flip and then search for that.

Now when we search for that we’ve come to the ID.. ‘505’, and that stands for weapon-knife-flip, so that’s my Flip Knife. Now, the first step is… Do we want to change our knife to another knife? My answer to that is yes, I want a huntsman knife instead of my flip knife, so in order to replace my knife We’re going to search the Huntsman knife. It’s kind of easy actually we’re just going to go down until we find it (Searching) (Still Searching) Tactical! Tactical is the Huntsman knife: in this case. So what we need to do now is you need to drag everything here, you need to copy everything except the name I’m going to keep going down like this…

Until you stop here, then you right click, and you say copy then you’re going to go back up to the flip knife Should be here. Now we’re going to replace everything here except the name again. There we go! so we will paste this.. …that’s that. So now we can save and now we’ve basically replaced the flip knife and fooled the game so it thinks that it’s a flip knife, but it’s going to show up as a huntsman instead. Now the next step is to know What your skin ID is.

I’ve compiled a list here a neat little list of all the knife skins that are in the game. We know that we have a ‘slaughter’ knife so basically we’re going to search for slaughter It’s right here, and this is the ID for slaughter. Strangely enough, It’s called ‘Zebra’. I have no idea why! So what you do, is you copy this, you go back to the items_ game and you’re going to search for it, right here, and.. ..we’re going to search for it until we find PaintKit. There we go, PaintKit. So now we’re at the right place. All this code here.. ..represent the.. Slaughter skin. And if we want to replace it, we’re just going to go back to our document here which I’m going to share.. ..let’s choose another skin. So I’m going to try the.. ..’Marble fade’ that’s interesting. Okay, let’s try that. So we’re just going to copy the code here for ‘Marble fade’ and.. We’re going to search for it.. until we get to the paint kits. There’s the paint kits, and then we’re going to copy everything EXCEPT for the first three lines or rows.

We’re going to copy that, and then we’re going to go back to Zebra and we’re going to paste it in Zebra. So now you’re basically done. You’ve replaced your flip knife, so it shows a Huntsman knife and the Huntsman knife will show.. ..that.. whatever we took, what was it? Oh, the marble, sorry! So now we need to do is you go back to Steam, you right click on global offensive you save properties, and then you say ‘General’, ‘set launch options’, and we’re going to add this “-insecure” Hey guys, I’m in game. So let’s check on our inventory. Let’s go to the.. ..Huntsman knife you see here that it’s replaced.

You can even inspect it and you can see here that it works.. ..So this is how it’s going to look in game. We can even try it if we want in order to do that We’re just going to go to the console and we’re going to type.. ..’map de_dust2′ and that’s going to start a server with bots. Now the only thing you need to do is join the team (Which you selected to use the knife for) and it should work Ok, so we’re inside and we’re going to take out the knife, ready..

boom! There we go! Ain’t that lovely! So that was it guys! Hope you liked this little tutorial, and thanks for watching! Bye bye!.

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