CS:GO Movement: How to Surf [2020 Edition]


[, Music, ], hey guys, send room, is Emmie Oak. Hollow Gabbar, maxime here surfing, is when you’re moving, silently on a diagonal object or a ramp to gain speed. To give you guys an idea on when surfing is allowed. I made a ramp that is 4096 units on this side and 4015 on this side, even though the ramp looks surfable, it isn’t on this wrap, however, which is only one unit smaller on this side, it’s surfable surfing in CS co is only allowed when the ramp Is roughly 45.58 degrees or more thanks edhead for doing these tests with me and for collecting data on this subject with competitive settings surfing is certainly possible, but it’s better to learn how to surf on surf servers from the community.

There are two types of categories for surf: the most common one is called skill surf where the goal is to get to the end of the map as fast as possible. These maps can be one long stage or multiple stages, and their difficulty is based on tiers. Tier 1 is the easiest. Tier and higher tiers are harder if you’re new to surfing. I strongly suggest starting on a tier 1 map. Most community servers make it clear from the title, so that’s how you know where you’re getting in to the other surf category is called combats, where you play against other players and there’s usually guns on the map. If you want to play offline on your own and you have some surf maps I’ll provide some commands in the video description. So in order to surf you need to stay on the ramp. Otherwise you will just fall off to do that, simply move towards the ramp.

The same way you would, if you are trying to climb it, you can use any key to do this. We could use W to stay on the ramp, but that wouldn’t be practical because you wouldn’t see where you’re going so the most common way to surf is to use a or D to stay on the ramp from one of the sites while facing forward. If you’re going to surf with either a or D, don’t use W, you can use s, but only if you want to stop mid err, looking straight up or down will not make a difference in the way you move, so I suggest a krauser height that gives You the best possible view when landing on a ramp. You want to start near the top and work your way down to gain speed at the end of the ramp, move slightly upwards and that’s how you get enough distance to cross most ramps.

It’S important to make this entire slide as smooth as possible to avoid losing any speed that you have gained the sharper the turn by the end of the ramp. The higher you’ll go, but the less speed you’ll gets now you might get to a ramp. That turns inwards like this, and if you move towards the ramp, as explained before, you will simply slide off, for these turns you need to hold down the opposite key and strafe away from the ramp. Strafing is done by holding down a or D while at the same time, moving in the same direction with the mouse, for example, if I want to move left in the air I’ll hold down a and move the mouse left moving right in the air, I’ll use D and move the mouse right.

I have a bhop and long jump tutorial that explains strafing in detail. If you want to learn more plus the knowledge you’ll get from these, two tutorials can be combined with this video. To give you even better times, surfing, isn’t actually that hard to learn. The real challenge is mastering the layouts and the ramps of the map that you’re surfing on the best players will have hundreds of hours of play time on just a single surf map. They will know the fastest paths and all the shortcuts. This isn’t something I can teach you’ll have to play and practice for yourself. If you want to improve your time on a map watching how other people completed, it will help you a lot. I hope this video covers what you needed to know and that it was easy to follow. If you did, please like the video to show your support subscribe. If you want to see more csgo contents and I’ll see, you guys soon stay awesome and go bananas.