Hey guys. So in this video I want to focus on the USP-S, but I’m just gonna call it the USP. I believe that anyone playing Counter-Strike should have good knowledge of this gun because it’s awesome. Here’s 3 reasons why. First Reason: It’s one of the guns you start with, and it’s really good, plus it’s free, which allows you to stack up with nades which is very important on the first round. Second Reason: It has a silencer which makes it un-trackable from far distances, makes less noice so it’s easier to hear your enemies and it leaves no tracers when shooting. Btw you never want to remove the silencer because the accuracy becomes really bad, which brings me to my next reason. The Third Reason is that it has very high accuracy, but also very good running accuracy. If you want my advice on which gun to choose between the P2000 and the USP, I would recommend the USP at all times. Now one thing to know is that it will kill an enemy if you headshot him without helmet.

And you can do this from far distances all the way up to 1800 units, this is really far. It also means that you will get instant headshots on the first round against terrorist with the USP, so always aim for the head. To practice your skills with the USP I’ve created this very simple map where you need to hold two angles against 5 terrorist without helmet. The point of this map is to improve your flick shots, practice holding angles and warmup your reaction time with the USP. After you have played it for a couple rounds you will should start to notice an overall improvement.

You can download the map in the video description but if you don’t like it or want to try something else here’s another alternative I recommend. Join a Retakes Server with Pistols and Headshot only. Doesn’t really matter if it’s retakes, as long as it’s pistols and headshot only. Here you will notice why the USP is such a powerful pistol. Master this gun and you will be lethal in the pistol rounds. I do however recommend switching to another pistol when the terrorist have kevlar and helmet because it has bad armor penetration. This is why you never want to spray with the USP, you always want to land headshots, so you have to be calm, you have to be focused and make sure to single tap your enemies. Try your best to not panic or you will become less effective.

Hope this helps, this was Maxim, stay awesome and go bananas..

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