Hey guys, salut mes amis, och hallå gubbar, Maxim here. As some of you might know I’ve been to ESL Cologne so I wasn’t able to upload anything when Panorama got released, but I had a great time over there, met many of you guys and other content creators. The event was awesome, lot’s of energy, I was cheering for BIG, but Navi was better in the end. Now that I’m back home, let’s talk about Panorama and the Text Color Mod. Here’s the release notes, and if you want to use Panorama you have to put this in the launch options of the game.

Immediately when I started the game I noticed that you can now bring up the console in the main menu. Good, I wasn’t sure if Valve were taking a new approach here but it seems that they do understand how important it is with easy access to the console. And it seems to wanna open anywhere I am, which is awesome. Steam Workshop Maps have also been added which I guessed would happen when they release Panorama, but I kinda knew about this because they had it in the strings. I think since I’m late most of you have already discovered the changes, so it’s not really that important for me to show you guys what it is. What I would rather do however is show you guys what I’ve been working on for quite some time.

Here’s a totally new version of the Text Color Mod for Panorama, something I know many of you guys have been waiting for. So let’s go through the main features right now. The play options are a bit messy to me, so I decided to simplify them. The inventory has not gotten much of a change since I’m not allowed to add colored strings like before, but there are two noticeable differences. I’ve decided to add an exterior number next to the exterior quality, I also decided to remove the text but keep the logos under team, it just looks better. I managed to get some colors in-game, and here’s another feature that I know a lot of you will like. That’s right, the colored damage info is back. Speaking of other things that are colored, the grenade messages still work, even with Panorama. Another thing that I’ve put a lot of time into is the money award messages, I wanted them to look clean and simple.

That’s pretty much the main features of the new Text Color Mod and there’s other things I haven’t even talked about I call it version and it’s made for Panorama. You can download it on my website, with installation instructions inside the zip folder. Now because this is a new version there’s no translations ready as of yet, but I’ll make sure to update them on the site when that happens. For any questions, you can go on Discord and talk to the admins there. Thanks for watching guys, I’ll see you in the next one, and go bananas!

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