CS:GO Tweaks: Creating Custom Commands in Chat Wheel


The new chat wheel for cs go is very useful for players not comfortable with using their microphone. You can use it to ping on the map and as a radio, but what i discovered together with avi thor is that you can also input custom commands, which makes it even more useful. Let’S start by going through how to bind the chat wheels. Since you have three of them under keyboard and mouse scroll down and from there, you can bind them all to a key if you’re using a config. Just like me, the binds for the chat wheels are the following. You can also scroll between the chat wheels, which is pretty useful.

Each command in the chat wheel can also be saved to a config file. This is super useful if you need to reinstall cs, go or move to another computer, so it saves your selections, and this is how we eventually figured out that you can input custom commands to the chat wheel. The first eight are the ones that control the first chat wheel. Then these eight will control the second chat wheel and the last eight will control the third one. So if you just type hello inside one of the commands – and you select it in the game, then it will print out hello. Even if i type mp underscore restart game 1, it will just print it out as text. However, if you type something in front of this, then it will show the message and also input the console commands. So using this as an example, we’ll send a radio message for restarting game and then restart the game with mp restart game 1.

I’M not sure if this was intentional or not, but it works, which is really cool, and it is basically just a shortcut to the console in a way. It’S pretty much like a script or alias in-game. You can also add multiple commands, so, for example, this would change your crosser size and crosshair color. Basically, you can do really cool stuff. With this, you could also mix between the radio commands provided by valve, and your own custom commands in the same chat wheel. Just be aware that custom commands won’t, show you an icon, so you’ll just have to remember what you made now. The goal for the rest of the video is to create the perfect chat wheel for competitive play, using valve’s radio messages together with custom ones. Obviously it comes down to personal preference, you and i will probably want different radio commands, but anyway, let’s continue, i like to keep things simple, so i decided to just go with one chat wheel which will have everything i need in order to know which radio commands. I wanted to use, i decided to rank them all between 1 and 3.

The radio commands that got a 3 would be the ones that i use under the preparation category. The only radio commands that i gave a three was for request a weapon simply because it is the one i believe would be most useful under movement. Pinging, a b or middle are definitely threes that i can see being very useful under commands. Everything here is, unfortunately, a one for me under report time. I didn’t give anyone a 3, but a lot of them landed on a 2.. The reason why i’m not giving any 3s in this category is because i don’t want to rely on the chat wheel when i need to focus on aim.

I can understand how this would be much easier to do in danger zone, but in a competitive game. No, i cannot get used to it. Also, my teammates would easily be able to hear or see if i need backup. So i don’t really see the point. However, i was so close to giving area clear a 3, because that one would have been really useful if only it pinged my location. However, i can create a custom command that will do just that here. It is by using the player ping command, which is used to ping a location. I can now ping and send a radio message for area clear. This allows me to send viable information to my team and, most importantly, i can do it when i’m not fighting someone moving on for the bomb status category. Nothing here was interesting or useful in my opinion, but under responses are the two most important ones. Yes and no, those are definitely going in. Lastly, the grenade category was unfortunately disappointing.

However, using once again custom commands, i was able to create my own, throw here. Radio command – and here it is this radio command – allows me to instruct a teammate as to where they should throw their nades from so now that we have gone through every single radio command. The ones that received threes are request, the weapon ping site, a ping site b, ping middle and, of course, yes, and no now we have six of the best radio commands. In my opinion, and for the last two, we can use the custom commands area clear and throw from here. That’S it it’s finished, and it’s beautiful from now on i’ll, be using this one and if you guys are interested in using it as well. I’Ll put it in the video description hope you enjoyed the video slap a like on it to show your support subscribe. If you like my content and you want to see more stay awesome and go bananas,

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