CS:GO Update: Service Medals 2021 · Donate Weapons & More


Today, a new update is out, along with three other updates that i didn’t cover since they weren’t too interesting. This one, however, is but before that i am back once again with skin bare a well-respected skins marketplace with many of your favorite cs go skins. The two main benefits of skin baron is that selling your skins will give you real money, which is not locked to your steam account and buying skins is safe and secure. Skin baron also has the latest skins from broken fang, so make sure you click the link in the video description to browse their inventory. With this update, the new 2021 service metals were announced, but beware they are not yet ready to be claimed. If you’re new to service metals, here’s a small guide by playing the game on any of valve’s official servers such as competitive casual, even retakes. You will earn xp at the end of every map. This xp gets added to your so-called profile rank, which goes from 1 to 40.

After reaching rank 40, you can claim your first service medal, which will then reset your rank back to 1 again for each time. You do this, you get a new service metal, but in a different color each year has its own collection of service metals and here’s. The ones for 2021, the first one is gray, then green, then blue, then purple then pink and then finally, red getting the red metal means that you have leveled up to rank 40 six times. I can assure you doing that is gon na be really time consuming. Also, as i previously mentioned, these service medals are for 2021. This means that if you claim service metal in 2020, then you will get a 2020 version. Instead, what i recommend is that you rank up to 40 before the end of the year, then wait until the year is over to claim your first 2021 service medal.

It will give you a head start if you ever want to go for the red one. Moving on, we get to a new feature when buying weapons. You can now hold down a key which will instantly drop what you have bought. When i saw this in the patch notes, i thought that you would be able to buy something for your teammates and they would instantly receive it almost like valorant. It is not like that you can choose which key you want it to be inside the options, and there seems to be just three options for now, but think of this new feature as just buying something to yourself, then instantly dropping it.

Yes, this means that you can spam buy weapons, but you will sadly be limited to 5 for each weapon. Oh also, if you’re wondering this feature does not allow you to buy kevlar or nades to any of your teammates. So, as i explained, it is just a quick, buy and drop shortcuts. There are loads of scripts doing this already, but now it’s officially part of the game, and i can actually see it being pretty useful when you get used to it. Also, another big change for the zeus lovers is that it’s now possible to buy up to five of them instead of just one perfect timing for the new donate feature.

Next up, the settings page is starting to get a bit messy with all the new features that have been added for this year, so valve have responded with a search function. When you click on search, you first see the newest settings added. Then you can type any setting and it will show up as a shortcut to it finally an easy way to help your new teammates navigate through the menu. Apart from this, the maps have been a big focus for the past three updates, along with many fixes, which is the usual after a big update like an operation comes out. If you want to read it yourselves, the link is in the video description, but i won’t cover them in this video. However, i do want to end on two more things that i really enjoy for retakes the starting zones for teas have been improved and you guys already know about the pinging feature for competitive mode right.

Well, the icon now fades away, as you start getting closer to it, with your crosshair before it would just stay there, which could disrupt your view and that’s no longer. An issue, however valve seems to have stopped the custom chat wheel, which i covered in my previous video, and it definitely makes it clear that it was not intentional i’ll have to replace these two custom commands with something less useful. Unfortunately, nevertheless, hope you enjoyed the video slap a like on it to show your support subscribe. If you, like my content and i’ll, see you guys soon stay awesome and go bananas.

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