The UMP 45’s damage drop-off has been adjusted from 15% to 25%. I have indicated this in my Hydra video. But what exactly does it mean? In-game for example? Time for a number of examples. woah. In situations like this, very close to your enemies, the UMP45 will be the same deadly killer as it always has been. I have also repeated these tests with: the Famas, Galil and MP7 because these are the most comparable alternatives that I could think of. Of course, the Galil is better than everyone else because he is awesome.

But is coming right now the UMP over the MP7 and the Famas. Now you can say that the grain has not brought too much change with it but even here, the pre-grain UMP45 would have done 1 more damage. That is because even when you hold the weapon against someone the game interprets the weapon meters away. so actually the grain over the length of the gun is already an immense 1 damage. now the first real test. Suppose you puffed Tunnels. The distance to the enemy is the handy number of 500 units and now you can already see what impact the grain has had. For the The UMP45 would still be close to the Famas from this distance. A headshot would 77 have caused damage and now that is amar 68. Still better than the MP7 the rifles now show their dominance. And we have just started. The next two distances I will treat together because they show the turning point where the MP7 starts to bring more damage than the UMP45.

First we have ‘Short’, that’s about 830 units. The UMP45 does 13 damage less here than before, but it is still better than the MP7. I never realized how similar the ‘short’ position was in comparison with the distance from ‘short’ to ‘top-mid’. This distance is 200 units further! The UMP45 now does 15 damage less than before and is finally weaker than the mp7. At 50 damage per headshot, this makes it the furthest distance where the UMP45 a kill with two headshots (when the opponent wears a helmet). This is the power of damage drop-off: lower values ​​are better.

While the rifles both have a value of under 5%, the MP7 has 15%. The UMP45 had the same value but that value is now 25%. And whatever difference that makes, it is not just 10% in case you thought about it. the 10% ‘s really start counting the further you shoot. It is comparable how (compound) interest rates work. Suppose you save 1000 pounds and hide it under your mattress for 50 years. After 50 years it is still 1000 Pounds. But if you put it on the bank at 1% interest per year, after 50 years it would be worth 1645 pounds. Pretty cool. But by 3% it would be more than 4000 pounds at 5%: 11500 pounds and at 20%: after 50 years you would be a multimillionaire Interesting. I mean now you do not get that interest rate from the bank anymore and you have to take inflation into account. You could have invested in indexes on the stock exchange that have risen with an average of 7% for the last 100 years, even with due regard for ‘great depression’ interesting, but there is a high degree of uncertainty, that is even more the case with smaller companies despite achieving a better return. but back to more important matters. Back to the UMP45 and the following example shows that the differences that look small on paper.

This is the distance that the UMP45 could kill in the past with 2 headshots Look at the difference compared to the new maximum two headshot kill distance at the same time with this situation on ‘long’ we are looking at a distance where you probably do not want to use SMG but the facts are clear: in the past this was a 2-headshot-kill distance Now that is 4. The MP7 still kills with 3 shots and the rifles easily make it 2. I want to emphasize how bad the UMP45 is now: it does less damage apart from other SMGs except for the Bizon. And beyond this distance even the Bison will be stronger. And finally let’s look at this place at DE_Canals. I do not think you’ll see yourself shooting at people at a greater distance than these: This distance is almost 3000 units. The UMP45 needs 6 shots here to kill while before the update it would have been only 3 shots. It is literally halved compared to before the update. That is the power of interest rate! The MP7 needs 4 shots and the rifles, of course, still have 2 shots.

I hope this makes clear what a difference the 10% drop-off grain has made. The UMP45 has gone from a budget mid-range weapon similar to rifles to one of the worst choices for that specific role. As far as the infliction of damage is concerned. But I do not think that this update has been released on the only make the UMP45 worse but more to give the budget rifles a better role. The galil is already a gods option for the terrorists but I still think that the Famas is over-priced for the possibilities that the weapon offers.

I would like to see the price be reduced to 2000 Dollars and then I think the balance between the UMP45 and Famas will finally be complete. Subscribe to my channel!.

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