Global Offensive Advanced Deagle guide By: MaDudeek


Rather big post so all the key phrases are bold. I will update every chapter of this post with responses to turn it into a better guide.

1) Movement & target bodypart

Aim for hs. Miss = repeek & aim for hs. Hit without a kill = crouch and spray the body. High range = always crouch while “spraying”. Crouchwalk = 100% accuracy. Make sure you train counter strafing or the accuracy cooldown from moving will be too slow for you to play deagle above gold nova.

2) Picking the right battlefields

Face-to-face encounters should always be avoided in wide areas. Narrow corridors, especially with even ground are the best terrain for deagles.

Despite the 2shot potential, in my experience, the success rate of deagles against rifles and smgs close-range is not too good.

3) Gun matchups -> when to buy a deagle?

Pistols & smgs = worst matchup due to their constant movement and high speeds making hits hard to land.

A “good” deagle matchup is against rifles, snipers and heavy weapons.

Here is a little table with recommended ranges and strategies to face each weapon class. Utility not included:

Weapon classRecommended rangeStrategy
Pistols, SMGscloseAvoid this matchup. Use the deagle like a shotgun. Close range spray bodyshots. Camping is advised.
Riflesclose, mid, longBe close to cover to hide after missing. Use counter strafing. Aim for hs. Avoid wide areas. Shoulderpeeks to bait into spraying.
Sniper riflesmidAvoid face-to-face encounters unless you’re very confident. Prefires only. You MUST counter strafe. Headshots only unless AWP misses. Do not repeek. Shoulderpeek.
Shotgunsmid, longAvoid close range. Try to kill in 1 peek. Headshots aren’t essential.
LMGsclose, mid, longSpraying while crouching has a high success rate mid-range. Try to kill in 1 peek.