Global Offensive Teamwork philosophy By: one_arrogant_bastard


Hello, people.

I currently have no graphics card and some free time, so I might as well do something productive. This is a guide on how to play better in a team to increase your odds of winning, but more importantly on how to make the game more enjoyable for yourself and for everyone else. I am not going to focus much on the more technical side of the game as there is plenty of information on this already, and I feel like teamwork is getting ignored by most, even though it’s at least as important. I have over 20 years of gaming experience, I’ve played on multiple teams and in multiple games semi-competitively. I am far from the best player, but over the years I’ve gathered my fair share of experience and would like to share it. If this helps even one person, then to me it would be a success.

CS:GO is an objective based game, however your goal is not only to win. Your goal is to do the best job you possibly can, which will in turn make winning the more probably outcome. If you still lose, then at least you’re not going to be bitter about it and you will have no regrets. Don’t get me wrong, you will lose games. It is a fact of life. There is always going to be someone better or faster than you, or a team that has more practice and better coordination. But that does not prevent you from playing the best game you can, and this includes proper teamwork, regardless of how bad or how toxic your mates might be. You are playing with real people, not just voices in your headset. You do not get to choose your teammates (unless you go for a full premade, but some of these tips still apply). You are stuck with 4 other people for the next hour or so, and the only thing that matters is winning. And I don’t care how good your aim is, you are not winning a game alone. Period.

How to deal with underperforming teammates

Not everyone on your team is going to perform equally. Usually there is one or two people that perform really well while the rest are rather mediocre. This is perfectly normal. Do not blame underperforming teammates. They are probably doing the best job they can. Letting off steam that way may temporarily make you calmer, but it’s not going to help you or the team in the long run. You have to realize that even though they’re not playing as good as you’d like them to, they’re still valuable to you. A player is a player and can do their fair share of work. It may not be enough to win, but it is something and you shouldn’t take it for granted. If they need a drop, do so. They’ll have a better chance of doing more damage to the enemy, which is going to make your job easier.

How to be an efficient underperforming teammate

Sometimes it’s you on the bottom of the scoreboard. How do you deal with that and at the same time do the best job possible to help your team? First off, don’t adopt a victim mentality. That’s going to demoralize you even further, which is not going to help. It will also make your mates even more likely to abuse you. Losing makes people angry. Angry people look for an outlet and may blame the underperforming players. It’s human nature. You may apologize to your teammates for having a bad game, but don’t think you are useless, because you’re really not. Again, I don’t care how poorly you’re doing, you are still more valuable than no player at all. There are many things you can do to help your team. You can still kill, distract, give information, drop weapons. If one of your better players has a worse gun than you, you can offer to switch weapons.

How to deal with toxic teammates

There is always going to be toxic teammates, regardless of nationality. That’s fine. Your job is to deal with them the best way possible. Do not respond to their insults with insults. You can’t fight fire with fire. Remain calm. Try to bargain with them. If all else fails, use the mute button. It’s there. You may miss some important call they make, but in the long run it’s going to take some pressure off, which is going to make your game better.

If someone starts attacking teammates, try to forgive. Don’t vote kick them. Kicking is the easy way out for such people. They know it. It will reinforce their behavior and they will repeat it. Don’t give them the response they are looking for. Make them suffer with the rest of the team. Once they realize they’re stuck with you, it will make them more cooperative. Give them a chance. They will get kicked for doing too much team damage automatically if they continue.

Also, if they need a gun, swallow your ego and drop them.

I’ve done extreme comebacks with toxic teammates and they’ve actually thanked me at the end of the game. It is possible, it’s a great feeling, and it’s absolutely worth it. It’s better than winning.

Final thoughts

Say glhf at the begging of the game and be respectful to your opponent. You might get to play with them one day.

That’s all I can think of right now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ll do my best to respond.

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