Do you miss that first day when the R8 was super overpowered? Is even the Bizon’s recoil too high for you? Are using beta branches of your game to test new changes far too complex? Then fear not! The $2000 laser beam is for you! Since Valve obviously wants to see more of my guide videos, they did me the honor of updating the negev. So now I have to redo my guide video on it because the guns are drastically different now. So, let’s compare it to the old guide! “The negev’s recoil is butt clenching high” Non Existent.

There is literally none. Out of all the guns in the game, the negev, now has no recoil. “The negev is the most expensive gun in the game at $5700” $2000. A full auto laser beam…is now $2000 “You have to go for well timed bursts for it to be effective” Hold mouse 1. You have to hold mouse 1… “The effectiveness on them scales up with the more of them you have on your team” Even more so now. For $2000 each, all 5 of you can literally spam down mid doors at a combined rate of fire of 4,000 rounds per minute. “If your team has 5 negevs in a competitive match, chances are you’re in silver” You’re on a force buy. It’s actually cheaper than a rifle. “You’ll have to save because you wasted $9000 in a single round” $3,000.

You only spent $3,000 because negev and armour is literally cheaper now than an M4 “I’m glad valve won’t make a super overpowered gun like that again” 3 times. This is now the third time that this has happened. We have a beta client, yet valve decides to not use it for some reason. Now that we’ve seen the basic differences, let’s look at some of the new statistics of the laser beam: Thankfully, the ammo capacity on it hasn’t changed. After a magazine’s worth of rounds, you’ll still know when you’re out of ammo because of the severe case of tinnitus that you’ll have. It is now the heaviest weapon in the game, slowing your movement speed by 40%.

You’d move much faster if you were to simply ride around in an electric scooter with it. The most drastic change to it is it’s recoil. For the first 15 rounds you can’t hit the broadside of a barn. Yet immediately afterwards it becomes a 100% accurate 0 recoil laser beam for some reason. I dumbfounded by this logic too, but I learned to stop questioning Valve’s stupid decision making when they released the R8. The recoil change is so out of pace for a game like counter-strike, you’d think you’d be playing a game like call of duty. Which is what I felt like when playing in community Deathmatch servers with infinite ammo.

So you can just run around with a negev and feel like you have a Death Machine from Call of Duty. Just like the R8….shit, gonna have to redo that video now too. Just like how the original R8 was statistically better than the deagle, but none of that mattered because of it’s long trigger pull made it useless in most 1v1 situations. And the same thing can be said about the negev with it’s odd recoil mechanic and how it takes a while for it to become more accurate. Except none of that matters because it’s $2000. It’s actually a viable option for a forced buy now on CT cide. Now after learning these new mechanics, Let’s see what the csgo wiki has to say about it: Disadvantages: Highly inaccurate when burst fired.

If you want high burst-accuracy you should’ve just stuck to Extremely inaccurate on its first 15 shots. Neither is the average DMG in matchmaking but you don’t see me complaining Very high initial spread Now it does take 15 rounds for the negev to become accurate, so it is impossible to hit anything at first, which seems bad, except for the fact that it shoots at 800 rounds per minute so 15 rounds is nothing. Extremely heavy That is true. It’s nearly useless on T side to be quite honest Long reload time A 6 second reload time isn’t that bad considering the payoff is 150 rounds of uninterrupted, no recoil fire Very expensive It’s actually very cheap now. Um, can one of the Gold-Novas from the wiki team update this.

Thanks. Distinctive loud noise Quite the opposite. You won’t be able to tell that it’s loud anymore after the first magazine because of the severe case of tinnitus you’ll have Now let’s go over my favorite force-buy strat on CT side that I like to call: Operation Metro Just like in Battlefield, you’re going to need a machine gun with no recoil, and a smoke to spam with bullets so you can get easy kills without the enemy even seeing you. Now, if you don’t have that much money on round 2, try not to worry too much because you can glass cannon the negev in a sense if you only buy it and a smoke, and don’t buy any armour. Normally you think this would be a terrible idea if you were to try doing something like that with an M4. But the key trick here is to throw down the smoke to hold B site…..and hold mouse 1. Even if the other team knows that you don’t have armour and the 5 of them should theoretically be able to easily kill you if they just push, it quickly turns into one of those situations of: “No you go first” Or if the other team is smart, one of them will buy armour and have a teammate drop them a negev, and the rest of the CT’s buys Five-Sevens and push long.

By the time the smoke runs out on B and you try to push, the CT’s will already be behind you and you’ll be boxed in with nowhere to go as you die to a bullet storm of Five-seven and Negev spam. And then you lose to another force buy round…..god I love this game So, that’s all there is to using the new-gev…or uh…negev 2.0?…the laser beam?…the “valve, how did you manage to fuck this up again?”, whatever you want to call it. Tune in next time as I show you how to use the $1200 rifle, and remember: Valve makes millions of dollars a year off this game.

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