Hey guys, welcome to EZ Guide Gaming. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at how to use the AWP. Now, the AWP is the best weapon in the game because you can kill anyone with one shot, but it’s also the hardest weapon in the game to learn and it has probably the highest skillcap out of all the guns. I’m gonna show you some techniques that will help you improve and accelerate the learning curve. But before we begin, I wanna remind you, practice makes perfect and if you practice with these techniques, you’ll become a much better player in a short amount of time. If you enjoy this video, give it a like and subscribe if you wanna see more. Let’s begin! When using the AWP you have to know how to swap to your knife or pistol, and back to the AWP very quickly. This can be done by double-tapping Q. If you don’t do that, every time you reload the scope will zoom in again and that can get you killed.

That is something basic that everyone using an AWP needs to know. If you don’t know that, then you’ll never excel at AWPing. The next most important thing you have to know how to do is learn how to quick-scope. To do this, you just have to scope in, take a shot and then double-tap Q and get out of there. Doing this will mean you’ll be exposed for like a split-second. Remember to use cover when taking shots. If you do this well, you’ll get a lot of kills and barely be seen by the enemy. Peek from different corners so your enemy won’t know where you’re gonna show up next. Now let’s take a look at another clip. Notice how I scope in, don’t see anyone, see someone, scope in and take the shot again. I do this because if you scope in and don’t see someone, it’s normally better to un-scope and then scope in when you do see the person, especially if they could come from doors or tunnels, or wherever it might be.Sometimes, it’s better to take a quick no-scope if the person is right in front of you.

This is because the AWP is still very accurate when no-scoping, especially if they’re right in front of you. You’re most likely gonna make that shot, and it takes less time than having to scope in before you take it. After taking a shot with the AWP, it’s often better to swap to your pistol before going for the next shot. This is important when your enemy is close and you have no time to reload your AWP. Sometimes it’s best to crouch just before you take your shot, as it will make it harder for the enemy to hit you, and it can result in some pretty epic moments. I hope you enjoyed the video guys. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video and you’d like to see more, it really helps me out.

Thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next one!.

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