Alright let’s move in. There’s no way we can lose this rush. (Heavy breathing)RUN RUN!He got a Five seveN! (BANG BANG BANG!) Are you tired of having to buy expensive rifles? Do you love force buying every round? Are you a piece of trash, no good-low life who’s completely given up on trying to improve at games? Then fear not! The Fucking Five Seven is for you Ah yes, the infamous Five-Seven. The gun that every low rank loves, and everyone on T-side hates. The gun that’s so easy to use, that even your grandfather with parkinson’s could use it! Cmon grandpa, you can do it Well at least he’s good with his fingers in bed *wink wink* Jesus christ grandma, what the fuck? Oh shut the fuck up.

Make yourself useful and run down to the gas station and get me some smokes when you’re done, alright? Alright, first let’s learn some stats on this piece of bitch pistol. The accuracy on the Five Seven more accurate than the average Gold Nova’s M4 spray, making this weapon super effective at that rank because everyone at that rank sucks at spraying….and every other rank too…. The recoil on it goes up after the first few shots, which explains why all the shit people kill you with this gun wildly spraying, because they’re aiming for your chest, and once that recoil kicks in they get a perfect headshot on you every time.

The pistol holds 20 rounds of butt-clenching high damage, easy ELO rank up bullets, which can rival the damage of an M4 because I shit you not, this thing actually shoots miniature rifle rounds! The five seven has the damage of an AK 47, while being small enough to fit in your pocket because fuck logic. This thing is stronger than an M4. Yo fuck rifles, this is counter strike. Pistols are where it’s at baby! Now let’s move on to some background history of the weapon: The Five Seven was the go-to gun for CT-side ecos for years. Recently though, it was nerfed, which is why I’ve remade this guide. It’s spraying accuracy was greatly increased, but it’s running accuracy was decreased. “Wait a minute”, you ask, “Doesn’t that mean they pretty much cancel each other out?” Yes….. That being said, it does favor higher skilled players that stand still to shoot, rather than running and gunning. So instead of running headshotting you across the map, they can now only running headshot you from the length of B-tunnels……so you still die either way Now let’s see some Global Elite gameplay of the weapon: So, that’s all there is to using the Fucking Five Seven! Tune in next time as I show you how to use the Sawed-Off, and remember: Just kidding, you can actually no longer run and gun with this thing anymore.

Get fucked silvers!.

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