Are you tired of buying SMG for close range? Did you love the spas-12 in Modern Warfare 2? Do you want a gun that’s more bipolar than Miley Cyrus? Then fear not! The Gold Nova is for you! Alright, so let’s learn some statistics on the one-pump-chump: The Nova holds 8 rounds of Bipolar Buckshot that can either snipe someone across the map, or do literally no damage at point blank range. [Look at this shit] The nova is a pump action gun, so the rate of fire of it is quite slow.

In Fact the rate of fire of it is much slower than you pumping your meat every night. It has a high kill reward of $900 for every kill you get, so it earns your money back faster than a jew playing the stock market. Now let’s move on to some gameplay tactics of the Inconsistency Incarnate: If you think you can just run around and 1 shot people like in call of duty, you’re sadly mistaken. But this is Counter Strike where skill means everything. This isn’t Modern Warfare 2 where you can just run around with a Spas-12 and get a killstreak. Eh, well I mean sometimes you can… Now for some tactics for the ingame nova that actually sucks: If you’re buying this gun, you’re most likely under the rank of Gold Nova, so you probably can’t even tell the difference between a save round and a buy round, but that’s okay, because we all start out somewhere! You should only buy it when the other team is saving.

So make sure you don’t buy it when it’s round 8 and both teams have rifles *Buys it on buy round* *sigh* Why do I even try to do these videos anymore if nobody listens. It’s a fucking shotgun. You just point and shoot it. How fucking hard can it be? You can’t even manage to save with your own fucking team! How the fuck do you think you’re going to kill that T with an AK47? Huh little Billy? You’ve been subscribed for months, you watched all the videos, you managed to get yourself from Silver 1 to Gold nova, and now what? You can’t even save with your team! How do you even think you can begin to call yourself “Master Guardian”? Why do I even make these videos anymore…why do I even try? …I’m just kidding.

Go out there and snipe that motherfucker right between the eyes! That’s my boy! Besides being able to snipe people across the map, it ironically seems to be useless at close range for some reason. But in real life, they actually are quite effective…. “Actually that’s an over and under and not technically a pump action shotgun like the Nova, and since I play video games I’m clearly a weapon’s expert.” So that’s all there is to using the Gold Nova. Tune in next time as I show you how to use the “98 in 4” and remember: If you don’t buy it, you’ll clearly rank up out of Nova!.

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