Are you finding guns like the P90 “too noobish”? Do you finally want to rank up out of silver? Are you ready to finally play with the big boys? Then fear not! The GayK-47 is for you! First let’s look at some background history of headshot machine: The AK47 goes by several names, The Gayk-47, the “edshot-machine” and the ‘holy shit this gun actually has recoil unlike the other ones’ The AK47 was developed in the Soviet Union *drinking clip* Just like everything the Russians make, it’s very cheap, yet well built *putin flexing* The Russians claim that it was invented by Jesus himself, but everyone else just calls him Mikhail Kalashnikov. It was developed after WW2 when the russians saw the fancy automatic weapons the American’s had. They thought to themselves: “Look at this weak 9mm round”, and decided to make a fully automatic death stick that even Abraham lincoln himself would be proud of. Now let’s look at some statistics of the GAY-K 47 It is fairly cheap for an assault rifle at $2700, and is only available on only the Terrorist side, because being able to kill someone with 1 headshot is obviously too hard for the CT side.

That is, unless they buy a 300 dollar pistol *fuck logic* The gayK47 has 2 fire modes: Juan Taps, and “recoil higher than Snoop Dogg at 4pm”. It fires a real man’s round, unlike that pussy shit that the baby American’s use. It is full automatic with a rate of fire of 600 rpm, but unless you’re Russian, you’ll probably be burst firing because of it’s obnoxious recoil. It has a different recoil pattern depending on who holds it. *global vs silver recoil* It can kill someone rather quickly in 4 shots, but it will take the average DMG player a solid 4 seconds of crouch spraying to actually get a kill with it. The movement speed on it is: “Why didn’t I buy a P90 instead for this B-rush?” The reload speed on it is quite fast compared to the other assault rifles, however, silvers will probably be confused how it works since they’re used to dying before having to reload Next let’s look at some gameplay tactics of the AK47: The AK47 has been the bread and butter of the terrorist side since counterstrike was invented, so you should learn how to properly use it.

The fastest way to get an AK47 is to get a bomb plant on the first round. Even if you lose the round, you can full save the following round, and then buy an AK47 on round 3 before the CT’s can buy rifles. Then it’s an easy long take for A-site. Of course you’re playing dust2! You don’t play any other maps, so stop lying to yourself you shitty silver.

And once you die to some CT pop-flashing through the smoke with a Fucking Five seven, you’re back to square 1 of being broke. This is typically how the normal matchmaking game goes, so try not to worry about losing rounds on T-side so much. The best part of the AK47 is how cheap it is. After losing so many rounds in a row, you’ll get just enough to buy an AK47. Normally I’d say to spend the full $3,700 required for an AK and chest and head armour so that the CT’s can’t headshot you with 1 bullet, but if you’re queued in LEM matchmaking, they’re just going to instantly double-dink you anyways like the filthy fucking cheats that they are.

“Piece of shit private profile. I’m going to find you, you goddamn 150 ping Russian cheater Now let’s see some Global Elite matchmaking gameplay of the weapon: So, that’s all there is to using the AK47! Tune in next time as I show you how to use the $1200 rifle, and remember: “Im gay”.

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