Are you tired of running out of ammo? Are you always on the move? Do you like getting sick anti-eco spray downs? Then fear not! The Pepe Bizon is for you! First lets learn some background history of the weapon: The Pepe-Bizon was developed after the normie SMG’s were found to be too Alpha in this game with their bullshittery-High damage output. So like every Alpha gun, there needs to be a Beta gun to balance it. *reeee* *nice guys finish last* *susan, he had a hat. You seeing this?* Pepe was always bullied in school, so the weak damage of the gun reflects how weak and pathetic he is. The pepe bizon is just a pathetic bitch boy that can’t do any damage. Now let’s learn some statistics of the weapon: The pepe-bizon is available on both CT and T side for $1400 It holds 64 rounds of 6mm airsoft bbs with a rate of fire of of a negev The recoil is non existent. The damage is fucking adorable. It does 11 damage to the chest. Fucking 11 damage. 10 bullets to fucking kill somebody. A glock literally has twice as much damage as the Bizon.

The most similar weapon to this would probably be the Nerf super soaker. Fun Fact: Did you know The Skin on the Bizon is the face you make when you see how much damage you did to someone after you die. Now let’s move on to some gameplay tactics of the weapon: The Pepe-bizon’s recoil is non existent, and the damage is already garbage, so there’s not reason to not spray across the map to try and hit someone. Sure it has damage drop off, but what’s 2 more bullets at a range when it already takes 10 to kill someone at point blank? At close range, it’s better to try to go for headshots since there’s hardly and recoil on the gun. So it’s actually not that bad at close range if you go for headsh…oh who the fuck am I kidding just use the UMP.

Alrighty, let’s look at the counter-strike wikia for some quality tips: “The Bizon is an excellent choice after winning a pistol round or when the enemy team is playing eco; they will likely not buy armor” Are you joking me? Did you forget these memes exist? “Use this SMG to give suppressing fire against an enemy team” What the fuck are you smoking, this isn’t Battlefield. These stupid meme guides are more accurate than this site. “Counter-Tactics” Ignore all of this, just run up and stab them.

You have a faster time to kill. Alrighty, let’s look at some advantages of the pepe-bizon: Uhhhh, it’s more expensive than this, but worse in every possible way. But it has more ammo, so there you go! So, when should you buy this weapon? Well if you win the pistol round the other team is probably going to force buy armour and Tec 9’s so good luck stopping that with a Bizon. If the T’s get a plant in, they’re going to probably full save so they can buy AK’s on round 3. So that is the only time you can buy this gun. Is it better than the M’P9? Eh, probably. It has the extra ammo which is better especially if they 5-stack a site. So are you ever going to but this thing? Well, let’s see. This is a third of the cost and 10x more effective. So no. Now let’s see some global elite gameplay of the weapon: So, that’s all there is to using the Pepe-Bizon. Tune in next time as I show you how to use the Water Gun, and remember: *get off my board*

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