Are you tired of having no money? Do you love force buying every round? Are you cheaper than a college student pirating textbooks? “Alright, let’s see what I need for calculus….$280?! #[email protected]! that #@&!” Then fear not! The P250 is for you! First let’s go over some background history of the gun. The P250 originated in Germany “Made in German. you know the Germans always make great stuff” Sig Sauer manufactured the gun in 2007, and then in 2012 valve made this #@^& #@&*ing game! and then they put the p250 in it. And then in late 2013 Valve added skins to the game and then what the &*$are those?? that doesn’t look like a real gun this is like some Tron bulls&#! Alrighty, now let’s move on to some statistics of the weapon. The P250 is available on the CT and T side for only $300! And unlike Battlefront 2, the cheapest items are actually the best “The intent of the P250 is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for getting bull$#%@ kills on someone with a rifle” The P250 holds 13 rounds in a magazine, and has ONLY , 39 measly rounds in total.

I mean, what the &@#$ did you expect for $300? not everyone is Mr. money bags. ah, %#@ing budget cut backs The damage on it is utter bullshit since an M4 can’t even 1-shot a helmet, yet this $300 gun ca… Holy $#@!….they actually balanced it….#&@! now what am I going to use as the running joke on this series? Well #[email protected]!, they finally balanced it. I suppose I should throw them a party! Now let’s go over some ingame tactics of the weapon Alrighty, let’s see what the almighty, csgo wiki has to offer. “Equipping a rifle will compensate for its lack of effective range” FAM, if you’re buying this gun, you can’t afford a rifle. That’s the #$%@ing point. “If you need to conserve money and be able to provide sufficient firepower for your team, purchase armor and the P250 for eco rounds” If you can afford armour, you can afford this meme bruh When “closer* to a user, a shotgun is capable of outperforming them *laugh* why is this site to bad? Alrighty, now let’s see some global elite gameplay of the weapon So, that’s all there is to using the P250.

Tune in next time as I show you how to use the AK47 made in China, and remember: Holy [email protected]#&… i can’t believe valve actually balanced something properly for once..

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