If Team Fortress 2 is the fun and crazy online shooter with a strange addiction for headgear, counter strike global offensive is probably its serious cousin with an obsession with guns, and competition. Man this game is serious business. But you are not here to hear me complain, you are here because this is LowSpecGamer, where 2 Ghz and 30 FPS are big numbers. You requested it and I aim to please. So forget cool graphics and flying particles, because we are going to make this game run. This is the default configuration I got from the installation. This is a source engine game, so we can we expects lots of options to play with and a decent performance on the get go, but this is is a pro online multiplayer game, and every frame we can get counts towards our performance. So. Let’s see what we got. Why do I always seem to end off in the office map? Yeah, yeah, let’s all run together, this is definitively how teamwork works, let’s shoot together at anything that moves.

So, when everyone is around and bullets are flying we see around 35 frames per second. if the actions get close and personal it goes under 30 and to around 25. Of course… being alone means something around 50. But we are looking to make intense moments better. Otherwise it will be very hard to play effectively. Am I the only one left in my team? Ah shit… As it was for Team Fortress, we can use some simple launch commands to improve the performance on those very needed moments. First, we have “high”. This option will make the game process run in high priority mode. This is important since this game can be very CPU intensive. Next, we have “threads”, which we can use to set the minim number of threads the game uses and must be set to the same number of logical threads of your CPU.

To find out how many logical threads your CPU has you can go to the system manager that is opened when you press control + alt+ delete. See this tab over here? You will see one graph for every logical thread. Some sites will tell you that this is simply the number of cores in your CPU but, boy, believe when I say I do not have a quad core but rather one of those odd intel notebook CPUs that has two cores but four threads due to some magic called “hyper threading”. Anyway, I have 4 logical threads, so I can finish the command with a 4. Finally we have “nod3d9ex”, which disables a bunch of improvements done by the Direct3D 9 API We do not need that.

Huh, that’s nice. I think the new average is around 45 and I do not thing it drops under 35. You can feel the difference just by playing. Is that a guy guy there or just… SHIT. Come on guys. Behave, we have a game to play here. Why would you do that? Come on. Oh well, a good chance to test performance. I do not think that flashbang got us under 30 Almost 60 frames per second now. Very good! Wait is there an enemy out there? Maybe I can circle around and get him. Wait… where is he? AH COME ON. Enough with the flashbangs! That guy over there is stabbing a box. Boy we are all really bad at this aren’t we. This time my performance dropped to 27 frames per second so…

SHIT. Sigh Well, time to show you my last tip. Veteran Counter Strike players will know about custom configuration files. But if you are just starting you may not know that all the game’s configurations are saved on a file and that you can copy configurations made by other players that include tweaks to improve performance, such as preloaded textures. I have tried several a so far my favorite is FPS Boost configuration from game banana. I will leave the link on the description. And what you need to do is take this configuration and copy it. The configuration file we are searching is located at Program Files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/ counter strike global offensive/csgo/cfg/config.cfg Open up this file and copy your new configuration over the old contents and save. What is your favorite performance boosting configuration? Where did you get it? Feel free to share them with me over comments! This feels pretty speedy. More than 45 frames per second on average? OH SHIT… Awwww… It’s good to return to the office. I feel like I am getting a couple more frames than before.

Between 37 and 45 frames per second. Did that guy just flashbanged his own team? Come on. Get that hostage. Let’s get out of here! SHIT!… Aaww balls… Well. That’s it for this video. I hope you can get some use out of it. This game can be some serious business. Before playing I checked some introduction videos and they explain this was not a game for casuals and that it would require study, practice and skill just to start playing. I decided to ignore all of that and jump right in. I remember telling myself: I will be fine, how hard could it possibly be? Wait. I actually got one of them!.

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