Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar, Maxim here. Me and many others were waiting for Panorama to roll out for everyone. A couple Dota2 surprises came out, but WE got nothing… I know I shouldn’t be surprised but what really annoys me is that Valve had specifically stated this right here. This must mean that they probably underestimated the amount of work that they still had to finish and thought that they could release before the end of the month. Or maybe because they didn’t specify the month, they didn’t this mean July? Hmm? But anyway this video is not about that but could very well be the cause of the delay. I wanted to talk about three major exploits, and two of them have been fixed already. Before I go into it, do you remember Naudrinks from my previous video? Naudrinks is a powder based drink to help you focus, concentrate and stay sharp during long gaming sessions.

It’s made in Gothenburg, where I’m from, I’ve been drinking it a lot, click the link in the video description and use the code “bananagaming” for a 10% discount. Now, I don’t know who discovered that this worked but if you put this in the URL after a YouTube video it would autoplay and there was nothing you could do about it, eventually Steam would crash. I thought it was pretty funny to be honest. I could send it to my friends to troll with them who would then send it to their friends etc etc, but Valve were quick to fix that so the fun is over now, RIP. Speaking of something which isn’t really that fun for people who have been infected by it, but the other major exploit was a new scamming method. Now believe me when I say that this scam method was, next level.

Some developers with Steamworks access were capable of modifying item display names to look like the real deal. This means that they could send out a trade offer with fake items to you, and you would probably accept it because you wouldn’t have any reason not to, unless you don’t want more skins, right? Anyway, this was a serious exploit and a serious issue for many people. Valve has responded to it in two ways. The first way is, you now get a trading pop-up that warns you if you are receiving items for a game that you’ve never played.

And two, Valve has also started requiring approval for app name changes, which will make it much harder for Developers to scam people. What are your thoughts on this scam method? Let me know in the comments below. It’s great to see anyway that it’s being looked at. There is however one more exploit that’s existed for a while now, I’ve contacted Valve a month ago about it, but you could in theory use it to gain a visual advantage.

I’m obviously not going to explain how to do it, but I hope Valve sees this video, reads the e-mail I sent them and understands that it’s a growing issue. Overall, these types of exploits are probably one of the main reasons why Valve has decided to disappoint most of us by not releasing Panorama in time. Or someone at Valve decided to troll us by not specifying which month it was but I really don’t think that’s the case. I think they were just… Before I end the video I want to announce something for Discord.

A lot of you guys ask for my help regarding technical support daily, and most of you want advice on how to improve your FPS. Since I don’t have time to respond to everyone, I wanted to find a way to help you guys. So if you join our Discord we have a channel called #support with people there that can help you out. We also do giveaways on Discord, challenges and some other fun stuff so make sure you join and chill with us. We don’t bite, well, except for when we eat bananas. I would also like to remind you guys that in two more days the 500k giveaway will end and some lucky winners will be drawn. Anyway I’ll see you guys with hopefully some fun news for CS:GO soon, and go bananas!

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