S1mple is considered to be one of the most talented players to ever touch Counter-Strike by many. So today, we are going to be going over 10 things that makes S1mple, S1mple. My name is Braedon and welcome to Valve Guides. There have been many talented players over the course of Counter-Strikes existence. However it seems like there has never been a player quite like S1mple. Many call him talented . . . [CASTER] They’re gonna test S1mple! OHHH! WHAT IS THAT FLICK?! [BRAEDON] Some call him lucky [CASTER] .

. . S1mple just jumping casually into the site! He’s gonna fall down and get a double kill! *crowd cheering* Where did this come from?! S1mple are you serious?! What is that?! You can’t do that S1mple! That’s not allowed! [BRAEDON] And right now, we are going to be going over just 10 things that S1mple does, that makes him just that good. These are in no particular order. Starting off with number 10 – Embodies the hard carry role for teams Have you ever had to carry your team through an entire game in CS:GO competitive? It’s pretty hard, and in the pro scene, it’s even harder to carry an entire team.

But that is exactly what S1mple does. While in the past S1mple has been flustered with attitude problems and really discredited for them, as of recent times, S1mple has been much better about this, and really has the mindset of a real leader in the game. S1mple never takes a situation for granted, and does what he needs to do to win. And there are plenty of moments where S1mple will pull off a play to win, only to be criticized and told it was not a smart play. Moving onto number 9 – Extreme Versatility You cannot just define S1mple with just one single role on the team, or with two. AS a player, S1mple can fill any role and play any way he needs to with his team in order to win.

S1mple can just about wield any weapon in the game as if it is his main role. If there is a play that needs to be made, S1mple can play it. As far as pro players go, S1mple may very well be the most skilled at filling any role he needs to. Round by round, he does what he needs to do in order to win. Number 8 – He continually improves on his flaws.

How more people do not have this mindset, I don’t know, but S1mple does, improving on flaws is something that he really likes to do. Sometimes it honestly feels like S1mple will never stop improving. That is the mindset of a winner. Failure is one of the single most important things in your life, and especially in competitive games. Because depending on how you adapt to failure determines whether you are going to improve, or remain stagnant. People were very skeptical about S1mple in the beginning, now, not as much. S1mple has raw talent, but just raw talent is not good enough to be the best, you can be naturally amazing at something, and better than most people, but if you do not take advantage of that raw talent and work every day to improve it into something better, You will never be the best.

At number 7 – Mastery of every weapon. He is a master with the rifle, awp, and the pistols. You can find about a zillion youtube clips of him making insane plays with any of these weapons [CASTER 1] Oh God! OOHHH! [CASTER 2] Okay! Ooookaaay! What are you made of my man? This is insanity as he holds this off! And another one! There it is, there’s the ace from S1mple! [BRAEDON] While his rifle skills aren’t necessarily the best of the best for a rifler, they’re more than sufficient to do what he needs to do when an AWP isn’t an option. You can find plays like this of S1mple using the deagle which makes him just a dangerous on an eco and when rifling is not an option and it’s trul astounding. [CASTER] . . . catching Taco there – he’s out in the open. And another peek for S1mple too. The deagle shot takes down coldzera — and another one!! 6 – Ease of competitive advancement. You can really draw a comparison between Tracy Mcgrady or Lebron James to S1mple as he advanced through the levels of competitive CSGO with such ease. [HIKO] I remember playing online matches with him and he was just like, almost falling asleep playing some of the American opponents.

It just seemed like it was so easy for him. At the age of 18 with North american team Liquid he went to the Semi finals of MLG Columbus, although after a close fought battle they lost to the champions of the major, luminosity, you have to give credit where credit as do, to quote Thorin in his fantastic article “S1MPLE AND THE PATH OF GREATNESS” “Playing in unfamiliar circumstances with players from an entirely different culture, on the biggest stage in the game and in front of a primed North American crowd, s1mple had shown no fear or hesitation in performing.” Continuing on, at number 5 – S1mple Never stops improving Much like Number 8, not only does S1mple have the mentality to keep improving, but he has proved time and time again that he will. He will put in the work, he will fix those mistakes, and he will if he is not already be the best counter-strike player alive.

Whenever it seems like S1mple is going to hit his peak, he just passes right through it like its nothing. One can want to improve and become the best and know he can, but very few act out those thoughts. This is a true testimony as to how you can work toward your dream if you have the right mindset, and act accordingly. 4 – Instincts and ability to adapt Now I would be lying if I said that everyone could be as good as S1mple, because, there is raw talent there, S1mple was already a great player, but took himself to the next level. If you watch him play, you can see instances of his raw instincts. I mentioned this earlier, but S1mple seems to be able to pull off ridiculous plays that should never work. And come out on top, and a lot of people criticize him for this. 3 – Can be top performer in just about any role When he was playing for Team Liquid, koosta was the teams designated awper while s1mple was the designated rifler. Even though s1mple is better with an awp, koosta’s rifle skills aren’t “too hot” if you know what I mean…

They had koosta running the awp because if they had him rifling, it wouldn’t have been too pretty. S1mple was able to do very well even when not awping – All to say he can play almost any role and do well in it. And I loved how HLTV explained it by saying quote: “Talking about in-form players, there is no one in better form right now than Na`Vi’s Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev… At EPICENTER he was once again the top rated player of the event with a rating, had a superb kills per round and dealt the most damage on average (96.1).” 2 – One of if not the best clutch player currently When we say that S1mple is versatile, we are not lying, and when it comes clutches, S1mple is considered by many to be one of, if not the best players.

Here are just a few examples to show you what we mean… 1 -Fixed his tilt issues from the past Probably the biggest criticism against s1mple would be his rage and attitude issues in the past. There has been a lot of controversy in the past over S1mple losing his cool and saying some things that he probably shouldn’t have. [PLAYER] Niiiiccceee S1mple, man [S1mple] Shut up you f#$%ing old f#$% And some people have yet to forgive him for this. However as of recent times. S1mple has been drastically better when it comes to his composure and attitude. So not only is S1mple devoted himself to improving his game, but it has become evident that he is devoted to improving himself as well. And if you take his tilt issues out of the picture, S1mples biggest criticism has pretty much been thrown out the window..

Well guys, that just about does it for this video, what do you think? Do you think S1mple is the best Counter-Strike player of our time? If you enjoyed the video, hit that like button. If you want to see more videos like this as they are released, subscribe. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video, my name is Braedon, Stay amazing, and I will see you, in the next video.

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