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The answer is dust too. Well, if you consider the current time that i recorded this footage, which was on friday at around the time where europe usually goes home to play video games – and these are only counting players in valve’s own matchmaking servers so face it. And other third party services are not included, but still it’s an interesting list that gets updated frequently and it shows which maps are played the most. I think it says a lot about the game and i want to delve a little bit deeper mirage based on the time of when this was recorded and that its valve’s own matchmaking servers once again came second place. Both these maps have more than 50 percent of the entire player base, based on time and valve’s own servers blah blah blah. I hope you get it but still 50. If valve decided to remove mirage or dust 2 from the game, there would be no game and why these maps, i believe it’s because they’re very familiar to everyone. They’Re old they’re fun at any skill level, and at least when we’re talking mirage it can handle a potato pc.

So that is counter strike. But what about the rest of the maps? Well, inferno came in at third place with roughly 13, then overpass, then cash wait. Cash cash is not even played by the pros, and it was still fifth most played in the list. Okay, it even passed actual active duty maps like nuke, train and vertigo. I like how you can see all the active duty maps here with their fancy logo. Then go down just a tiny bit and boom all back in the bus like assad dude. The order of this list could change in the future. Obviously mirage has potential to replace dust 2 in any moment, for example, but it’s still fun to get a quick overview. So i am going to continue valve, has given so much love and attention to vertigo, yet it was still the least played map from active duty. In the middle of all the defusal maps you can find waldo. I mean office office was the most played hostage map on the list and it was played more than train and vertigo yikes office, just like mirage and dust2 is gon na, be one of those go-to maps because it’s older than some of you watching this video. Do you guys even remember, mutiny and swamp? You know the latest additions to the game. If you don’t know about these maps, it’s probably because they were both located in the under 1 club and unfortunately, i’ve had to scroll to find these maps in the list. For a few days in a row now that is a bit concerning, since you can play them in scrimmage, which is where most maps are before getting upgraded to competitive matchmaking, but with less than one percent valve might have other plans for them. Even unranked mirage. Just chilling here had more players than both of these maps combined.

There seems to be no major interest in new maps for this game. That is a bit sad. You know what else is sad watching this video and not being subscribed. Please subscribe to my channel now. Alright, i feel, like i’m very negative here, so i do have a solution to getting players to play other maps than mirage and dust too. It’S simple: when tuscan’s ready put that in active duty valve thanks scrimmage in cs: go is the unranked matchmaking feature and many other games has it as well. So what if we put together, how many were playing just scrimmage, it would have landed at 1.4 percent. Also, what about danger zone with both danger zone maps that you can currently play, which are sorako and blacksight we land at less than one percent? It’S so little in fact that if danger zone was removed from the game, it would probably not even get noticed. I would notice it said the only guy who plays danger zone in the comments section of this video, so i’ve talked about scrimmage danger zone. How about wingman? It’S tricky because some wingman maps use the same name as the ones you play in 5v5, like, for example, the wingman version of nuke is called short nuke, but inferno is just called inferno. What i can tell you the least played map which funny enough is one of my favorite wingman maps rialto, it’s small, which means the rounds go quick and the flow is nice granted. It can get a little stressful to play because you’re never really safe anywhere. On this map – but i kinda like the thrill of that.

Finally, here are some notable mentions de canals, which was released in 2017 and was a big ambitious project by valve was doing better than the new maps. Kabul still had 1.39, which isn’t too far away from vertigo and finally, the least played map was sugarcane, which is only playable in demolition mode and had just 123 players, which amounts to 0.03 percent. Well, it’s still better than aztec. Have you ever wanted? Your own cs? Go server but your internet at home sucks well with elixir node! You can get a really cheap cs, go server which comes with high internet speed and 24 7 uptime. So you don’t have to worry about that. You can customize your server with plugins to help you and your team practice more efficiently or if you want to host a server for the community with fun stuff like surf maps, mini games or retakes, that’s 100 percent possible as well. Maybe just maybe you can give sugarcane some love if you get a server check out elixir node through the link below and if you ever get in contact with the team behind the site, which are awesome by the way make sure you say hi from me: slap A like on the video stay awesome and go bananas.

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