Counter Strike Getting Fewer Deaths Tips


Counter Strike Getting Fewer Deaths Tips by taxbat

Good players know when to back off a potential kill (frag) and play it safe. Getting fewer deaths is essential to get a high kill death ratio.

1. Avoid 2 or more enemies facing you especially if they see you.
It is best to move backwards and slip away around a corner. Never turn around!

2. Use cover; if positioned correctly you can block approximately 50% of your body. Making you a hard target. You will be twice as likely to survive.

3. Don?t stand in any door ways. You should always move quickly through door ways.

4. Always periodically turn around in a quick manner. You should then quickly turn back and scan the area. This way you can see any enemies approaching you. So many deaths happen because the players do not scan their sides and behind them.

5. Use stealth since most players do not scan their blind spots they depend heavily on hearing footsteps.
Using the walk button you become silent and deadly. You can arm yourself with an M4 and put a silencer on it. You can also arm your pistol with a silencer on a USP pistol.

6. Take out an enemy or two and move out of that location. Take another path leave the enemy confused and guessing where you are. Very important this is mastered

7. Know your map well

8. Follow friends

9. Conserve ammo. If you can take out 3 enemies with 9 rounds you will live if you take out 3 with a full clip you will have to reload and the 4th enemy will kill you.

10. Do not reload within 5 seconds after a kill

11. Try to reload when friends are around.

12. Jump when you get in to a new room

13.crouch while shooting!,and dont jump like an R-tard while shooting because thats just like saying ?kill me kill me?lol

14. If it?s you vs another player and you?re both crouched at each other from across the map, don?t just hold down the trigger! Just wait half a second, aim, and take a single shot to the head

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