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Counter Strike Tips and Tricks by NinjaReflex

So i?ve been reading over everyone?s tips and tricks about counterstrike?and people still have the wrong idea about it?

Outaiming is not the key to the game?

sure it?s a plus?

but all of the tops teams have a variety of different types of players?

the aggressive and defensive both of which take an immense amount of time to learn how to do?

here?s a little bit to get you started?

Playing Smart:

Takes alot of time to learn how to do?

for instance?

knowing what to do in any situation?

i would honestly suggest for everyone that would like to learn how to play smart in the quickest amount of time?

go on GotFrag eSports ? Competitive Gaming News, Features, Movies, Content and Community( it?s a global gaming website for all the top gamers they have files from maps/skins to demos of all the top matches and very popular cs movies)

i?d honestly download them and watch how the top teams do?as well as what individual players do in all situations?that way you can apply what you?ve seen to what you do?and make changes?

otherwise you can play the game on your own and learn from your mistakes which is why it takes longer?

When Buying:

even if you?re just playing in the pub servers or scrimming?

take into consideration how much money you spend every round?

dont buy the full amount of clips for your gun if you?re not going to use it?the money management is important?

For Myself?

whenever i deagle?i will buy a deagle and 2 clips of bullets?

meaning a total of 21 deagle bullets 7 stock and 2 clips of 7 extra?

saving an extra $120 that could be used for other things?

same thing w/ rifle bullets?

if i plan to spam alot in a round i?ll buy fully?if not?i?ll get 1 clip less saving $60 for m4 and $80 for ak per clip?

also when buying armor after rounds?dont buy armor unless you?re under maybe 60-70?but also take into consideration that head armor is a must and extremely helpful

saving an extra $350-1000 every round could help for later rounds?

money management is a key to progressing through the game?many rounds you could be low on armor and bullets and perhaps not having the proper nades because you?re management was poor?


In Clutch situations where it?s you or even you and a teammate?against 1 or more of the enemies?

what goes through your mind?

are you the type of person that will rush in and try to win the round?or will you play it smart and let them make the move?

it all varies?on sides?if you?re a terrorist and you?ve got the bomb you?re main objective is to either kill the remaining amount of enemies or get the bomb planted?.

and if you?re ct?well then you want to prevent that?

clutching requires playing smart? which leads back to my statement above?

takes patience and intelligence?knowing what to do in any situation?

if unable to win the round?and you have a gun w/ hardly any money left for the next round?it?d be wise to save the gun?making use of it later?whereas rushing in and possibly getting killed being left with nothing the following round?

money management becomes a factor in these types of situations as well?

The Point is?

there is no exact way on how to play everyone has their own style?the question is can you use your style of play well enough to get better?

you wont know until you take the time to practice and learn from your mistakes?

if you?ve read alot of the threads people post such as how to shoot a certain gun?do you honestly follow it up to every point?probably not..because it differs from your style?just work on the little things such as maneuvering and paying attention to whats going on?and you?ll progress


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