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Crime City Payout Algorithm Explanation


Crime City (iOS) Payout Algorithm Explanation by Tramp Stamp

Crime City utilizes a simple algorithm to generate all payouts. It multiplies the base (level 1) payout against an indexed value of one of two lookup tables, which I have termed Growth Type A and Growth Type B.

Growth Type A uses a modified triangular sequence (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triangular_number):

1 -> 1
2 -> 3
3 -> 6
4 -> 10
5 -> 15
6 -> 22
7 -> 31
8 -> 42
9 -> 55
10 -> 75

Growth Type B uses a modified Fibonacci sequence (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibonacci_number):

1 -> 1
2 -> 2
3 -> 3.5
4 -> 5.5
5 -> 8
6 -> 11
7 -> 14.5
8 -> 18.5
9 -> 23
10 -> 30

Buildings available under level 8, including Mafia unlocks, are Type A. All others are Type B. Complete lists follow.

Type A cash buildings, with bases:

Barbershop, $140
Deli, $60
Diner, $100
Gas Station, $55
Gun Shop, $300
House, $360
Italian Restaurant, $140
Laundromat, $5
Loft, $11000
Movie Theater, $3100
Nightclub, $175000
Pawn Shop, $125
Pizza Parlor, $30
Souvenir Store, $60
Tattoo Parlor, $105

Type B cash buildings, with bases:

Arcade, $50
Bagel Shop, $580
Brownstone, $12000
Casino, $900000
Chinese Restaurant, $225
Clothing Store, $300
Collection Agency, $325
Condo, $79200
Credit Agency, $75000
Crematorium, $30000
Electronics Store, $260
Fancy Restaurant, $1100
Fish Store, $840
Flower Shop, $4600
French Restaurant, $24000
History Museum, $3600
Hotel, $285000
Internet Company, $16000
Meat Factory, $1400
Modern Loft, $2500
Russian Restaurant, $10,500
Seafood Restaurant, $1000
Shoe Store, $1400
Sports Bar, $140
Underboss? House, $4400
Warehouse, $1100

Type A gold buildings, with bases:

Basketball Court, $150
Empire Theater, $450
Ice Cream Shop, $95
Mansion, $850
Techno Club, $1000

Type B gold buildings, with bases:

Adult Movie Theater, $3500
Anchor Imports, $48000
Blues Club, $3500
Carousel, $110
Chicken & Waffles, $1400
Church, $48000
Cowboy Casino, $825
Credit Agency, $75000
Gaming Parlor, $280
Gentlemen?s Club, $360000
Jazz Club, $250
Modern Art Museum, $3000
Palm Hotel, $725000
Pirate Tavern, $100000
Rock Cafe, $110000
Smoke Shop, $2200
Sushi Bar, $250
Wedding Chapel, $8800
Zeus Theater, $8400

As an example, we will derive the payout of a level 7 Laundromat. From the lists above we see it is a Type A building, so we will multiply the base, $5, against the index of level 7, 31:

$5 * 31 = $155

So now with the algorithm known it becomes possible to fill (almost) the entire spreadsheet with mathematically accurate values, which is a good thing considering the volume of errors within. Particularly, a number of base values are actually Tycoon derivations, leading to a 10% base inflation and 21% Tycoon inflation. Others are clearly data entry errors, like the Fish Store. Through my derivations I determined the base value to be $840 but the spreadsheet shows it as $480. Deriving values in the spreadsheet can be as simple as a nested IF statement that reads another field for ?A? or ?B?. All one needs to get correct is the base value.

Notice that Type A yields substantially better growth and that most of the Type A cash buildings lie in the default set, with the rest being Mafia-unlocked. This is a large part of why their ROI is so strong. Later buildings need to make up for slower growth with stronger base payouts.

Also, the Tycoon bonus isn?t exactly 10%. It probably is at some point in the calculation but by the time it is displayed to the end user it?s actually slightly higher. This can be seen by comparing spreadsheet values to those in-game and noticing the off-by-one errors.

Thanks to contributors in this thread for corrections, algorithms, and data.

Those of you looking into buying gold and parlaying that into optimum-paying buildings, here is a metric for you. First I derived level 10 payouts of gold buildings with available data. Then I divided the payouts by collection times to get $/hr. Then I divided that figure by gold paid to get a kind of ?return on investment? figure, represented as $/hr per gold spent. Sorting the list, we get:

Pirate Tavern, $3409.09
Gentlemen?s Club, $3000.00
Palm Hotel, $1937.50
Rock Cafe, $1571.43
Wedding Chapel, $1173.33
Adult Movie Theater, $807.69
Smoke Shop, $550.00
Church, $300.00
Ice Cream Shop, $296.88
Zeus Theater, $250.00
Chicken & Waffles, $194.44
Basketball Court, $187.50
Gaming Parlor, $186.67
Anchor Imports, $133.33
Carousel, $132.00
Sushi Bar, $83.33
Blues Club, $70.00
Empire Theater, $45.00
Moden Art Museum, $28.13
Jazz Club, $12.50
Mansion, $10.63
Cowboy Casino, $10.31
Techno Club, $7.81

IMO everything below Anchor Imports is a swindle and even Anchor is questionable. Personally I wouldn?t go beyond the first four. EDIT: exception being possibly buying two Basketball Courts with the initial 10 gold. EDIT2: this list was updated. ?First four? previously referred to Adult Movie Theater, Smoke Shop, Church, and Ice Cream Shop.

Level 10 payouts were used to compare faster growth Type A buildings with slower growth Type B buildings. List positions won?t change based on level if restricting to one type class.


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