CrimeCraft Fast Leveling Guide


CrimeCraft Fast Leveling Guide by crimekilla

Hi i saw alot of new population on game lately and im glad to help there to make them more competive.

i will write a short how to level guide.

well now . i start the game. im alone on the huge crimecraft world what to do?

first of all check the map globe icon in your tabs , and look for the signs ? ! there means missions that will help you to? level up, accept those misions talking with npcs , click on pc to talk with him, follow the instruction and u will level up fast,

IMPORTANT thing, the very first thing u have to do is find tutorial giver that will teach you about the ingmae stuff, like mail , gangs , AH , and gameplay types is good to first look the game and also gives u some xp usefull to level

2? part that will be addressed here.

is omg my guns is [filtered], i cant shoot a duck with this lol

np, little rambo. if u follow the misions rewards will be new weapons, so you will have mid powerfull guns in short time 🙂

3? part i recomend not hit PVP matches until u level to 20 or so.. this part maybe a bit frustating but if u dont wanna be owned by high levels with better armor do it this way

4? part group with your friends make a group with your friends and fight on instances together if u are noob you can do headhunt or safeguard is good reward xp also mats

5? ok now we will see what clothes u have.. since level25 or so clothes pretty suck imho , but u can wear the ones u get on drops or buy on ncp

6? skills. this part is very important cuz you spend ur SP points on learn new skills. every level u reach meant 1 SP point , skills are variable, first skill u must take is heavy weapon that cost 7 SP points, 2? must be a explosive skill one as your choice

7? CRAFT . this is kinda your choice but here some tips that maybe help you in future

CHemist ? as i know they are pretty f u cked cuz when u past level120 mats are spensive as hell, anyway if u are a doc type take it, it makes drugs and boost that can use in game and sell on AH

Tailor ? you can level easy to 120 . pretty op mats but you can do it, it makes armor and gear also some crossingredients for other profesions, if u are a girl , this is your proffesion to dress the barbies dolls lol

Engineer ? lot of people went this way is valuable profesion and mats isnt too much rare it makes attachments for the weapons and you can use and sell on ah , also makes ammo that always is needed

Gunsmith- good quantity of mats in drops not much spensive items to level up, it makes guns AUGS and modkits, pretty hard to sell the items but very usefull for yourself or gangmates , note u will stuck on level240 🙂

ok now another question i see alot is? can you make a gun level20

have to know all guns are level1 only diferent is the attachment you can have in it

empty guns are all level1 if i see item in red on your inventory it can mean 3 things

1 ? you havent enought level to use it yet

2 ? you have to learn the skill to use it (weapons)

3 ? is not your gender (clothes)

another thing very important is the phone jobs. always u play make sure u have taken at least 20 jobs save 5 for future changes

ok now lets say u follow the tut and you are level25 or 30 congrats 😀

now i know people on game and we wanna fight together how i can do?

is very easy u need 15000$ (ingame money lol) not true money and be level10 at least

need to 3 people sign your petition and need a name and description for the gang

when u have all of this your gang is born then u can use the fist tab on your menu to manage your gang from there.

oh thats cool! but wait where we hang with the gang mates? we need a place yeah

for this u need to be level15 and you buy your gang hideout it cost 100000$ and good way to afford is requestiong all gang members donate a little cash for hideout

yes we got it! we have hideout!!!

oh pretty sofas but is that usefull ? and that girl in hideout who is? is your secretary

u need her to upgrade your hideout for usefull stuff.

1st thing u will have done is a bank hideout to store your items, also the production tab to make stuff from the hideout, it makes mats of the choiced profesion hideout..

ok this was short med tutorial for newbies sorry for the typpos but i tried to do my best 🙂

hope it helps the new players to have a chance on kill the competition 😀

see ya in game


Evil Hands Leader

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