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CrimeCraft Gold Bar Purchase Dos and Don’ts


CrimeCraft Gold Bar Purchase Dos and Don?ts by DrSeptimus

Considering there is a sudden surge of new player and some of them have the desire to spend gold bar. Here is a few tips that might be helpful as it could avoid you from spending gold bar at unnecessary stuff.

1) Bleedout Episode Package Tips
Ok, the explaination might be confusing, but I hope I did well.

If your intention was only to get to know how the bleedout story all about?and just wanted to do?the campaign once, the bleedout episode package was the way to go or else you can scrap the idea of buying this package since getting?cash/exp as free user are far lesser than being a premium user.

Why? Here is the cost of gold bar you are using for doing this campaign twice.

i) Option A
Bleedout Episode Package ? 158 gb
Season Rewind Ticket ? 53gb
Premium Subcription (Subcribe after?using all those episode 1-10 ticket from the package for the 1st time)?? 200 gb (But cost 140gb due to free 60gb)
Total:?251 Gold Bar

ii) Option B
Fast Forward?Ticket ? 100gb
Blackbook ? 63gb
Season Rewind Ticket ? 53gb
Premium Subcription ? 200 gb (But cost 140gb due to free 60gb)
Total:?256 Gold Bar

From what you see, it sounds like you saves 5gb by purchasing the package if you do the campaign twice. Yeah, you saves 5gb only to have lesser exp and lesser cash for?completing the campaign for first time.

Why??Assume you complete 10 mission as free user with each mission earning you 100 exp and 100 cash.
Here is the result

10 * 100 = 1,000 exp.
10 * 100 = 1,000 cash

As premium, you earn 2.5 more exp and 3 times the cash

10 * 250 = 2,500 exp
10 * 300 = 3,000 cash

Premium user get a new episode as soon as they are done with the current episode they are in if they used the fast forward ticket (1 week?after completing the current episode if they do not used fast forward ticket)?since the bleedout episode ticket are free for premium user?.
Free user on the other hand, could directly start a new episode if they have used the fast forward ticket and have the next episode ticket in their hand and those episode ticket only available for free user?by purchasing it from BM or have it from bleedout package.

So, you can imagine how much time you have waste only to get much lesser exp/cash. Right?

Of course, there is a option C for you to go just to saves 5 gold bar by using the option A while getting the result of Option B by not using?those?episode ticket?you earn from bleedout package?as free user. Instead, used the fast forward ticket and subcribe for premium immediately.
This way, you could earn?better exp/cash rate just like Option B offer to you but you would be left with 10 useless ticket which you could choose to destroy it since it was a waste of your inventory or used it when you complete the current episode if you could not wait for a few second for the mail box to deliver the new episode.
If you have no idea what I mean, here is how the option C look like.

i) Option C
Bleedout Episode Package ? 158 gb
Season Rewind Ticket ? 53gb
Premium Subcription (Subcribe for premium before doing the campaign for first time) ? 200 gb (But cost 140gb due to free 60gb)
Total: 251 Gold Bar

2) Custom Clothing
Custom clothing and clothing are completely 2 different thing, do not be confused by it.
Custom clothing merely change the apperances of the cloths you are currently wearing. They do not change the stats of your armor or given you any new armor.?In other?word, it just make you look handsome or more gorgeous than usual.
Before you purchase any custom clothing, make sure the armor you are wearing are worth to be customize. I am sure you don?t want to waste gold bar just to customize some crappy armor and have it toss away later.

3) Repair
Do not used the blackmarket repair unless you have an extremely rare equipment that you wanted to keep it alives. The differences between npc repair and bm repair are the effect of the durability.
Here is an example of the repair effect between npc repair and bm repair.

NPC Repair
Before repair = 1,000/4,000
After repair = 3,980/3,980

BM Repair
Before repair = 1,000/4,000
After repair = 4,000/4,000

4)??Attachment Colorize
If you wanted to colorize your weapon attachment, make sure you colorize it before you add your weapon mod kit or else the color would lost. Replacing wmk would also cause the color dissappear. Thus, ensure you pick the right wmk before you colorize your attachment.
Bewarn that BM wmk would dissappear when the bonus durability provided by it are all used up, it was strongly not recommend to colorize your weapon attachment if you intend to use BM wmk.

5) 2nd Profession
Before you purchase 2nd profession, make sure your character already have 1 profession in hand. There is news of player purchasing 2nd profession and used this item?without learning any profession at first place, thus causing them to only have 1 profession.
Nobody ask you to be that dumb, you did something dumb and you paid the prices for it. It was pretty simple, after all it isn?t called 2nd profession for nothing. Paid attention that you cannot have 2 same profession in single character. Thus, if your first profession was engineer; don?t ever buy engineer profession.
It is also highly recommended to purchase it during discount (Unless you are filthy rich and don?t mind spending extra gold bar) since discount for 2nd profession are often happening.

6) King of Street AUG

One thing I could?t help notice was this AUG. Yeah, it provide 50% more cash and 25% more exp at the price of?470 gold bar. It might sounds awesome and might sounds getting worth to get it, but to be honest; they don?t. They are not worth it even with 50% discount.?If you are filthy rich and don?t mind spending money on it, then go ahead and purchase it.
Why I say it isn?t worth it? Ok, here is my explaination.
First of all, the 25% exp bonus was useless as soon?as you hit level 50 and there is an AUG that offer cash bonus as high as 30% for level 50. Yeah, maybe you earn less 20% cash forever but who cares when you?can earn more thru bleedout campaign shall the gold bar was used for bleedout instead.

Ok, the AUG cost 470 gold bar. So let us see how far does the 470?gb bring you if you used it for bleedout campaign.

Subcribe for premium (Cost 110 gold bar)
Buy fast forward ticket and blackbook (Cost 80gb and 50gb = 130gb)
Bleedout Season Rewind Ticket (41 gb)
Overall cost = 281 gb (189 gb leftover)

Ok, now assume you are playing bleedout campaign with exp boost that you earn from each episode at hard mode. Usually under the hand of experiences user, a single episode can be completed about 40-60 minutes.
Hard mode with exp drink fetch about 800+ exp and roughly about 1.5k cash (Don?t forget the?extra 200 exp?plus cash when you get the mission done).
Usually an episode consists of 10-12 mission, but we just narrow it down to 10.

1k exp per mission * 10 = 10k exp
1.5k cash per mission (We exclude those you earn when you talk to the npc) = 15k

That?s 10k exp you just earn from doing a single episode, if you multiple it by another 10 (Since bleedout consists of 10 episode). You have already earn about 100k exp and 150k cash from completing the campaign in 10 hours?at hard mode?(The longest time I assume it takes you).
Don?t forget, you still have season rewind ticket which allowed you to do once more. So that?s about 200k exp and 300k cash you earn by just a mere 281 gb. If you still are not satisfied, you can buy more rewind ticket and repeat the process since you have leftover gb as much as 189.

Do not forget a few?more factor that need to be narrow down as well.
? By spending 470 gb for a single AUG that gives 25% more exp and 50% more cash, you still earn less than?those who just spend?110gb (Since free 90gb)?for subcription cause your account are still free user account.

-470 gb are as good as 4 months subcription. You earn more exp/cash in those 4 months as premium user rather than as free user with this AUG.

-If your status are currently a free user while having the AUG, there is almost no differences for having the extra 50% cash and 25% exp. Why??Ok, assume a free user with 30% more cash AUG earn $130 in a single match. How much more do you earn?compare to?them? Just an extra $20. Worth it??Ask yourself.

7) Skills Points & Profile

-Coming Soon-


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