CrimeCraft Stockpile Tips and Tricks


CrimeCraft Stockpile Tips and Tricks by DrSeptimus

Most of us are always wondering how to gather an large amount of container in a single match of stockpiles, but it is possible to gather more container than you ever thought if you just follow a few simple tricks.

Below are the amount of container I gathered in each difficulty at level 50 at Chemtech Processing Plant. (Note:?There is a huge significant differences of playing?STP at hard level 1,25,35 and 50)

Easy ? 72 Container
Normal ? N/A
Hard ? 39 Container

You might be wondering why I never shown how much container I earn at normal difficulty, thats cause I gather container tier 1 at easy and tier 2 & 3 at hard since hard gives more tier 2 & 3 container than normal mode does (AKA did?t play normal difficulty).

Basic Tricks

This are a few basic trick you need to know about STP.

1) Reloading

Reload your primary and heavy weapon ONLY when you are PICKING CONTAINER.

Primary weapon such as Assault Rifle often took 2 seconds or longer and even longer for heavy weapon such as Rocket Launcher. Reloading your weapon while moving preventing you from sprinting to your next container and this is where you lost your valuable time.

I often could save an additional minutes or 2 by reloading my primary and heavy weapon while picking container since secondary weapon such as SMG and pistol can be reloaded later while moving as they only took a second to reload.

This technique was used to save you some of your precious time to reach your next container.

2) Reloading 2

If you are running out of stamina and in need of reloading, this is the time to reload while having your stamina replenish close to the max. Do remember NOT TO STOP WALKING; your stamina might be regenerate slower, but you make a better track of time by walking while regenerating stamina instead of standing still.

3) Use SMG frequently

SMG is definitely your friend and the only time you need to use?Primary/Heavy weapon?is when the PVE are far away or strong (Such as hammer). This is due to the facts the SMG reloading time was extremely short and rapid firing rate, allowing you to subdue the PVE in a matter of second.

4) Nanocore?Devastator AUG

If you have the level to equip this AUG, equip it when you are doing STP. This AUG drastically increase the firepower you need to annihilate the PVE quicker and was vital when doing it at Hard mode considering the supreme strength of the PVE.
This are mostly recommended for player with additional profiles as the Combat AUG cannot be unequipped once you bind into the profiles.

5)?Molotov, Corrosion Grenade & Shock Grenade

Molotov, Corrosion Grenade?and Shock grenade are your worst enemies as they are truly a tool to waste your precious time, try avoid them if it was possible.

6) Death

Death is the worst thing that ever happen to you, try avoid getting yourself killed. But death can also been put into good use if you know what to do (Would be explain in Chemtech Processing Plant Trick).

7) Boost

If your weapon doesn?t need any reloading while you are picking container, you could have use the time to inject boost.

8) Knife Jump

Knife jump could be your friend?when it comes to?time saving. If you run out of stamina while only a meter away from your container, knife jump towards the container could save you about?2 seconds. It is vital when you only have 4 seconds remaining to gather a container.

9) Sniper Rifles

Always ensures your heavy weapon are Sniper Rifle (Valley Forge are highly recommended) since 3 rapid shot are quicker than 2 shot (PVE at Hard Mode are almost impossible to be killed by single hit even with Exeter or Wolf & Maus). LMG are not recommended due to unreliable recoil and long loading time, the same goes to RL & GL.

As some PVE needed to be clear from long distance such as Clearshot at LXM Port Complex, using other heavy weapon are just plain time consumption.


Chemtech Processing Plant Tricks

Difficulty Skill Selection

1) Easy ? Collector, Enhanced Endurance, NBR Grenade

Having an endurances level 3 that reduces resistant are absolutely nothing to be worried about as their damage are often not much of a threat, an combination with Collector skills allowed you to run and kill while remain healthy.

The main reason why NBR grenade are included was to be used on time of emergency, where you are low health and the killed PVE which drop medkit are soo far away. I am sure you do not want to waste 6 seconds just to pick up an medkit, do you?

2) Normal ? N/A

3) Hard ? NBR Grenade, Heartbeat Detector, Liquid Armor

Heartbeat Detector play vital roles of knowing where hammer are, knowing where and when they are located could often prove to be valuables assets to you as you could get yourself much well prepared to against them or to dodge them.

Liquid Armor are essential considering the huge damage they deal to you upon shot, even with The Big Easy armor (35% light resistant); an shot from shotgun from long distance could pack a 50 damage on it. You can pretty much imagine yourself with 120 health and wearing an armor with weaker light resistant shall you been hit by it.

As for NBR grenade, it was highly/strongly recommended to be used with AUG as it instantly heal you for 60 health. An huge health regeneration are vital due to their superior firepower that are capable to deal a huge chunk of damage towards you. Do not think 15 health per second with level 3 NBR Grenade can save you in time of emergency, it was the 60 health instant healing (AUG Effect) is the one who does the job.

Basic Chemtech Rules

1) Hammer Position

Knowing the hammer position could be vital and turn the tide of the fight into your side considering the hammer are spawning randomly across the map although their position are often consistent, knowing where they are prevent you from rushing recklessly and get into the firing range.

As hammer are often lethal (Especially at Hard mode), preparation to go against them are always useful. Heartbeat Detector often given you an significant warning about them as sometimes you could land yourself into 2 hammer at the same time if you are run recklessly and caught off guard.

Knowing how many PVE guarding an container could be vital for you to know the hammer whereabout. For example, container at this spot are often guarded by 3 PVE and an indication of 4 red dot by Heartbeat Detector means there is a hammer nearby.

2) Death & Suicide

Death are the worst thing to happen to anybody at ChemTech, but it can be put into used if there is no container nearby at the front entrance of ChemTech. Running all the way back to otherside would cost you a good 15-25 seconds while suicide and respawn would just took 2-4 seconds. Doing this can saves you ample of valuable times to seek container.

Bewarn that death are definitely a thing must be avoided if all container are at the front gate of chemtech as any death means an unnecessary run to it as your respawn point was far.

3) No Entry

Going to the front entrance of Chemtech thru this ground floor entrance are the worst thing a player could ever do as you would just miss valuable container that are available at the left wing of the building and taken an heavy toll (At hard mode) from PVE, you are likely to reach the entrance with low health without picking any container.

4) Clearing Mob

If there is only 1 container at where you currently at and no ways to reach them, do not attempt to grab them. But rather clear the mob that guard within it so you could return and pick it up later without any resistant.

5) Defeating the Boss

I might be wrong, but it seems like defeating an boss would weaken the time frame needed for PVE Patrol to spawn. In other word, PVE Patrol takes longer time to respawn (Does not apply to PVE that are guarding container since it would spawn along with the container).

Advanced Chemtech Rules

Note: This trick are for more experiences player with inferior equipment. Only attempt this when you know well enough what to do and what not to do.

1) Boss Fight

Fighting Destroyer (Especially Hard Mode) can prove to be a real strain of skills, worst enemy are not the Destroyer itself but was the?molotov skills. Avoiding molotov are the key of time savings as each time you die, it would cost you an additional 20 seconds or even more.

Fighting the boss at 2nd floor of Chemtech are the best option to avoid molotov, ensure you fire sufficient shot to make the boss stay inside the container since the boss would not toss any molotov when he is in.

Even if he is out of it, you would not need to worried about molotov as you have the time to roll/dodge the molotov due to the distances advantage. Do remember to watch your back as the Destroyer reinforcement would spawn at your back such as Thug Aggressor and Thug Militant (Note: The red dot was 1 of the thug aggressor heading to me), they are often spawn at your back no matter where you are fighting boss provided the PVE spawn point was close and right behind you. This was tested and I can confirm about it.

However, the real downside of killing the boss would be the need of clearing off the PVE in within the sector before you can pick the container. But don?t worry, you can likely do it with ease provided you are equip with Sniper.

If the boss are out of sight and heading your way, do not fear. You could still fight the boss, but you would have to wait for the boss about 10-20 seconds (Yeah!! the boss are slow) as it takes time to came to your spot. This spots are better combat spot in comparison with what I shown above, but it sacrifices time. So pick your choices of battle spot.

The real downside of this spot is that you cannot roll/move out of sight even for a second till the boss are down, as any sudden move to the back would render the boss move forward and thus any molotov that was hurl towards you would definitely hit you. You seriously do not wish the molotov of hitting your bum since there is no resistant that can protect you from fire.

LXM Port Complex Tricks
Difficulty Skill Selection

Basic LXM Port Complex Rules
1)?Hammer Position
As explain at Basic Chemtech Processing Plant Rules.

2) Death & Suicide
-Coming Soon-

3) Clearshot
-Coming Soon-

4) Slow & Steady

Advanced LXM Port Complex Rules
-Coming Soon-

Delosville Trick

-Coming Soon-

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