Cronous 200+ Elite Mastery Guide

Cronous 200+ Elite Mastery Guide by kelmatrix1Elite mastery = hidden damage multiplier (not shown in your character pop-up)Math = final damage X elite mastery...

Cronous Crier Valk Build Guide

Cronous Crier Valk Build Guide by shotasticThe Crier Valk is a small experiment I?ve been testing for a while, and finally executed this past...

Cronous Mon Labs Fourth Floor Leveling Guide

Cronous Mon Labs Fourth Floor Leveling Guide by kelmatrix1Many players are keen to level in Mon Labs after level 90, and here is how:For...

Cronous Valkyrie Build Guide

Cronous Valkyrie Build Guide by xTJxi dunno wat is the best valkaryie build cos different ppl play different way not to say different item...

Cronous Merchant Guide

Cronous Merchant Guide by ZennRoyalSince almost no one has done this before i have decided to make your merchanting skills a little better with...

Cronous Mage Guide

Cronous Mage Guide by kingreaperWell since stelios isnt on very much anymore i feel I should continue with a Mage Guide. If your not...

Cronous Items Locations List

Cronous Items Locations List by UltimaSaviVery Often = Within 1 Hour Farming you get one mostlyOften = Within 2 HoursAverage = Within 3 HoursRare...
Cronous Monster Stats List | GuideScroll

Cronous Monster Stats List

Cronous Monster Stats List by DearthI was poking around the korean website, as many do and found some monster stats. I?ve requested the gm?s...

Cronous Level 110 in 2 Weeks Guide

Cronous Level 110 in 2 Weeks Guide by kelmatrix1Given that you can afford point items and have higher level friends to assist you (killing...

Cronous Ice Castle Solo Guide

Cronous Ice Castle Solo Guide by kelmatrix1With correct tactic and strategy, it is possible to solo ice Castle.What i am going to share below...

Cronous Scam Awareness Guide

Cronous Scam Awareness Guide by HelghastA guide to the many scams that lurk in CronousHey guys, just because I`ve seen many people around getting...

Cronous Farming Guide

Cronous Farming Guide by ZennRoyalLately I`ve been having some trouble getting cash (since korean servers had bigger drops) so i planned out a guide...

Cronous Fighter Buffer Guide

Cronous Fighter Buffer Guide by HelghastHello all! Before you read this guide, please read the introduction if you`re a newbie to buffers.-*Table of Contents*-Chapter...

Cronous Item Stats Guide

Cronous Item Stats Guide by DeathHi all! ^^ Since the GM`s are too busy being useless to help low-lvl players out, and since they...

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