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Cronous Scam Awareness Guide by Helghast

A guide to the many scams that lurk in Cronous

Hey guys, just because I`ve seen many people around getting scammed, I am going to post a guide to scams. Hopefully this will reduce the number of people that are getting scammed nowadays.

I understand that this guide is quite small (compared to my other one) but hopefully it will grow as more and more players contribute.

If you have any questions or comments, post here. If you see another scam that I have not mentioned, post it here. Thanks!

*~Table of Contents~*

Chapter One: Trading Scams
[] Section 1: The ?quickly remove? scam
[] Section 2: The ?Substitute? scam
[] Section 3: The ?Waiting? scam
Chapter Two: Partners in Scamming
[] Section 1: The ?Buy for high? ?sell for low? scam
[] Section 2: The ?Middleman? scam
Chapter Three: Other Scams
[] Section 1: ?Selling account? scam
[] Section 2: ?Drop? scam
[] Section 3: ?Free combining? scam
[] Section 4: ?Beg? scam
[] Section 5: ?BF/GF? scam
[] Section 6: ?Framing? scam
Chapter Four: Some people to watch out for
[] Section 1: Untrustworthy people (Added by players)
Chapter Five: Helpful Tips
[] Section 1: Things that you might want to know
[] Section 2: Keeping your account safe

Trading Scams

Trading scams are those that occur during the trading process. Be wary!

*Section One*
The ?Quickly Remove?

Summary: This is a very basic scam. People trade you and quickly remove the item they are giving you before you accept, basically resulting in you losing your items for nothing.

Scenario: Okay, lets play this out. So we have player X and player Y. (Player X is the scammer!)

X: Hey, you want to buy a Cobalt Ore for 100K?
Y: Sure. Trade!
X: Okay, here it is:
(Puts the cobalt ore up)
Y: Okay.
(Puts 100K up)
X: Accept!!
(Quickly removes Cobalt Ore)
(Y accepts)

Ways to avoid: This scam tends to happen most when people accept a very low price for an expensive item. Just be sure to double-check the trade window before accepting. Be sure you have exactly what you want. If you are unsure of the person you are trading, make them accept first!

*Section Two*
The ?Substitute?

Summary: This is also a common scam. Someone trades you, gives you a large amount of Cro, and then puts up something you didn`t want. They quickly remove the Cro, hoping you do not notice, resulting in the ?trick? item and less Cro.

Scenario: Okay, let`s play this out. So we have player X and player Y. (Player X is the scammer!)

X: (Shout): Buying Muramasa, 2M!
Y: I`ll sell!
X: Okay.
(Puts up 2M)
(Y puts up Muramasa)
(X adds a Knowledge of Fire; quickly removes the 2M)
(Y Accepts)
X: Haha

Ways to avoid: Watch out for players that may want an item, and are ripping themselves off MAJORLY for it, even though the item may be in shops for less. When they add an additional item that you may not have wanted, check the trade window carefully and make them accept first. Sometimes, these players might be overly desperate, but they also may be trying to scam you.

*Section Three*
The ?waiting? scam (thanks d00m)

Summary: A pretty easily discovered scam. Basically, a player walks up and wants to buy something, but he says his weight is too high. He says to trade your item for 99 HP (L) potions (or something of the like) and wait for him to get his Cro out. He just logs out, leaving you with 99 HP (L) and no item.

Scenario: Okay, let`s play this out. So we have player X and player Y. (Player X is the scammer!)

X: Hey, you want to give me your Ray for 50M?
Y: Okay!
X: Alright.
X: Dang, my weight is too high. Here, hold my 99 HP (L) potions and I`ll have your Ray. I`ll get my Cro out of my Storage.
Y: Okay.
Y: Okay, get your Cro.
*X logs out*
Y: No!

Ways to avoid: Just don`t trust anyone that says this. Send a 1:1 inquiry to the GM`s, with proof, and they`ll deal with those meddling scammers.

Partners in Scamming (Two-man Scam)

These scams have two or more people participating in it.

*Section One*
The ?Buy for high? ?sell for low? scam

Summary: A player is buying an unusual or rare item for a very high price. Another player is selling or has the item in his or her shop for a much lower price. You buy the item, and the player that wanted the item for a high price says he or she doesn`t need it anymore.

Scenario: Okay, lets play this out. So we have player X and player Y. (Player X is the scammer!)

X: Buying Blessing of Movex, 50M!
(Y sees this item in a shop for only 10M; he gets wise and decides to make a profit and buys it)
Y: I got your item right here!
X: Sorry, I don`t need it any more!
Y: ****

Pictures (This one IS a real or suspected scammer):


Ways to avoid: This scam is easily one of the most trick-ish scams out there. Many, many people fall for it. You can reveal if this person is a scammer by saying, ?The item is in that shop right there..?? The scammer should have some dumb excuse about how he or she is not buying from his nemesis or something like that. Just don`t buy the item, that`s all. If the player really wants it and is not lying, he or she will thank you and go buy it. If not, well, they`re probably scammers. Never get wise and try and make a profit, you may get scammed.

*Section Two*
The ?Middleman? scam

Summary: This isn`t a very common scam. A player wants an item, but says something like ?I don`t trust you? Another walks up and says, ?Hey, I`ll middleman for you guys!? You give the middleman your item, the scammer pretends to, and then they both walk off with your item.

Scenario: Okay, let`s play this out. So we have player X, player Y, and player Z. (Player X & Y is the scammer!)

X: Want to buy full Sacred for 100M?
Z: Sure thing.
X: I don`t trust people with all of that money though..
Y: Hey guys, I`ll MM (middleman) for you!
Z: Okay.
X: Okay.
(Z trades 100M to Y)
(X and Y log out)

Ways to avoid: Never, ever, ever try and use a middleman. Almost 100% of the time they will scam you. If the person wants a middleman, chances are he is a scammer.

Other Scams

*Section One*
?Selling Account? scam

Summary: This one has a few variations. They can be selling accounts or points or something like that, and may want a middleman.

Scenario: Okay, lets play this out. So we have player X and player Y. (Player X is the scammer!)

X: Selling level 80 Valkyrie, PM ME!
Y: (PM): I`ll buy!
X: Okay, give me the money first.
(Y gives money)
(X logs out, never gives him account)
Y: Crap!!!

Pictures (This one IS a real or suspected scammer):


Ways to avoid: There are a few variations to this. Selling game points, accounts, wanting a middleman, could all be variations, so be careful. Just don??buy accounts or points from any players: almost 100% of the time they WILL scam you.

*Section Two*
?Drop? scam

Summary: This scam is pretty pathetic, but some people will resort to anything to scam newbies. A player says something along the lines of ?I know how to dupe items!?. You know how it goes from here on out LOL.

Scenario: Okay, let??play this out. So we have player X and player Y. (Player X is the scammer!)

X: Hey Y, do you want to know how to dupe items?
Y: How, how how?!?! 😀
X: Just drop your item and press ALT+F4! (Something like that)
Y: Okay!
(Y ALT+F4`s, which is force quit, which logs him out)
(X is now free to pick up Y`s items)

Ways to avoid: Don`t drop your items. That`s it. Common sense. If you would like to see another variation of this scam, go to page 8 of this thread, and read d00m`s post.

*Section Three*
?Free combining? scam

Summary: This scam can have many variations. It can be ?free combining?, ?free upgrading?, etc.

Scenario: Okay, lets play this out. So we have player X and player Y. (Player X is the scammer!)

X: Hey Y, you want free combining? It`s 100% success! Just give me some combination ingredients!
Y: Sure!
(Y gives X the ingredients)
(X logs out)

Ways to avoid: Again, don`t give your items away. If you see someone like this, be sure to report them through 1:1 or something.

*Section Four*
?Beg? scam

Summary: This isn`t really a scam, but I`ll just explain it. A player goes to town and says ?I need free stuff? or something like that. Sometimes, they may have a main, and is just cruising around annoying everyone until they give them something. You`ll feel bad if you don`t, but that`s how they want you to feel.

Scenario: Okay, lets play this out. So we have player X and player Y. (Player X is the scammer!)

X: phr33 st00f pl0x?
Y: Okay.
(Y gives X a +8 hatchet)
X: (Yes, I just got something!)

Ways to avoid: Now I know that this isn`t a scam, but it can encourage more begging, and maybe scamming later on. Don`t give to beggars. Additionally, Reina added something you might find useful: If a newbie walks up to you and asks for items, will they really know how to chat in the first three seconds of playing? Will they know how to trade? Will they know how to drop Basha and their Beginner Dagger? All some things to consider.

Variations: One variation is of a person posing to be another person. For example, someone walking around posing as a well-known high level`s alternate account. People that know him or her would give him or her free items even though that new character may not be the main account.

*Section Five*
?BF/GF? scam

Summary: A person walks up to you, asking to be thier boyfriend or girlfriend. Then they start asking for items. In a way, this is a variation of the begging scam. This is an extremely retarded scam that usually fails, but still some try to attempt it. Often times newbies won`t fall for this: This scam is more targeted at kids.

Scenario: Okay, lets play this out. So we have player X and player Y. (Player X is the scammer!)

X: Be my boyfriend, Y! You`re hot!
Y: WOW, okay! I will!
X: Give me items or I`ll dump you!
Y: Okay, here, have a Velika Storm
(Y gives X Velika Storm)
X: Screw you, I`m dumping you!

Ways to avoid: Just don`t try it. 99% of the time this will be a scam, and the person just wants items from you. If someone asks you, just say no and walk off. If they persist, stick their name on the Ignore list.

*Section Six*
?Frame? Scam

Summary: This scam is very unique, as it isn`t much of a scam. No one loses items, but you may get banned. Thanks to ZennRoyal for pointing this one out.

Scenario: Okay, lets play this out. So we have player X and player Y. (Player X is the scammer!)

X: I`m quitting, do you want my stuff?
Y: Um.. Sure.
X: Okay..
(X puts a few items up and says something like:)
X: Do I really get 2 items if I give them to you?
Y: .. What?
(X takes a screenshot)
Y: WT*?!

Ways to avoid: This is a hard one, as not many people can resist the temptation of free items. Next time, if you want to be careful, take a screenshot of them saying that they are quitting to avoid being banned.

Some people to watch out for

*Section One*
Untrustworthy players (Add to this, but give proof!)

Here are a few people to watch out for, from what I`ve heard. This is on the Lapis server, Coelliss I have no idea about. (This isn`t entirely based on personal experience. Some of these people have been reported, but haven`t been banned yet)

DarkSin: He attempted to scam me, and scammed a lot of people. Although he doesn`t scam during trades, watch out still.

Account Variations/Partners in Scam: DarkSin = SmokedOut = MrThunder = NightValk = JohnSavage1

elvazon001: Scammed a few people, attempted to scam me.

Account Variations/Partners in Scam: None known. Please add to this with proof!

Dragon24: This person is a big scammer. Mainly tries to sell points, NEVER BUY THEM! (I don`t see them on nowadays: I hope they were banned)

Account Variations/Partners in Scam: Dragon23, onehate, Dragon2

* For more information on scammers in Lapis, read this post by Xain. It`d help to contribute to it as well 🙂


Goland1: Item scammer. Not to be confused with Goland or IronDragon. (Screenshots would be appreciated, but not necessary)

Account Variations/Partners in Scam: None known. Please add to this with proof!


Electricity: A relatively well known scammer on Coelliss. Mainly scams items.

Account Variations/Partners in Scam: Xaln with an ?L? ? not to be confused with the real ?Xain?.

gohan14: Uses the ?drop? scam. Asks for you to drop your items, and takes him.

Jmerc: Uses a ?framing? scam to try and get you banned. Beware! ? Need SS

ToiyIV: Uses a ?framing? scam to try and get you banned. Beware! ? Need SS

gOdLiKe23: Suspected account scammer. Beware. Thanks to DevilAngel for the picture. (Yes I stole it)


V3antural: Item scammer. Pictures are here:


Also rumored to be Xiphas of Coelliss. This has not been confirmed with any SS`s, but I`ll still put it here.

Helpful Tips

*Section One*
Things you might want to know

Just a few tips you might find handy.

? When first starting out, make your character name different from your I.D. This makes it almost impossible for people to guess your password, since they also do not know your I.D.
? Never use a middleman.
? When buying points, always buy from official Point Shop. Don`t trust anyone.
? Don`t try to buy accounts, it often leads to you being scammed.
? Common sense, but don`t tell your password to anyone. No matter if it`s your friend, brother, sister, or parent, or whatever they promise, DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORD. If you do, you can`t even get the items that you lost back because you willingly gave account information away.
? If you think someone knows your password, scan your computer and change your password.
? Add to this please! More tips would be great. 🙂

Tips for keeping your account safe

More tips on keeping your account safe.

? Keep your computer free of trojans and viruses. This will prevent any backdoors to your computer and no one will be able to get to your password.
? Never, under any circumstances, give out personal information like passwords. Even if someone offers you 1 billion Cro for your account and asks for your password, DO NOT DO IT!
? Even though the event has ended, always remember to verify your E-mail so you can retrieve your account when a hacker has gotten to it.
? Do NOT use any third party programs. Those are most likely trojans and will steal your password.
? Do NOT give out any personal information to anyone at all, including your brother or your friend.
? Never try to real-world trade. Almost 100% of the time these will be scams and result in your money or your virtual money being stolen.
? When you have lower virtue, please keep in mind that the items you drop on the ground can be picked up by players at earlier times than if you had higher virtue.
? Need more tips ? please add!

Alright, that`s the bulk of my guide. Questions, comments, if you would like to add something, please post. (Be sure to post evidence if you believe someone is a scammer!)

A whole chunk of this guide was written because people tipped me ? please keep doing it!

Oh, and warn me of any typos that I may have missed. 🙂


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