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Crusader Kings 3 – Basic Tutorial Guide – Part 2/2


Hey, what’s up everybody? It’s pablo1713 Hi and welcome in crusader kings 3 tutorial So first of all, i’ll try to make it really quick video But you can also quickly navigate through the whole video using my first comment underneath the youtube video It has the timestamp so you can quickly navigate and find the topic that is very important for you So thanks to that you will not waste any time and you can get straight into the subject that you are looking for All right, so we’re going right into the top corner right in here here We have the information window which will help you a lot. So here we have the suggestions So we can fabricate claim. We are not going to do this.

We have not endorsed by You priest but I will talk about it in a few seconds. And here we have option that also we can make A lot of wars so i’m gonna talk about the words in the future But in here you’re gonna have plenty of very important tool tooltips that will help you in your game So if you’re gonna delete this section, you can always reset this. So all the pop-ups will show up except from the blue ones So you don’t have to worry if you will right mouse click it Will you can also always reset it to get back to all the information that was in here? So this is very important thing because it will show you really interesting options for you.

So check this really frequently All right. Let’s go to the right top corner So in here, of course we have information about the cash and the main income from is going of course from your cities So improving the cities we can give you more money. So in here if i’ll build the markets They will give me more tax per month So this is the main source of your income in here, of course raiding Cities will also give you money and also winning cities will also give you some extra cash Next we’re gonna go we have the prestige and as you can see we are now established and this will give us no effect because this this is this first step of the Of the prestige and the next one will give us popular We’re gonna give us better opinion.

And also we increase our night’s limit So we are getting prestige We are getting prestige from the events that will happen during the game. So your decision may give you additional prestige. Of course Conquering new territories will also give you prestige and also if you’re gonna go to your city You can Change it to get prestige Gather better prestige from those cities. So in here as you can see Building those gathering calls will give us prestige plus 0.2 per month If we’re gonna of course mouse click in here and wait, you will see that Househead will give us 0.08 dynasty hat So health count is 0.15 foreign And only 4 So in money as well we have in here information that we are getting money only from the tribes and that’s it in here bioti, if we’re gonna go in here we see that we have from the relationships religion relations And also from our learning skill Unfortunately, our learning skill is really low and we have no traits that can help us in here Then we have renown which is of course connected with your family members so right now as you can see, we have two living members and just One count and it will only give us 0.29 Per month and of course getting to better level higher level give us some additional buffs for malware for our family members.

So with Soldiers we already talked about this and in here domain limits we know about this already also so we can control five Holdings right now. We are controlling three So we can concur two more and we will not have any penalties for doing this. All right So let’s go to the whole seven icons that will give you more control over your territory So first we have in here information about our domain, so we have all the tribes and chiefdoms that we are in the control So we have information about how much money we have and how much soldiers it is giving us And what’s the development speed? So right now it’s only two And as you can see, we have also empty holdings So the future places for the cities if we’ll be able to construct them and then we have in here Option to advance our tribe authority which will give us more control over it So getting to the higher level will be able to give us That the titles will be able to that will be able to revoke the titles or for example that our vessels can be retracted And in here getting here will give us also option that characters can be imprisoned by us so getting to the higher level will also cost us some as you can see the cost is 238 prestige we have 600 So we could actually advance to better position, but right now we don’t have We have at the beginning of our game.

So we’re not going to waste our prestige points Then we have the vassals to have vessels actually we’re going to need to have higher rank so right now if I will go to our chapter you see I have only three titles and there are small titles so i’ll need to Get the duchy Title to be able to have any vassal so need to conquer for example soviet so one more territory of mazzovia to get the title and Thanks to that i’ll be able to have vassals So if you don’t have the vassals first thing is that you need to have the duchy title after that You’ll be able to have vassals Okay, and then succession, of course here we have the information who will be playing next if we’re gonna die So yatek is our next is our son and we’ll be able to control him if we’re gonna die here We have the succession laws, but at the beginning of the gate you cannot change it.

This will change how your territories are split between your children and in here we have gender law so this defines who can get the rights and laws if only males on females also can have the succession on your territory and your titles Of course, it will cost you a lot of money. And right now we have to have as you can see chrome authority Authoritarian to change this so you cannot change it at the beginning of your game If you are starting like me without any titles with you okay, then we have military window which is very Important so here we have information how much soldiers we have So we have 315 levies and how many champions left most kicking will give us information about our champions so in here as you can see We have the champions and we have three options to do we can force someone we can allow or we can forbid So why there are three options? So for example, you got someone that is very good So as you can see the deciding skill is the prowess skill.

So he have 16, so I want to be That he will be first person to leave my armies i’ll make the force and x that he will be leading my army straight away So we’re going to try to do this. And for example, if you have here your son because your son could be Your champion and he will be your champion You can forbid it because thanks to that he will save him and he will not be able to lose his life during the battles So right now just press a low and as you can see we have only five champions and you will have better numbers By for example, increasing your cities and getting more territories All right.

So this is our champions. What more our Army can have men at arms regiments. So here we can create regiments so we have five regiments as we will click it you will see that we have information what kind of damage and what kind of Bonuses they are giving and also the counter specific type of other Regiments, so right now connie will be able to counter archers And what more we have the information on what terrain effect they have so we have plane Dry lands, and then at hills there are terrible mountains desert mountains and also wetlands So all of those have the information what are the costs and on which? Territory they are good at what’s more creating one of men of arms will also cost us maintenance in the prestige So having them will give us prestige maintenance so we can lose maiden We can lose prestige having too much regiments But in this more specific, I will talk about it in the my military tutorial what else in here we have the mercenaries So the troops that we can hire for gold but of course at the beginning of your game, you don’t have much money So you’ll be unable to hire them clicking on them.

You will see that they have specific specific number of soldiers and also Regiments, so they have sprungy how many how much regimens they have and also knights and who is leading the army and how much? Good skill he have and how and his commander trades of course They cost money and they can only be for three years if you want to extend them you’ll have to pay again 274 So they will stay with you. All right, and then we have holy orders So there are the soldiers from slovakia and hold the orders and they can be recruited Only if you will found the holy order. So as you can see you need to hold the kingdom Or empire so this will only be available for you in the late if you have kingdom or empire And thanks to that you will be able to recruit additional troops So we’re gonna go to council and right now as you can see we have six person and six slots in our council So we have our wife right in here and and she can assist the ruler.

So thanks to that She will give us plus one to each specific category and if we’re gonna go to our character We’re gonna left mouse click i’m gonna see that here. We have our skills. So if i’m gonna change it to for example Counter intrigue we’ll see that it will change straight away. So now we have 22 points in here. So as you can see it It is affecting our char main character. So thanks to that now. I have 25 so domain limit is plus five so If I will not do this, so oh sorry, i’ll just left mouse click once again. So as you can see she is Actually able to increase our stats. So this is very cool. If you are just missing few points for example in stewardship She can help you to get some better domain limits then we have The the rest of the people are not affecting our main character. They are affecting how our territories so first we got the person that the basic skill is learning so we can change him only once per Couple of years 10 at least I think so we can now click in here a point new person and we can check Who have the highest skill in here? So we have 15 12 11 So he’s the best skilled person right now and we can choose two options.

This one is turn off so Leaving on this option because you can manage between those two options i’m gonna go back So leaving on this he will give us plus point 85 piety So as you can see, it is increasing thanks to him And then also he will have some additional buffs and because his level is high. He’s on excellent. We have only possible side effects which are on green which are Good for us and in here. We have also fabricate claim on Enemy country territory. So thanks to that. We’ll be able to attack someone For example when chitza and he’ll work on this as you can see it’s gonna take three years and thanks to that We’ll be able to fabricate the claim and then attack them to claim that territory for us So i’m gonna live in here because I want to yes, I want to make the religion focus at the beginning so I will live on piety because this will help me in concurring the Territories because they cause some religion points to conquer some territories So i’m gonna live in here and the another important thing that right now he doesn’t like us at love So because his opinion is low will not get any buffs from the church holdings So as you can see since our opinion his opinion about us is below plus one church holdings will not give us any better any extra taxes and levies so The another thing that you need to make sure that you have positive opinion Because we need to have the positive opinion.

We’re gonna check who have the positive opinion So this guy carl he has the positive opinion. He’s also our champion so he can Get killed during the battles, but because he had good opinion. He has 12 points, so it’s not so bad and if we’re gonna swap as you can see, we’re gonna swap because he’s part already of our court right now in here so if i’m gonna swap Yeah, let’s swap. So as you can see they swap with the We still have a touch in here. So we need to get rid of this guy. So we’re gonna check Who has better stewardship points? Well We have someone who is anjay he has four points i’m gonna assign him And thanks to that right in here we have better opinion in here and we will not lose the opinion of the holdings right now In the future if i’m gonna is gonna change In the future, he will be able to also give us some better change. Our consular will be in 1877 and right now we have 18 67 so in 10 years, so after 10 years you’ll be able to change it To the next one, but right now as you can see, he’s giving me 0.6 Piety and he is in good relation with me right now his champion Next we have here diplomacy options.

So we got 18 so we can also check if there’s anything better. Of course This is begin of the game. So there are not a lot of people that are living in your territory So there’s not nobody better than him and in here as you can see he got 18, which is excellent So again, he’s only giving us positive effects So we’re gonna change the trust and we’re gonna get better prestige as you can see 0.9 per month And also we can change it right in here to something different.

So thanks to that. We’ll have better Vassal opinion and he will have additional side effects, but we’re gonna begin with the better prestige So we’re gonna leave like this and then we have our steward So as you can see, we don’t have better people in here. We got lesheck and leshek is also good at martian arts So, let me just check if there’s anything Anybody better than him? Not really. So, okay. So we’re gonna live like this. He’s not very good. He’s actually terrible We just have four points And this will only give us better last 2.5 percent better in taxes, so we have here only two options. So thanks that will have better taxes plus 2.5 and in here we can change the development as you can see But this will also have the negative effects so we will not do this because he’s really terrible right now and the Negative is that we can lose the opinion lose of control or we can slow the constructions so Remember that if you if you got someone that is terrible like him You will have the possible negative effects.

So there is no No point to risk this so better to stay with something positive so taxes, so then we have our marshall And we have electric in here and of course Here we have here two options right now so he can give us better reforms reinforcement rate And we have increased military presence everywhere We can also skill and train our commanders if we’re gonna steal like this if we’re gonna live like this we’ll have some marginal skills and we will have better commanders which will lead us to the better effects of our Fights if you have someone that is excellent.

It is good point to Go to the second one because our commanders will gain some Commander traits and also knights will be improved. So I would live like this. I don’t need more army because at the beginning is Anyway low And this will help me to improve my knights and also commanders Okay, and then we’re gonna go to the spymaster as you can see we got really poor eight points So we’re gonna check if there’s anyone that has highest kill unfortunately not We have only eight and as you can see we can sell and recruit someone so we got the guest in our court so again our spymaster have three options, so choosing first one She will protect us from the hostile Hostile schemes, so this is very important for us and of course because she’s terrible we have the negative effect that the Secret can be revealed from our court. Okay, and then we can change it right in here to support The schemes that we are making and then at the bottom we have defined secrets so she can go And find some secrets for example If we have somebody in here we can go and send her so she will try to learn some secret.

Of course It’s gonna take some time So we’re gonna leave at the beginning of our game right in here to make sure that she’s gonna just protect us All right, so, this is our kurt You’re gonna check this frequently to make sure that you have the best people on the best positions. So remember that this is The trade that is demanded for this position. This is the trade that she is giving us Actually, she is different than everybody else and she he is also different than everybody else here the biggest factor Is he how good skill he have on this specific position? So we’re going to go to our court and in here we have information that we have no physician So we need to search for the new physician.

So he’s got a doctor that he will help us if we’re gonna get ill and He will protect us and he will kill us if we’re gonna have any battle wounds or any of our charges that are living in our territory what else we have here invite champions so we can invite more invite more champions and they will get in here but Doing this will cost us 150 prestige. But thanks to that. We’ll be able to have some better fighters for our Army, so right now we have 16 and most of the those guys are kind of average so I will try to get some Better champions and thanks to that But recruiting champions, but recruiting champions cost us some money So at the beginning of the game, there is no point to do this because we don’t have enough money to recruit them So we’re gonna leave like this And as you can see here, you got also information if there’s any guests in your court that you can recruit right now There’s no guests.

So there is nobody that want to join me and in here we have also information about our prisoners So here we have all the prisoners that will be in our prisons Next we have intrigue. So of course here we have information what actions we are doing against some other characters So, of course we have the seduce action against our wife So this is something very actually Positive that we are doing what else we have here discovers secrets that we have and in here we have the all style Schemes, if we have of course and there we have here hooks and secrets that we learned And that we could learn and that we can use to our advantage Then we have the factions so if you’re gonna control bigger territory We’re gonna have information if there’s any faction small faction that is trying to revolt so you can be able to react quickly And then at the bottom we have the last part where we have the decisions that we can make Regarding our lifestyle and our territory So as as you already saw we can invite champions this will cost at 150 prestige And it will take time and we will be able to have at least three able-bodied champions that we could actually recruit, then we can go to the pilgrim so This will cost us some a lot of cash And at the beginning of the game, there is no point to do this.

So we’re gonna We’re not gonna do this anyway right now and then we have we can host host a fast but this will cost us some money that we don’t have right now and Hosting a fast is very effective because it will reduce our stress So if you gain the stress level straight away go and make the fast all call for a hunt Which will also reduce your stress by 33 points. So making two of them will give you -33 What more here we’re gonna have and we’re gonna gain 100 piety And also they’re going to be some Additional options that you will be able to get some even more more money prestige or piety, don’t forget that you can Organize fast only once every five years in here So once you will do it You have to wait five years until you’re able to make another hunt or fast and then we can search for the physician But we already did this and the next time we’re gonna able to do this will be in 12 months And in here at the top you have some decision that you can make but unfortunately You can make this only by making those requirements in here So you got all the information about the what requirements you’re going to need to make to perform these decisions And of course, it is late game options, so you will not Be bothered by this at the beginning of your game Alright, so we’re gonna go to the last topic about the maps in here because we talked about all those two All those three and four types and then we have those houses here.

We have the cultures which already talk about this Then we have the fate so we’ll know what kind of fate we have. So we are slovanska pravda right now in here And then there are some additional maps in here hidden. So if you’re going to Press the plus you have the governments. So right now we have the tribal government in here Different types, as you can see here, we have the clans Then we have the development speed so as you can see developing is only two And on the west side you see here. We have 20 developments. So really fast development So we are at the beginning really slow And then we have the next map which is terrain, which will be useful for Military, but I will talk about it with military tutorial But right now if you see you can see that here we have the forest here.

We have planes hills and mountains Yeah farmlands in here. So yeah, so thanks that you will see what kind of territory you are living in And then we have the counties so information about the names of the counties As you can see really nice colorful Alright so let’s go back to basic view. So this is all that you should do here of course, we have the encyclopedia so you can Check anything that you are Doing in the game and here we have the course in game menu. And here we have the Linash so you can see who we are right now we can find the title. So for example poland so kingdom of poland dutch of lesser poland and so on and so on don’t forget that you can also move all the Those windows that will pop up so you can also Change their position anything anywhere that you want and we can also find the character So we can check if there’s any pablo We got from pablo but because also traits so you can search for anything that is in this game in here alright, so this is the basic and of course the last thing controlling the time so I I am using actually my Keyboard, so pressing on the numeric part.

We have plus and minus so if i’m gonna Press plus I will increase the speed minus. I will slow down and pressing space bar will start the time i’m gonna start And then i’m gonna plus to increase Oh, okay. We have Change and now we can go to our court as you can see it’s changed right now. So yes, he is now in the we are in a good relationship with our carl and thanks to that we have zero taxes and Zero levees, so we’re gonna need to increase our relationship with him and yes i’m gonna press spacebar again So as you can see, this is one two, three, four and five So anything that will happen wedding celebration you can pause and then make the decisions So yeah, i’m gonna gain some extra cash making this decision All right, so that’s it for the basic tutorial so now you have the basic understanding And thanks that you will be able to make some good decisions Alright, so that’s it for today possum curse.

Thanks a lot for watching I hope that you have now better much better understanding about this game and how it works And I hope that we can meet each other next time because i’m gonna make some more tutorials about the military raid options and all other important stuff in Crusader king street. Alright, so that’s it for today boys and girls. Thanks a lot for watching I hope that you had some fun with me and I hope that we’re going to meet each other next time So boys and girls have a wonderful day and if you’re watching this at night then goodnight. See you next time.

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