Crusader Kings Guide to Childhood Trait Events By: cywang86


Childhood Trait Timeline

So aside from Historical characters that are exempt from # of traits rule, every child follows the same flow for Childhood trait events.

Age 3: Child gains one of the Childhood Trait (Pensive, Bossy, etc), and loses Sickly, if there’s any.

Age 6: Auto-assigns Education Focus matching the Childhood Trait.

Age 10: Child gets Sexuality. 89% for Heterosexual, 5% Homosexual, 5% Bisexual, 1% Asexual under the default setting. Player Child: You have a 20% chance to pick your own sexuality instead of random assignment.

Age 9: Reincarnation trait if the faith has Reincarnation tenet.

Age 9, 11, 13, 14, 15: Personality trait gets added from events. If the child already has 3 Personality traits, the chance to get a 4th Personality trait event on their birthday drops down to 5%, and disabled if there are already 4 traits.

Age 15: Witch conversion event from the guardian.

Note: Other than the Childhood Trait and Education Focus at age 3 and 6, all other events get randomized on the child’s birthday, but delays being triggered 1~360 days after the events are deteremined (3~730 days for sexuality). If you want to savescum for these events, make sure you use the saves BEFORE the relevant birthdays.

Childhood Personality Events

There are 12 Personality events for kids not in jail, each of them gives the child 3 pre-set Personality options.

The chance for each of them getting picked by the game is the same, except for event 6 and 8 containing the Chaste/Lustful options, who have a weight of 300, can only be triggered when the child is age 13+, with event 0006 being x0.25 as likely to trigger with any crush, x1.25 more if there’s a crush, x2.25 if it’s a good crush

Note: Guardian and Child traits have NO impact on which event gets rolled.

Below are the 12 sets of trait events the game randomly assigns to the child.

Child_Personality Event IDTrait 1Trait 2Trait 3

There are also 35 events for children in jail, each of them assigns one personality trait for the child. The odds of Generous, Honest, Trusting, Compassionate, and Forgiving are halved, presumably you can’t be happy when one’s in jail.

Player/AI Child/Guardians for Personality Events

So now an event gets picked, how does the AI determines what to do, and what can the player influence it?

AI child: Each of the Personality option has the same base chance to be picked by the AI child. The chance to be picked is x4 if the guardian has the same Personality, or x0.5 if the guardian has the opposite Personality. The only exception is Sadist, which has a 1/4 of the normal odds to be picked by the AI, but x9 if the Guardian is a Sadist, or pretty much guarenteed if the kid killed someone and didn’t get punished for it.

Player Child: You get to pick out any of the 3 options given in each event set.

Once the child has picked their trait, the guardian will then receive another event, to allow Personality trait alteration

AI Guardian: AI guardians will NEVER alter the choice the child has picked.

Player Guardian: You can either keep the option the child has picked, or switch to any of the other 2 Personalities given by the same event set at the cost of stress increase.

<> 3 Personality Traits

In case if you were wondering, yes, it’s entirely possible for the child to receive less than 3 traits under this system, as the AI child may have rolled the same trait option multiple times, or that you’ve decided to give him the same trait multiple times.

If you were paying attention, you probably noticed it’s possible to get a 4th trait at a 5% chance on 14/15th birthday, or 9.75% chance to get it if the child already has 3 traits at age 13.

HOWEVER, in reality, you rarely see AI characters that has 4 traits.

This is because there’s a chance that the first 3 trait assigments at age 9, 11, and 13 can end up with the same trait, so the child will require trait events at age 14, and/or 15 to receive their 3rd Personality, before the child can roll for a 4th Personality on the following birthday.

Moreover, even when the 5% chance is rolled, there’s also a chance that the 4th trait event leads to the same trait.

Is it possible to get 4th trait as a player? Yes, absolutely. But remember, it’s already very rare for us to play as children without ‘clever use of game mechanic’, and the odds of us getting the 4th Personality event on age 14/15 is only 9.75%.

If you truly want to try for a 4th Personality trait for your heir, you can plan your ruler’s death with massive stress spike (best done with Compasionate/Just ruler with Execute) or Suicide (best done with Ritual Suicide Tenet) when your primary heir is still very young.

Childhood Events

If you’ve ever played a child, or paid attention to the description of each Personality event as a guardian, you’d realize there are additional events related to guardian, friends, crush, bully, victim (if you’re the bully) and pets. You sometimes will also realize a child somehow already has a stress coping mechanism before coming of age (drunkard, recluse, etc)

Just like the Personality trait events, the game triggers childhood events every year.

The weight is bit more complicated, as it changes depending on if the child already has a friend/crush/bully/victim, and how many of them one already has, but if there’s no friend/crush/bully/victim, there’s a 50% chance to not trigger anything, 10% to get friend/crush, 5% to get a bully/victim/cat/dog.

Now if the AI receives a cat or dog, there’s 50% chance that the AI will give the pet to the educator, and this is the ONLY way for adults to get a pet. This gives you one extra reason to always have 2 wards at all times, and the younger the better, as the 5% chance will quickly gets reduced as the child receives friend/crush/bully/victim.

(If the child found a dog, there’s an option to give it to a friend, however, there’s no AI chance assigned to it so I have no idea if the AI will pick it or not)

As you probably have guessed, these events will add/remove stress, and CAN lead to mental break, giving them a coping mechanism event, if he hadn’t already accumulate enough stress for being a ruler and using interactions that causes stress due to already owned trait.


It’s still a entirely up to you between giving your heir(s) to a Genius guardian for better education outcome or educating the heir yourself for better traits.

On one hand, you get to manually pick 1 out of the 3 event set options to best suit your playstyle. However, it’s still not guaranteed that you won’t get one of the worse set, such as Arbitary/Lazy/Craven or Impatient/Shy/Gluttnous.

On the other, having a Genius guardian can give them better education outcome, BUT getting level 1 education is still possible given the education roll system. You may also be stuck with undesirable traits, especially Shy that can only be countered by stress reduction from freinds and Learning Perk that have an upfront stress increase for activating befriend scheme.

Ultimately, it depends on what you value more, education level -> Lifestyle EXP, or desirable Personality traits.

Alternatively, if you’re willing to micromanage your primary heir, it’s not a bad idea to have the Genius guardian take care of the kid for most of the birthdays, and transfer the kid back to you right before the trait event birthdays, 9, 11, and 13.

This way you get the best out of each trait events, while receiving fairly decent education outcome, as your Genius guardian can still contribute to 6 education checks out of 9.

P.S. As mentioned, it’s still a good idea to have 2 wards at all times, for a chance to receive pet dog/cat from your wards. The younger the better.

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