Crusader Kings My guide on how to raid after becoming any culture/religion By: –Ben-Shapiro–


Disappointed at the fact that you can’t raid once you adopt a non-tribal culture after a Varangian Adventure? Here’s a step by step guide on how to Varangian adventure your way to India and still have the ability to raid despite going feudal and adopting local customs.

  1. As a duke or lower player, conquer the isle of Mann and work your way up to completing the “kingdom of Mann and the isles” decision.  This will give your entire dynasty the ability to raid for the next 100 years.

  2. Build up your army, gold, and prestige and prepare for a big Varangian adventure chain (or conquering chain)

  3. When you’re ready to adventure, you need to downgrade yourself from king back to duke again.  To do this, you have to enable the game rule “De Jure Requirement” from On (Limited) to just On.  This allows for human players to lose their titles if they no longer own any de jure lands.  It shouldn’t disable achievements.

  4. Give any other character a duchy in your realm that ISNT de jure inside the kingdom of the isle of Mann (important). That becomes their primary title.  Now proceed to grant them all duchies, vassals and holdings inside de jure isle of Mann.  Now relocate your capital to anywhere outside of Mann to give away your final holding inside the kingdom.  When all of the de jure kingdom is in the hands of your one vassal, grant them independence.  This only works because their primary duchy wasn’t de jure inside kingdom of Mann.

  5. Now you have your remaining holdings to work with.  Simply wait something like 2-5 years or so for your primary kingdom title to automatically destroy and boot you back to a lowly jarl.  While you wait, feel free to conquer some of lands that move your diplo range closer to your target destination, so you only need to adventure once or twice to get to your target lands.

  6. Once you’ve been demoted to duke and completed your Varangian adventure(s), you’ll have anywhere from 70-95 years left to raid to your hearts content no matter where you are, even if you adopt local culture and religion.  This also comes with some nice raiding stat buffs from the isle of Mann dynasty perk and 2500 renown to boot.  Plus, your adventurer has that awesome “the great and the terrible” title to scare all the natives for maximum role play enjoyment.  Bonus points if you pick your destination duchy entirely based on how many raiding targets are nearby.

This is a somewhat annoying process especially if you end up being super old by the time you can actually pull it all off, so I recommend a custom character with the reaver trait and military/diplo education to speed up the completion of the kingdom of Mann decision.  Alternatively, I’m sure you can make this a multi generation project by going or Scandinavian elective and ensuring your heir doesn’t get the kingdom of mann, so they are free to adventure upon succession as a duke or count.  Just don’t wait too long after taking the decision as your raiding window is only 100 years.  I find that by around 1000AD when it expires in sort of sick of raiding anyway, as the gold income from holdings starts to eclipse it and prestige is useless at that point.


P.S. I think Buddhist religions may disable raiding entirely with their pacifism tenets, so that may be the one thing that ruins this.

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