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Introducing CK3 – Battles


Welcome Knights, Ladies, and Lords. I am Pixelated Apollo, and I am collaborating with Paradox Interactive to bring you a series of videos about Crusader Kings 3. In this video, I am going to show you how Battles Works in CK3! When at war, and your army meet an enemies army in the same region they will clash into a Battle! Once in Battle it will be fought in 3 phases, Maneuver, Main Phase, and Aftermath! The Maneuver phase occurs at the start of the battle and indicates the time it takes before the Main phase begins. The Main Phase is when the fighting happens, Soldiers and Knights from two sides will clash and it will end when one side has become casualties or has decided to Retreat from the battlefield! After that we enter in the Aftermath Phase. Once one side has won, the victor will run down as many retreating soldiers as possible. When your army is in a battle you will be able to see all the advantages your army has and it will also show all the advantages that your enemy has.

For example your commanders’ Martial Skill and Traits can give you a huge advantage over your opponent. Martial abilities indicates how good a character is at waging wars and leading armies in battle. Terrain can also give you a big advantage over your enemy. In Crusader Kings 3 you can hover over regions and see what terrain types there are and use that against your enemy. For example in the region of Tralee the Terrain is Wetlands, with that in mind I can use this terrain as a defensive advantage against an attacking army. Knights are another important element in medieval armies. Knights are nobles that join your army to fight alongside your soldiers.

During Battles, the Knights use the Prowess Skill which is an indicator of how much damage they will inflict on your enemies and also their chances of surviving the battle. The higher the Prowess Skill, the better. You can also improve your Knights through Ruler’s Knight Effectiveness. Battles can be very unpredictable and to simulate that in Crusader Kings 3 there are dice rolls. Every three days of battle dices are rolled, ranging from 0 to 10, the Traits can modify that range. Each point of advantage gained over the enemy increases the damage output by 2%. But wars are not only fought in pitched battles but in sieges as well – especially in the Medieval Era.

Sieges happen when an army surrounds a fortified Holding, depending on the Fort Level, Garrison and size of the attacking army, sieges can last for some time. As you starve out your enemies you will se the siege progress HUD, which indicates how long a siege is going to take. Keep in mind that if your army is much larger relative to the Garrison force and/or has siege equipment the siege process will be much faster which is ideal if you have a lot of Holdings to capture. Whether your army is on the attack or on the defense you always want to pay attention to rivers. Rivers can give defensive armies a huge advantage over the attacking army. In fact, if you find your army greatly outnumbered your best bet might be to hold a river. It can turn a likely defeat in an amazing victory.

Thank you so much for watching this video and be sure to look out for the next video about Religion. If you haven’t be sure to subscribe to this channel for more awesome Crusader Kings 3 videos. Thank you and I will see you next time on the battlefield..

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