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Introducing CK3 – War


Welcome Knights, Ladies, and Lords. I am Pixelated Apollo, and I am collaborating with Paradox Interactive to bring you a series of videos about Crusader Kings 3. In this video, I am going to show you how WAR Works in CK3! There are many ways to grow your Kingdom and Dynasty in Crusader Kings 3, but let’s be honest the most exciting way is through WAR! Wars are won by defeating enemy armies in battles, capturing the war goal, occupying enemy holdings, and imprisoning the enemy ruler or their heirs. Doing so will increase your war score. War score is a measure of which side is winning the war – from negative 100 to 100. Once your war score is 100 you will be able to enforce a peace treaty onto your enemy.

But wars cannot be randomly declared. You must have a Casus Belli, which is Latin that translates to cause for war. If your ruler has claim on a title owned by someone else it gives your rulers a legal right to own it and provides a Casus Belli to conquer it through war. If your ruler has no claims to nearby counties you can send your Religious Councillor to fabricate a claim for cost of gold and in return it will give you a Casus Belli for that specific county. When your ruler has a real claim or even a fabricated claim it is important to pay attention to the War Goal. War Goal is usually the target Casus Belli or County.

If you control this target you will get a war score boost that ticks up the longer you hold it. During War winning pitch battles can be great, but winning siege battles can be even better, especially when it is the enemy’s capital. Sieges happen when an army surrounds a fortified Holding. Once your army lays siege, you will see the siege progress HUD. Siege Progress indicates how close a Siege is to being completed and how long the Siege is expected to last. Once the Progress is full the Holding will be occupied. It is also important to make sure that the army attacking the enemy holding outnumbers the garrison. As I mentioned before, capturing enemy Lords, Rulers, and Heirs will gravely speed up the war score in your favor but at times you will capture a minor lord which can give you a few options! You can keep your prisoner lock up and prevent him from joining his rulers army again. Or you could ransom the lord and in return get some gold, it will also improve your relation with the enemy ruler which could really help out if that ruler becomes a vassal after the war.

If money is not a concern you can also let the prisoner go for free but in return get a Hook! Hooks can be used to force through many interactions like Marriage Proposals and Feudal Contract Changes. Depending on your ruler’s faith you can join religious wars such as Crusades or Jihads. When a Crusade or Jihad is declared you will have an option to ask to join. These wars are usually over specific targets that your army can help take.

By accomplishing the Crusader or Jihad you can potentially gain a lot of wealth or piety. Another important aspect to war are your Allies. Allies can be formed through Marriages, once you are committed into a war you can all you allies for aid, but it will cost you prestige. Be prepared for your Allies to call you for aid in their war as well. A great way to make some gold is through raiding. Only some Rules are allowed to Raid, most notable Tribal Rulers.

Armies can be raised as Raiders from Rally points. You can then send the raiders into enemy holdings and pillage them for gold! The gold that the armies gather will be stored with them, and will only be added to your treasury when they arrive home. That wraps up the basics of waging war in Crusader Kings 3! I want to thank you so much for watching this video and I will see you in the next tutorial about Battles! Be sure to Subscribe for more Crusader Kings 3 Videos and I will see you guys next time on the battlefield..

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