Crystal Saga Enchanting Equipment Guide


Crystal Saga Enchanting Equipment Guide by qingyunjian

Alright, I was thinking of what guides to write these days since most of them are already taken

But recently I see a lot of post on enchanting so I finally decided to write a enchanting guide

(This guide may help some of you and it may Not)

This guide is based on my previous knowledge with Crystal Saga and other games

Alright, lets start

+1 ~ +4 (If you can?t get this far I suggest you quit right now)
Alright, starting now preparing many random equipment
+5 (Now change to one of your random equipment and start enchanting until it fails, switch back to the equipment you wanted to enchant and click enchant)
+6 (Start Enchanting the same random equipment until you fail twice in a row, switch back to the equipment you wanted to enchant and click enchant)
+7 (Alright, this is what you?ve all been waiting for. Change channel, use new random equipment and start enchanting every equipment once until it failed the first time, switch back to the equipment you wanted to enchant and click enchant)
You can disregard the previous guide if you feel lucky

BTW this guide is based off of Magic Sand

I?ll start +8 ~ +13 after beta starts
(get this post on here before anyone else takes it ? Editing later)

Alternative Enchanting Guide by 123asd1

Well, this guide will be about enchanting as the title says, I currently have about 3 +7 and 2 +9 weapons. And my gear is +6 maxed out. First step to enchanting is go to somewhere that has no people in the area, in other words, tree of life dungeons etc. This should make you lag less, thus increasing chances to succeed. (Well at least for me)

From +1?+4, I think using magic dust is best, (Level 31-60, magic dust.) (Level 61-100 Use Enchantment stones.)

Now you have +4. If you haven?t failed once during the time from +0-+4 I would keep wait 2 or 3 seconds, then click again. It should get u to +5, same with +6 and +7.

If you have failed from +0-4, Get out a random piece of equipment, make 1 enchant fail on it using 1 piece of dust. Put the gear on again and click enchant. This should work, unless your luck says otherwise

If u have succeeded, wait 2 seconds then click it again. Congratulations, your weapon is now +6.

Well what to do when you get +7? This is what your weapon will look like when it has +7.

What I would do, if that + from 5-6 got success, Wait 5 seconds, change instances. Then click again. Your blade will look like that above ^^

From +7 to +9, I recommend using Minor enchantment crystals, Or Moderate Enchantment Crystals. I haven?t bought them from shop yet but I have gotten quite a lot from Dragon Hunt, thus i got +9. Getting +9 would be a pain the arse without these enchantment crystals. However, I got mine using Enchantment Stones, it was probably luck.

From +7-+8, Use 4 minor enchantment crystals, put them in the slots. Then just wait 5 seconds. Switch instances and click it, this worked for me 4 times.

+8-+9 is a pain in the ass. If u got +8 with 1 try, I suggest you wait for 2-3 seconds and click again. If not and it failed to +6, redo the process.

Fail on 1 random gear, then wait for at least a minute or two. Use 4 moderate enchantment crystals. It should be 57% if the weapon is 60< and 52% if it is 60>. Once you have placed the stones/crystals in, change instances
Then cross your fingers, talk to some friends. And click the button.

Here?s what a +9 weapon would look like, (Note from +7, +9 +11, +13 all have different colors of auras)

This guide is based upon my experience, just because you followed this doesn?t mean its 100% success. If your?re not so sure about this guide, i recommend searching a few others. Good luck!

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